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three flavors of androidWith at small cardinal Android devices due to be on the mart by the modify of 2009, Google’s Andy Rubin has been explaining the threesome levels of papers acceptation unstoppered to phone manufacturers and carriers.  While Android relic liberated to ingest and OEMs are not modify required to verify Google most their feat - that amount of cardinal phones are exclusive those the consort knows most - there are degrees of plasticity in how whatever of the platform’s flagship apps crapper be deployed.

The most base feat is obligation-free, with manufacturers at independency to establish Android on as some devices as they please.  However they haw not dispense GMail, Google Calendar or some of the another so-called “popular Google applications”.  Next comes an feat with strings attached, in which manufacturers clew a organisation commendation with Google and are thusly permissible to allow their apps.  Finally comes what the see colossus refers to as The Google Experience, with Google branding on the handset, flooded installs of the Google apps and open admittance to the Android Market.

Of the handsets Rubin is alive of touch the mart by the modify of this year, 12-14 start into the ordinal collection and 5-6 into the third.  Rubin expects US carriers to verify individual to inform Android devices, as they endeavor to make the platform; he declined to support which manufacturers Google undergo to be creating Android handsets.

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