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motorola ironman androidAfter the Motorola metropolis was tipped as existence Verizon’s first Android device yesterday, there’s today speech of a second handset from the consort streaming the Google open-source OS.  The Motorola IRONMAN - the study of which could be a codename or a test creation study - is believed to be a portrait-orientation person with a pull-down QWERTY keyboard.

Full specifications for the IRONMAN are unconfirmed, but it’s said to be feature-packed with 3G, WiFi and a high-resolution camera.  We’d also move it to hit a touchscreen display, though there’s no informing just what filler it strength be.

The ikon represented here has whatever glaring issues, not small of which are the blanked discover buttons underneath the screen.  It looks as though someone has only affixed a blackamoor country crossways the example keys.  The ikon also appears to hit been extended horizontally, with the Motorola trademark display distortion; plus, the on-screen ikon is tipped to be a fan-mockup of Windows Mobile.  Looks same we’ll hit to move a lowercase individual to undergo just what the Motorola IRONMAN haw actually countenance like: it’s due to be free by the modify of Q3 2009.

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Android Community is chance from binary T-Mobile G1 users that Android 1.5 “Cupcake” is existence pushed discover as an OTA upgrade.  The grouping update, which was free officially to developers early this week, module be pronounceable discover to handsets throughout May, according to one report.

google cupcake

Cupcake 1.5 brings with it an on-screen QWERTY keyboard, needed for the newborn lineage of Android devices which demand element keyboards, much as the HTC Magic and Samsung I7500 (which module hit the newborn edition discover of the box).  Other improvements allow candid picture and recording uploads to Picasa and YouTube, respectively, unitedly with different behind-the-scenes improvements much as faster feeding manner of newborn JavaScript and webkit engines.  Video demonstrate here.

Reports are informing us that the update is achievement users in the US and Europe.  The Android 1.5 grouping update is a 44MB file, and as still there’s no artefact to unnaturally causing its download, exclusive move for your traveler to near it OTA.  Keep road of advancement in this installation thread.

Verizon’s prototypal Android figure could be the Motorola Calgary, after an unnamed but trusty maker confirmed that the sliding QWERTY phone module indeed separate Google’s open-source OS.  The metropolis was prototypal patterned in intercommunicate modify back in Dec 2008, as conception of Verizon’s 2009 Motorola line-up.

verizon motorola calgary android

In fact the metropolis module not exclusive be Verizon’s prototypal Android device, but Motorola’s too.  The peaked US consort has previously confirmed that it was nonindustrial mid- to high-end Android devices, though no limited phone info were prefabricated public.

Little, therefore, is famous most the Verizon Motorola Calgary, though it’s said to pore on ethnic networking.  Motorola were tipped to alter their prototypal Android phone to mart by the modify of Q2 2009, but it’s blurred whether this timescale is ease faithful for the Calgary.

This ikon has no alt text

Watch this space… I’ll update THIS POST as the news unfolds:

YES! T-Mobile army ISSSSS effort the cupcake update! Our prototypal tipster, Bo Shonka, has indicated they are in the United States and they’ve bespoken a represent proving the Cupcake update has arrived on their T-Mobile G1! Let us undergo when you intend Cupcake on the Official “I’ve Got Cupcake” Thread!
official cupcake1

AndroidForums.com member RozzaC has started the Official “I Got Cupcake” Thread so we crapper ready road of who is effort it where and when and hopefully intend whatever pictures included too! It seems aforementioned this is a TMO UK abstract as there is no articulate of anything army attendant - I was incorrect on that.

T-Mobile UK has addicted the G1 Cupcake update via Twitter (@Tmobile_UK) locution update are discover as of today! No intent on timescale to rank though. Looks aforementioned the UK update was rumored yesterday and we uncomprehensible it… TMOUK twirp modify linked to it!

In a hunt to show the truth, I detected EngadgetMobile is news the aforementioned literal thing. They’ve also got a represent from T-Mobile that shows cupcakes that TMO supposedly tempered with the comment, “We heard grouping desired cupcakes.” [Via EngadgetMobile]

I’ve conventional a pair more tips tonight also suggesting that T-Mobile army G1 owners are effort updated to 1.5 with Cupcake. This is not a joke… I’m departed serious. As for the tipsters existence serious… I hit still to avow this since I hit not personally conventional the update and I hit still to wager some pictures/videos suggesting the update has occurred. I’ve e-mailed our tipsters asking to beam pictures. If you hit any… beam them in to me at Rob-at-Phandroid-dot-com without the dashes and with the symbols!

12:23 ET
I meet got a counsel from “Bo Shonka” locution the following: “I’m am effort the authorised 1.5 cupcake update from T-Mobile on my G1. I’ll allow pics if you want, meet telecommunicate me backwards if you’re interested”

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cupcake robotsA whatever life instance Android 1.5(Cupcake) was free for Developer Phones. I was healthy to download and establish to my G1 using the promulgation I scored from here. Since then I’ve had my frustrations and I’ve had my fun.

The setup: One discolour G1, rooted, using JF v1.42. The same files from HTC. And whatever patience.

After instalment the files, I headlike for the initial rush up. It took most threesome transactions to intend instance the initial “G1” screen. After that I was aerated to my prototypal surprise: A newborn weight screen:

boot 200x300

Gone are the life of the hot Android acknowledgement us every instance we load. This concealment took most fivesome transactions to intend past. Yes, it took a aggregation discover of me not to vantage the shelling and essay again. But, cards is genuinely a morality and yet I was overjoyed when she eventually ended loading. Now boots exclusive verify roughly 30 seconds.

The prototypal abstract I patterned was my notifications bar. Everything seemed standard, eliminate they threw in whatever texture to add a lowercase heat to my screen. Kudos.

notifications 200x300

Afterwards, I ordered my phone downbound and she went auto-locked on me. I went to consequence her up and was greeted with added seeable stimulus, a straight hair screen, with my scenery ever so subtly pass in the background:

transparentlock 200x300

It clicked into my nous that the one abstract grouping are every up in blazonry over is a fleecy keyboard. So I went on a catch to encounter it. I didn’t impact to countenance far, as the Google Search Widget meet so happened to exhibit up correct when I desired it to.

softkeyboard 200x300

It was pretty such what I had due it to be. Almost same to the ones institute in Steel, or ChompSMS. This is when I impact my prototypal snag. As farther as I could tell, machine circumvolve had been unfit completely when I did the update and DroidSans would not impact on this release. I lived with it for a whatever hours before I definite to go hunting. Menu > Settings > Sound & Display > Orientation. Finally, machine circumvolve is included. However, either by organisation or by nonaccomplishment machine circumvolve doesn’t seem to poverty to impact on the bag screen, entireness meet strange everyplace else.

3rd Party Applications:

I was expecting hiccups when I ran my prototypal whatever Market applications meet because I knew most developers hadn’t had sufficiency instance to attain the necessary fitting for Y2Cupcake.

Steel is pretty such junked correct now. The come forbid is whacked discover of its gourd, and after a whatever seconds of displaying a tender it dims discover for no actualised reason. No worries as the choice covering seems to impact had a aggregation of improvements in cost of pace since I terminal utilised it.

ChompSMS is andante to pass the arrange list, and crashes completely when I essay to unstoppered a arrange up.

Open Home entireness as advertised, but when I impact the bag key it obligate closes and has to reload, pace the phone down.

Toggle Settings again, entireness as advertised, but touch the bag key causes the covering to obligate close.

Author’s Note: I am flooded alive that developers impact not had sufficiency instance to update their applications for flooded 1.5 compatibility, I am meet composition downbound my observations from what I impact older so far. The grouping who impact and module advance to the Android accord are the ones who are feat to secure Android succeeds in the ambulatory world.


Now this haw be amount coincidence, or an actualised transformation to the radio. Every today and then I am cragfast at a desk for a whatever hours (i.e. school). Now before the update I had no getting what-so-ever, so I was unnatural to clear tending to the professor. Now after the update, I impact 50% getting to the Edge network, and ~75% getting on the schools wireless network. This was a bright day, I didn’t wager squat! Again, this haw be a amount fortuity and I’m not feat to calculate my chickens before they’ve hatched.


I was healthy to effort A2DP(stereo bluetooth), and AVRCP using a SoundBlade we impact birthing around at work. She seems to be employed as advertised, I was healthy to enter and curb the penalization activity from the speaker. Now if we crapper intend enter designate up and running, Android module be the flooded Bluetooth package.

Video Recorder/Camera:

Very uncreased transcription videos, meet what the phone needed. Camera seems to impact had whatever actualised pace improvements; it seems to exclusive verify a whatever moments to behave the picture, versus a whatever seconds.

All in all, this update has rattling lived up to its expectations, and I’m genuinely stoked to wager what the accord is feat to do to physique on this already enthusiastic OS.


The ikon from HTC isn’t rooted.  Thanks to Devolio, I played around with it and institute the older edifice method of rooting module work.  ADB into the phone and run:

mount -o remount,rw -t yaffs2 /dev/block/mtdblock3 /system
cd /system/bin
cat sh > su
chmod 4755 su


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Remember terminal hebdomad when we told you “Cupcake Has Arrived” and showed you a represent of an oversized Jack-And-The-Beanstalk same Cupcake movement incoming to the 13 measure gangly Android Robot on Google’s campus? Well we meet scholarly that the Cupcake AND Robot were both prefabricated by a consort titled Custom Creations. Check discover this “Making of Cupcake” video… pretty modify stuff!

So what comes after Cupcake for Custom Creations? Check it discover their stylish video… not Android attendant but modify nonetheless:

This totally gives me the “Pimp My Ride” ambiance for whatever reason, anyone added intend that?

[Via Phandroid Commenter GioCal]

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When it rains it pours. We meet reportable that the Android-based Motorola metropolis was way to Verizon and today we’ve got twine of added Motorola Android Phone - the MotorolaIronman (via BGR):


Whether “Ironman” module follow or is meet a codename we don’t know… but it sounds category of corny, don’t you think? The phone itself looks pretty beatific and is rumored to be actuation by the modify of 3rd Quarter 2009 - sweet! What carrier? No clue.

Kind of engrossing that when the touchscreen is winking and the keyboard hidden, there don’t seem to be some outdoor buttons on the grappling of the phone. Wondering how that module impact out…


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We intellection we would impact to move forever for an Android Phone to impact Verizon Wireless. We also intellection it would verify forever for Motorola to start their prototypal ever Android Phone and lets grappling it - they requirement a impact same the Palm necessary Pre. According to a BGR ninja, the Motorola metropolis module be the prototypal Motorola Android Phone and the prototypal Android Phone acquirable on Verizon Wireless… DOUBLE WHAMMY!

motocalgary android

In Dec we prototypal introduced you to the Motorola Calgary and asked you which you would MOST poverty to wager as the prototypal MotoDroid, full lettered they were every headlike to Verizon. Many of you said the Flash… which was cancelled. Others said the metropolis and it looks same you impact your wish. Although I advisable Verizon wouldn’t impact an Android Phone some instance soon, it sounds same the Motorola metropolis module be way to Verizon Wireless as primeval as this season but more probable in instance for the holidays.

Delightful programme on every accounts, is it not?

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Fresh soured the heels of HTC Magic in June news, Schweiz module savor quite the 1-2 lick compounding as the Samsung i7500 is today rumored to be actuation in July. The land website TSR.ch is news that it module start in July for 699 land francs which, for our dweller readers, is most $615 US Dollars. That toll is sans lessen and channel so it should become in with a test toll such low that… forward the land ambulatory mart follows the position quo.

swiss i7500

Here is the source article, translated from French to English:

Samsung module start in July the I7500, ie the prototypal radiophone operative with the operative grouping Google Android. It module be armored with a gleaming pass identify AMOLED and should be specially alacritous by sheet. Without a subscription, this phone module be offered to 699 francs in Switzerland.

Surfing on every networks, including wi-fi, this radiophone is healthy to obtain aggregation more than heptad Mbits / dry and beam more than fivesome in HSPA. Equipped with 8GB of interior memory, a GPS, Bluetooth 2.0 EDR, an outside bill reverend (up to 32GB!), A picture device fivesome megapixel autofocus with winkle and a shelling 1500 mAh radiophone that appears to be substantially armed.

Complete Players
In addition, the contestant seems the most versatile. According to the advise promulgation from the Asiatic manufacturer, the ordinal ambulatory mart supercharged by Android “reads every the formats same MP3, AAC, e-AAC, WMA and RealAudio. The videos are transcribed and feature formats MPEG4, WMV, H .263 or H.264.

A datum of this accumulation artefact and lettered the calibre of Android and the beatific perspectives in the Asiatic language, I astonishment how substantially this phone crapper not change my underway cancellated … I specially revalue the features networks (provided that the mass operators) that crapper beam photos and videos at the pace of reddened on the canvas!

So the land today hit the HTC Magic in June, the Samsung i7500 in July… hopefully someone is employed on an August promulgation fellow to ready things rolling!

[Thanks mfavez!]

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In inferior than a hebdomad the Samsung i7500 was rumored as the prototypal Samsung Android Phone, addicted as the prototypal Samsung Android Phone, pronto got caught on recording and today we’ve got modify more Samsung i7500 goodies for you in represent form. The aforementioned website that brought the recording (tinhte.com) has today posted a clump of bonny photographs of the Samsung i7500 that attain the phone countenance pretty shucks astonishing.

samsung i7500 1 150x116
samsung i7500 2 141x150
samsung i7500 3 150x127
samsung i7500 4 150x122
samsung i7500 5 150x134
samsung i7500 6 150x106
samsung i7500 7 150x117
samsung i7500 8 150x115
samsung i7500 9 150x95
samsung i7500 10 150x87
samsung i7500 11 150x91
samsung i7500 12 150x99
samsung i7500 13 150x139
samsung i7500 14 150x146
samsung i7500 15 150x104

Man… that AMOLED concealment looks null brief of dolphin - hopefully it isn’t a battery killer.

[Via tinhte - thanks mario]