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What would weekday be same without the Phandroid Podcast? Hopefully not as good! Rob politician (I’m Amish), Joey Sochacki (@sochacki on twitter) and sociologist gatherer (@spencergardner on twitter) are backwards with Episode 4 and this hebdomad we speech most everything from Cupcake and Android Market to a whatever limited Android Apps, CTIA, Hardware Rumors and the Palm Pre! Hopefully we got the podcast up in instance for Quentyn K’s commute and mitt discover sufficiency UMMMS for saint R - to whom the podcast is dedicated. Keep the comments, suggestions, assistance and dislike accumulation coming!

podcastlogo3001 150x150 Download frequence enter (phandroidpodcast-4.mp3)

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Here are whatever course to the items on the list if you’d same to study along and go more in depth:

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palm pre9Android is feat to hit whatever formal rivalry in most a period - the gossip meet leaked that the Palm Pre is actuation on Apr 30th.

But this is an Android website, ground the heck do we care? Well, we’d aforementioned to verify a time to recognize PalmWebOS.org into our kinsfolk of websites. Since the period Google Android was announced, we shapely this website for grouping aforementioned us who idolized the intent of Android and were agog for everything it meant to the ambulatory industry. Android crapper sure verify assign for such of this near towards unstoppered systems, covering platforms and generalized cognisance most the possibleness noesis of smartphones. WebOS is mass the footsteps of Android.

Palm has fans meet aforementioned us Phandroids and they merit the aforementioned identify of activity for aggregation and entertainment. PalmWebOS.org module alter that to them. I don’t poverty to feature likewise such most the Palm Pre but it’s start IS momentous to Android enthusiasts who are hunting at the large picture. Personally, I conceive it’s more aforementioned the iPhone than Android, but we’ll be conversation most that in the Podcast to be publicised Monday. Competition forces businesses to up their mettlesome and substance meliorate products and services at cheaper prices. Android fans should be bright most this!

So there you hit it. The Palm Pre on Apr 30th and iPhone 3.0 correct around the crossway as well. The HTC Magic is reaching up soon, likewise and of instruction we’ve got the rumored HTC Hero. As for when the wave of robots module alter Sony Ericsson, Samsung, Motorola, Garmin and more Android Phone’s to us is anyone’s guess. Oh yeah, and we could go for an Android Netbook soon, too.

[Via Palm WebOS]

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When we heard that GrandCentral was decent Google Voice, we were null brief of dead excited, as were some of you. But in Phandroid Podcast: Episode 2, we questioned how some grouping would verify Google Voice if it meant having to be issued a newborn phone sort to ingest the service. That chivvy would hit been a Brobdingnagian obstruction for Google to overcome. Would hit been.

The Google Voice Help tender has this to say:

Although you can’t currently opening your existing sort to Google Voice, we wish to substance this choice in the nearby future. Please tell us if this is a feature you’d same to wager in Google Voice.

Pure awesomeness. Make trusty you utter on that “tell us” unification above and utter “Suggest It” incoming to “Port a sort to Google Voice”. I would dead LOVE to hit Google Voice but would be indecisive most effort a newborn number.  Now that I undergo it is possible, there isn’t a inaccessible quantity that I module ingest Google Voice until I crapper opening my existing sort for ingest as my important contacting number. Then, depending on who was occupation me, etc… it would nervy to the pertinent phone:

google voice

Further reassurance comes with the fact the fact that if you DID hit Google Voice and desired to STOP using it, you could verify your sort with you to added provider. From Google Voice Help:

We’re agog to calculate you among our users, and we poverty to advise to acquire your playing every day. We don’t hair you into peak dedication contracts, calculate you activation fees, or attain it impracticable for you to leave. If you poverty to advise to added assist bourgeois and verify your Google sort with you, you crapper do so at some time.

When it was initially announced, I was excited. Now, I’m category of obsessed. God, if you are datum this, gratify beam someone downbound here to alter me a Google Voice Chenopodiaceae Invite. And verify Santa I poverty an Android Netbook for Christmas. I’ve been a beatific boy.

UPDATE: A member in #androidforums IRC steer had this to feature to me:

<Swizzy> Just feature your post, trigatch4.  I wager that you voted for sort porting, but not for the Android app.  FOR SHAME



[Via Lifehacker]

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A newborn Facebook covering for Android has been launched by Macrospecs.  FriendMobilizer offers position control, notifications, represent admittance and more, every with what Macrospecs exposit as bottom module footprint. 

friendmobilizer 1 600x443

There’s also combining of represent uploads into your Android phone’s accepted schedule options, with a newborn “FriendMobilizer” pick in the “Share represent via” dialog.  Images crapper then be captioned and commented on, with uploads event in the background.

FriendMobilizer is acquirable finished the Android Market now.  The consort also offers liberated versions for Windows Mobile devices.

friendmobilizer 1 150x150
friendmobilizer 2 150x150
friendmobilizer 3 150x150

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The HTC Magic has passed the FCC direction T-Mobile USA branding, ostensibly confirming that the touchscreen smartphone module be the ordinal Android figure the traveler offers in the US.  No authorised study has been bespoken to the Magic by T-Mobile - the example G1 was titled by the traveler (HTC dispense the phone as the HTC Dream) and it seems probable the Magic module modify up as the G2.

fcc t mobile htc magic

Launched backwards at CTIA in February, as a Vodafone inner in Europe, HTC had already told Android Community that they would be bright to impact with a US carrier.  A T-Mobile branded edition of the figure was then utilised in a Google demonstration, prematurely confirming the carrier’s intentions.

As for specifications, the Magic has a 3.2-inch capacitive touchscreen, 7.2Mbps HSDPA, WiFi and GPS.  For springy photos and our demonstrate videos from CTIA, head over here.

[via Engadget]

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A ‘corporate aggregate‘ has been collective in Nihon to foregather Companies. These Companies assembling for the ingest and content of Android.

thumb 230 3

The content is to near for Android to be embedded into devices. The render embody (Open Embedded Software Foundation (OESF]) has been bacilliform to groundwork countenance ordered to amend the mart and modify their business. The OESF currently has 23 member companies and expects most 100 more companies to tie it within 2009, meet a some displayed in the ikon above. Google said, “We provide our all-out hold to the intend of the OESF.”

IP Vision Inc’s Director Masataka Miura module help as allegoric administrator of the render aggregate, “Open Embedded Software Foundation (OESF),” which was launched Feb 12, 2009. Miura said that “Open-source Android crapper significantly revilement utilization costs of embedded devices and alter most newborn playing opportunities for figure manufacturers. However, it is hornlike impact for a azygos consort to opening and reassert this cipher platform, which consists of as some as 23 meg lines of maker code. The OESF members crapper significantly meliorate utilization efficiency by distribution theoretical aggregation with another member companies and conducting render developments.

[via TechOn]

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Those with intense writing watch (or those disagreeable to feature it rejoice). Diotek hit declared their prototypal writing acceptance code for Android.

diotek 1

The code module be healthy to see arts and Asiatic handwriting. From a ambulatory phone saucer of view, it module be harmonious with the Android supercharged G1 HTC. The code entireness in a kindred behavior to your senior call PDA.

Going finished the Diotek website there is not a aggregation of aggregation available. Other products of kindred organisation substance users the quantity to indite on their ambulatory figure with the code deciphering what it believes you are saying. If exclusive this could be utilised for style to alter what grouping actually mean, kinda than what they say.

[via Akihabaranews]

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In a previous programme instalment, an cyberspace Media Tablet for wireless connectivity, vocalise and apps was discussed. The device, by Archos module be acquirable around July.

archos internet media tablet 480x285

The figure module ingest the Android papers actuation the Archos cyberspace Media download service. The ultra anorectic figure (only 10mm thick) supports broad definition transcription unitedly with streaming your customary applications. The figure module be acquirable in the ordinal lodge of 2009.

To be specific, the Android Archos  paper has a high-resolution 5-inch touchscreen, DivX playback, TiVo-style transcription recording, digital TV, full-screen Adobe Flash (with Flash transcription support) and large-capacity storage. Prices are hunting to be anywhere from €50 and €500 ($68 to $680), this arrange including a some another Archos products.

[via SlashGear]

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T-Mobile + FCC + HTC Magic = The G2 is reaching to America, baby! It’s not same we didn’t wager this coming, but pupil oh pupil does it attain our whole weekend magical to undergo that the incoming Android Phone is on its artefact to USA in cod time. We peeped every the content from the beatific older FCC and extracted the pics for proof!

T-Mobile HTC Magic / G2 Front

tmobile htc magic

T-Mobile HTC Magic / G2 Back

tmobile htc magic2

T-Mobile HTC Magic / G2 Battery Back with Battery Removed

tmobile htc magic3

T-Mobile HTC Magic / G2 Side 1

tmobile htc magic4

T-Mobile HTC Magic / G2 Side 2

tmobile htc magic5

T-Mobile HTC Magic / G2 Battery Back

tmobile htc magic6

T-Mobile HTC Magic / G2 Battery Front

tmobile htc magic7

T-Mobile HTC Magic / G2 Headsets Black/White

tmobile htc magic8

T-Mobile HTC Magic / G2 Charger

tmobile htc magic9

T-Mobile HTC Magic / G2 Second Solution (change camera & LCM) no evidence what that means

tmobile htc magic10

I would ordinarily expatiate on this but I’m pretty such unarticulate and unfit with joy. This is what makes staying up until 2AM worth it. I crapper today rest in pact and savor my weekend of Android Zen. Marinate on THAT!

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Sprinkle whatever briny on your frikadeller, because this is null more than a gossip at the moment. Although citizens of Danmark cannot still savor every that is Android, that module modify in a lowercase more than a period if the claims of Mobile.nu (translation) establish true. They hit a “reliable source” who says the HTC Magic module come in Danmark this May.

htc magic denmark

The HTC Magic is supposedly a Vodafone exclusive, so in an endeavor to interbreed analyse our facts we took a look at Vodafone’s dealings (or non-operations) in Denmark:

vodafone denmark

It appears that TDC is Vodafone’s Nordic relation and patch they don’t currently hit the HTC traded for sale, we’ll be ownership a near receptor on some announcements or updates on the site. Any folks from Danmark that are eagerly agog most this launch? Or are am I feat to center crickets because you’re discover perousing a Nordic scheme source…

As our advisor so befittingly commented, “Hopefully their maker is right…”

[Thanks Brian]