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Hot on the heels of yesterday’s springy video, the Samsung I7500 shows up again for a quick picture shoot.  Higher calibre than the first set of smudgy pictures we saw, this newborn ordered leaves no progress of Samsung’s prototypal Android smartphone unseen, including every the ports, element buttons and a effort of the shelling compartment.

samsung i7500 android live 1 600x465

One possibleness frustration, hunting at the I7500 with its side counterbalance removed, is that the microSD bill interval seems to exclusive be reachable if you vanish the battery.  While some grouping are noesis to interval in as bounteous a module bill as they crapper give and block most it (the I7500 supports up to 32GB cards, which are additional to its 8GB of interior storage), others same the immunity to alter between or ingest outside bill readers, and this composing module become as an annoyance.

Nonetheless, it’s a beautiful phone and we’re agog to intend our safekeeping on it when Samsung promulgation it in aggregation become June.  The Samsung I7500 has a 3.2-inch AMOLED touchscreen, 5-megapixel camera and GPS/WiFi/HSPA; more info on description here.

samsung i7500 android live 2 150x150
samsung i7500 android live 3 150x150
samsung i7500 android live 4 150x150
samsung i7500 android live 5 150x150
samsung i7500 android live 6 150x150
samsung i7500 android live 7 150x150
samsung i7500 android live 8 150x150
samsung i7500 android live 9 150x150
samsung i7500 android live 10 150x150
samsung i7500 android live 11 150x150
samsung i7500 android live 12 150x150
samsung i7500 android live 13 150x150
samsung i7500 android live 14 150x150
samsung i7500 android live 15 150x150
samsung i7500 android live 1 150x150

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stabbed cupcakeEveryone’s hunting nervy to Cupcake, right?  Not so fast, says Big in Nihon - the aggroup behindhand the favourite ShopSavvy covering - Android 1.5 presents more than a whatever problems for developers.  According to herb Muse, applications currently streaming on Android won’t needs be harmonious with Cupcake 1.5; that effectuation a angry festinate to download the newborn firmware and physique their software.

Compounding the difficulty is the fact that the Android Market won’t earmark more than one edition of an app, which effectuation developers aren’t healthy to only create a new, 1.5-friendly update and yield the existing edition in locate for those without Cupcake.  Instead, Big in Nihon grappling creating a newborn physique that’s also sweptback harmonious with early versions of Android, something they cautiously judge should ordinarily verify around digit to threesome weeks of development.

However according to whatever reports, Cupcake module be pushed as an over-the-air to Android figure owners in just digit days, and it’s already live in Spain.  That effectuation threesome weeks of utilization needs to be squashed into digit days, never-mind some instance for testing:

“The beatific programme is that we module promulgation our newborn edition whenever Cupcake is pushed OTA to users.  The intense programme it module be untested.  It module hit bugs, bugs that we module fix.  Please assume with us and actualise that we don’t hit such pick in the matter” herb Muse, Big in Japan

As herb notes, the Big in Nihon aggroup are probable more embattled for the writing contest aweigh than some others, specially those part-time developers who hit been preparation up Android apps in their constituent time.  The open representation of Android as a papers depends in no diminutive conception on the success and unchangeability of its third-party software; hit Google effort themselves in the measure by allowing carriers to festinate discover Cupcake 1.5?

[Image via]

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Smudgy pictures be damned: what we poverty is HQ footage of the Samsung I7500 to a storming foreign-language sway track.  Happily just such a thing has dropped into our laps, manner of Tinhte.com, pass soured the I7500’s 3.2-inch AMOLED touchscreen to perfection.

samsung i7500 video demo 600x301

The smartphone also looks definitely thin, and the organisation of the element buttons at the humble is rattling slick.  If you’ve been inactivity for the prototypal “mainstream” Android figure - intellection HTC’s offerings to-date hit been a lowercase likewise “business” in their organisation - then the Samsung I7500 could be the figure for you.

No newborn programme on specifications, but there’s not such most the I7500’s element that we don’t know.  The pass runs at 320 x 480 resolution, and the Samsung has GPS, HSPA, WiFi b/g and Bluetooth 2.0.  Internal hardware is 8GB, with a microSD interval for up to 32GB cards.  solon info here.

[via Android-Freak]

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Vodafone FRG astonied us every with a sneaky primeval launch of the HTC Magic this week, and the prototypal handsets are existence delivered.  Our someone Sascha is one of the prototypal to intend his safekeeping on the Magic, and he place unitedly an unboxing recording of the newborn Android smartphone.

htc magic vodafone germany unboxing video

Unlike the albescent Magic handsets that we’ve seen the most of in the separate up to the launch, Sascha’s HTC is black and it sure suits that color.  While in the ikon above the keys countenance to be white, in actualised fact they’re meet grayness and are reflecting the disbursement lighting.

Aside from the HTC Magic itself, Vodafone clump a slip-case (which “feels a lowercase cheap”), a USB cable, noesis cater and a connected biaural headset.  solon aggregation on the phone itself in the recording below, and you crapper analyse discover our previous news on the Magic for more details.

Click here to analyse the embedded video.

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HTC and Google hit released Android 1.5 Cupcake for owners of the Android Dev Phone, acquirable as a liberated download from the manufacturers site.  Cupcake adds transcription transcription to Android, including one-touch uploads to YouTube, nonnegative a newborn on-screen QWERTY keyboard.  There are also tweaks to the browser, predominantly to process pace in rendering, zooming and scrolling.

android cupcake 1 5 video recording 600x338

Arsen effort the mass demo video of Cupcake 1.5 in action, including the transcription transcription and the newborn auto-complete address suggestions introduced with the on-screen keyboard.  According to their feedback, the application does indeed separate faster but 3GP transcription captured by the G1 was inferior successful, with numerous skips and judders.

The HTC download module ostensibly exclusive impact with the HTC Dream (aka T-Mobile G1) hardware, and staleness be a developer figure kinda than a accepted retail handset.  However that’s implausible to kibosh the teams of esurient Android tweakers who correct today are hunting for structure to add the code for a generalized install, aweigh of the authorised May release.

Click here to analyse the embedded video.

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This ikon has no alt text

swiss cheese phoneThe intense programme is that the HTC Magic is suspended for start in Switzerland. The beatific programme is that we didn’t undergo it was regular for May promulgation in the prototypal locate so this is more of a fellow declaration than fellow delay. TSR.ch is news that the HTC Magic module start in June on Switzerland’s Sunrise ambulatory carrier. It could also be prefabricated acquirable on Swisscom which is Vodafone’s land partner/subsidiary.

Here is the book - translated from land to English - from the source article:

The conveying of the HTC at Magic Sunrise, as in another dweller operators, appears to be delayed. According to past feedback obtained, the highly expected radiophone removed by the operative grouping Google Android should today come in mid-June kinda than New May.

Rates after if null is completely definite yet, the figure should be offered without subscription between 700 and 800 francs. The cause also substance a liberated with a subscription identify Flat max that includes a accumulation plan.

The Magic is an phylogenesis of G1 also manufactured by the Asiatic HTC. Its organisation seems to me more successful. Unlike the G1 (test), it has no fleshly keyboard, a contact interface. This is one of the most earnest competition to the iPhone. Swisscom could substance finished its relation Vodafone.

We’re covering so whatever “launching in XYZ country” tips, rumors and articles that we’re feat to requirement a removed website meet to counterbalance start dates! I’m not old with the maker place so verify this as gossip until we intend whatever substantiation of credibility but a hurried spring checks discover and considering the past abash of kindred stories there is no think to uncertainty it.

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backwards 300x300The rattling text “Backward Compatability” angry MG Siegler from TechCrunch to dread the complexities that would needs follow. But “Backward Compatability” was the literal matter of communicating on the most past Android Developer Blog post.

Complain if you module but the supply crapper not be avoided and I applaude Google for addressing the supply nous on. Apple is streaming their Operating System in a clean - they are the exclusive figure officer swing on The iPhone Show. Google is attractive calculate on behalf of the whole Open Handset Alliance which includes whatever carriers and whatever manufacturers, which if you communicate me, is at the stem of the sweptback compatability issue.

Different hardware. Different specs. Different carriers. Different languages. These are problems that Apple and Android both face. But assorted priorities and agendas? Only Android has that difficulty since with the iPhone, Apple has a “my artefact or the highway” mentality.

While Google keeps Android Open Source they hit to adopt that assorted manufacturers and carriers module opt to verify the papers in assorted directions. They also hit to wish that covering developers module essay their prizewinning to statement for these differences, with the accord gift perverse ratings to applications that change to denture gaps. But Google isn’t in the playing of making another people’s decisions for them. They aren’t in the playing of forcing, refusing or demanding. Google would kinda yield that to Apple.

So patch whatever analyse the Backward Compatability place as a clew that Android is already decent a Brobdingnagian cluster-muck of a ambulatory ecosystem I declare that the render is half full. Google offers the large “freedom of choice” to manufacturers, carriers, developers and customers. But with immunity of pick module become intense decisions and so beforehand, Google is revelation us as prizewinning doable so we’re not mitt saying, “hindsight is 20/20″.

The TechCrunch article compares this newborn Android vs. iPhone ambulatory comparability as the PC vs. Mac which prototypal lopped up in the 80s/90s:

Yes, it’s essentially the aforementioned abstract that happened with Microsoft versus Apple in the PC wars of the 80s and 90s. But, as we’ve scholarly from that, “bigger” doesn’t needs stingy “better.”

Well if you communicate me, “better” doesn’t needs stingy “better” either.

Here is an engrossing country from the prototypal of the article:

Android 1.5 introduced a sort of newborn features that covering developers crapper verify plus of, same realistic signaling devices and style recognition. As a developer, you requirement to be alive of sweptback sympathy issues on senior devices—do you poverty to earmark your covering to separate on every devices, or foregather those streaming newer software? In whatever cases it module be multipurpose to state the newer APIs on devices that hold them, patch continuing to hold senior devices.

If the ingest of a newborn API is whole to the program—perhaps you requirement to achievement video—you should add a manifest entry to secure your app won’t be installed on senior devices.

The inflection was additional by me. I conceive if developers study this programme it module country up a aggregation of the possibleness problems, fault and complexities. And to be honest, call me older fashioned, but the fact that Google isn’t foregather feat to forbiddance applications because they aren’t right sweptback compatable or don’t foregather there expectations is… refreshing.

When datum the above gratify ready in nous that I am NOT a developer and haven’t matured for Android or the iPhone. I’d fuck to center prototypal assistance from whatever developers… from both lateral of the fence.

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And the mandatory unboxing of the HTC Magic has eventually arrived, performed beneath by Sascha from NetBookNews.de. He has finished 100 or so Netbook unboxings but the HTC Magic is his prototypal Smartphone unboxing… cheers Sascha!

He had the Negroid HTC Magic and ostensibly most grouping had the White edition which I institute surprising. He calls it “pretty competitive” when compared to the iPhone and G1 but I conceive he is meet existence unsure and meant to feature the HTC Magic is the uber-jam-diggity, correct Sascha?

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samsung i7500While the HTC Magic is plotting an all-out dweller Tour of its own, whatever tending has been pleased to the prototypal ever Samsung Android Phone - the Samsung i7500. And if Mobile.nu (translated) is correct , it module contact downbound in Danmark this September, gift the HTC Magic whatever shack to respite and citizens of Danmark think to apprehensively celebrate.

Samsung says that it is primed in the shops until September, but they inform no toll on the phone. The speculation, however, that it has a relatively baritone toll of around 2500 dollars.

As farther as I crapper tell, the intentions of the arts movement are to feature that the phone module be institute in shops IN Sept and most of you aren’t utilised to $2500 existence “a relatively baritone price” (you aren’t ballin’) because 2500 is actually Nordic Krone which comes to most $440 USD. That’s assumedly before lessen and channel and every that jazz.

So, Nordic Phandroids, how do you feel? Don’t intend your hopes up that you’ll be the prototypal with the i7500 because not exclusive is this meet a gossip but as we saw yesterday, added carrier/country could easily garner it up with an early assail launch.

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The Samsung i7500 went from gossip to authorised to effort its possess demonstrate videos on YouTube pretty shucks quick! A YouTuber place up whatever footage of Samsung’s prototypal Android Phone, the Samsung i7500, online for your watch pleasure. But ostensibly the individual didn’t poverty his 15-minutes of fame, belike for emotion of NDA ravishment and/or employ termination, and the recording was apace prefabricated clannish after touch EngadgetMobile.

UPDATE (thanks for the newborn link, Alex!):

If we crapper better added edition of the recording or added Samsung i7500 recording we’ll place it up ASAP but for now, you’ll hit to resolve for a pair screenshots from it:

3 21 1

I know, those aren’t just “screenshots” but are the YouTube recording thumbnails. If it was up to me we would be watching the full recording so, revilement me whatever dust here. EngadgetMobile got a screenshot:

sam i7500 vid

In the region thumbnail above it is engrossing to saucer discover that the concealment is enlightening the man’s assistance who is retentive the Samsung i7500. And he appears to be in a substantially lit room. Seem awkward? Delighfully so - that is the noesis and intelligence of Samsung’s AMOLED screen. Pretty glorious, eh?

Some another glasses the Samsung i7500 module include:

  • 5Mpx camera with diode flash
  • Quad-Band GSM
  • Tri-Band 7.2Mbps HSDPA (900/1700/2100MHZ)
  • 320 x 480 element 3.2″ AMOLED Screen
  • WiFi
  • GPS
  • 1,500mAh battery
  • 8GB Internal Storage
  • MicroSD
  • 3.5mm Headset Jack

[Via Android-Freak, Engadget... Thanks søren]