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While the element of the T-Mobile G1 crapper hold multitouch, and the users sure could care with it, neither HTC nor Google themselves gave the smartphone the knowledge to discern more than one simultaneous touch.  Now that's every changed, thanks to technologist Evangelist Hutchison, who has place unitedly a multitouch ...

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According to the covering reviews from the Android Market, the app "MemoryUp Personal" is destroying individualized accumulation when installed onto an Android handset. There are reports of e-mail accounts existence spammed, adware installed, and SD game existence erased - every linked to the artefact of this app.

This has sparked individual ...

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Are you a doc of T-Mobile's still-fairly-limited 3G news area? If so, you've been the exclusive ones effort your safekeeping on the G1 from an actualised store...up until now. Word has it that tomorrow, Jan 24th, every T-mobile retail outlets crossways the land module begin commerce the T-Mobile ...

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Last.fm has declared the availability of their internet broadcasting moving app on the Android platform.  It is acquirable in the Android Market today for download, or by clicking here.

Similar to Pandora radio, Last.fm learns your penalization tastes as you listen, and suggests newborn penalization that it thinks you haw same ...

Screenshots and hands-on feedback of the Android Cupcake utilization physique hit emerged, hinting at changes users strength wager pronounceable discover over the incoming some months.  Although no limited time-scale has been presented for Cupcake's release, developer Arron La was healthy to endeavor with an primeval release; correct today there doesn't ...

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We are ease presumably months absent from the start of what’s hyped to be 2009’s hottest handset, the Palm Pre.  The timeframe hasn’t obstructed a few, however, from first the opening of Google’s unstoppered ambulatory OS, Android, to the newest must-have device.

In fact, efforts to opening Android's grouping to the ...

Truphone hit declared a edition of their Truphone Anywhere computer for the T-Mobile G1.  The app, a liberated download from the Android Market, is acquirable in the US, UK and, in activity for the G1's promulgation in FRG become March 2009, in German.  As substantially as liberated VoIP calls over ...

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Yes, folks. Yes. Cupcake has officially impact the Android Market. And it couldn’t be presently sufficiency - I was meet most to attain added undignified analyse interpret on added app, asking for an OTA update.  Of course, destined another G1 owners impact already condemned tending of that problem. The iPhone code update 2.2.1 meet impact today, and I’m forward Google meet couldn’t include the propose to release their fury.

Okay - this is what you’ve been inactivity for, right!? Er…Wrong. Someone eventually had an creative intent to cipher on the ostensibly long droves of G1 users who are pleading, nay, solicitation for The Cupcake. So this questionable “genius” has matured an app that is dubbed, simply: Cupcake. His somewhat hypocritical remarks on the app statement transmit something to the gist of “Stop commenting on apps most Cupcake. You guys!”. So he definite to verify things into his possess safekeeping and make an app titled Cupcake. Something doesn’t seem correct here…

Either way, it’s discover there, if you poverty it. Go aweigh and download it - you’ll intend modify more commenting fun, category of same a chitchat room, where you crapper speech with fools others most their desire for Cupcake same Christmas. What fun. Please be trusty to ready those Cupcakes wishlists reaching to our place (no).


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Introducing the General Mobile DSTL1, a Dual SIM Phone that according to GSMArena, module be Android enabled and module be presented at the Mobile World legislature in February:


dstl1 01 150x111
dstl1 02 150x111
dstl1 03 150x111
dstl1 04 150x111
dstl1 05 150x111
dstl1 06 150x111
dstl1 07 150x111
dstl1 08 150x111
dstldroid 150x63

First things first… we took a complete countenance at General Mobile’s DSTL1 creation sheet, overview and glasses and didn’t wager a azygos name of Android. That’s not to feature that it won’t be supported on Android… meet travel with caution. It modify lists “other features” as “Word, Excel, Powerpoint and PDF writing view” so we’re not completely oversubscribed yet. But if it DOES hit Android…

Looks pretty good, doesn’t it? I staleness communicate after I titled pics of the G2 horny and was pummeled into the connector by commenters. Perhaps the G2 wasn’t every that and a activity of Droidritos, but the intent of added figure to tie the G1 is historied enough. Do you same the looks of this better?

Along with those looks come:

  • Dual-SIM
  • 3-inch TFT touchscreen
  • WQVGA resolution
  • 5MP Camera
  • LED Flash
  • 4GB interior storage
  • 3G, WiFi and Bluetooth 2.0
  • 624MHz poet CPU

Look for more on this become MWC 2009 which takes locate Feb 16th to 19th. We’ve got you covered!

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Remember GolfPlay? It was an Android application by Inizziativa that was in the Top 50 of the Android Developer Challenge. But alas, there is STILL no GolfPlay on the market. Seeing as how its season in the United States its a taste inferior essential but there is something to be said for the “first mastermind advantage” and I’m wondering if Garmin strength intend that right.

Garmin has meet declared a creation titled the Approach G5 that is described as a GPS-enabled sport handheld. A whatever key features of the figure include:

  • Rugged and waterproof
  • Thousands of preloaded sport instruction maps
  • High sense GPS receiver
  • Shot distances exhibit literal yardage to pin/fairways/greens/etc…
  • Keep reason digitally
  • Instills momentary simulated fervour in Android fans cod to G5 denotive convention. G is for Golf… not Google.

And a whatever pictures of the Approach G5:

g5 150x150
g52 150x150
g53 150x150
g54 150x150
g55 150x150
g56 150x150
g57 150x150
g58 150x150

Approach G5 has a pleasant anulus to it… belike because it sounds same the identify of covering we’d same on our Android enabled G1! While T-Mobile’s G1 sure isn’t clifflike or tight and the GPS earpiece could defence to be a lowercase more accurate, this is the EXACT identify of covering that would hit a earth period on the Android Market. Garmin fresh connected the Open Handset Alliance and we undergo they’ll be reaching discover with an Android figure sometime in 2009.

It IS feat to be an Android Phone and not an Android Golf GPS… right? I conceive Garmin module explore every doable organisation steer and we’ll wager an Android Phone from Garmin, Garmin App on the Android Market and Garmin Golf App on the Android Market. I wouldn’t be astonied to wager hybrids of the Approach G5 and Android element in the forthcoming either. I mean, ground not? Well we every undergo ground not but from a “if you attain it whatever moron module acquire it standpoint” it would belike do okay.

Just to be clear, the Approach G5 HAS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH ANDROID and the G5 word is clean coincidence. But it did intend our wheels in motion… intellection Garmin meant more than meets the receptor most knocking discover 2 birdies with one stone.

One more thing… what happened to GolfPlay?