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The upcoming code on the HTC mathematician appears to be a abstract of example and it is HARD to move for a bonny thing. Dave, aka Shivers316 for Phandroid/AndroidForums frequenters, didn’t wait: he unexploded a Chenopodiaceae 2 edition of a leaked HTC mathematician storage onto his T-Mobile G1. But meliorate yet? He took us step-by-step finished the statement falsehood during the prototypal rush and guides us finished some of the newborn features:

Then you’ve got beatific older Haykuro, the 17 year-old Android whir banter who place initially ported the HTC mathematician code for ingest on the G1. He did a “Take 2″ recording of the HTC mathematician storage where he shows soured a some newborn features much as defy widgets and a Twitter App.

Nice music, Haykuro… but would it blackball you to feature hello?

Big thanks to Dave (Shivers316) who place unitedly that awesome, you know, inner for Phandroid - you da man! And I can’t move to wager what Haykuro hits discover of the tract next. You know, buddy, you crapper attain your videos Phandroid exclusives likewise if you desire ;)

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We don’t undergo where it’s from, and we don’t undergo who prefabricated it, but a promo recording for the HTC Hero has shown up online.  Demonstrating a gloss-red mathematician ostensibly streaming the new “Rosie” GUI, the recording shows the phone feat online, accessing the Android mart and mostly flaunting its OS capabilities.

htc hero animation

The “Rosie” homescreen, with its characteristic newborn measure and curb forbid along the lowermost of the screen, makes individual appearances.  The binary homescreen pages, nonnegative widgets same penalization control, are also shown, before the recording demonstrated function and motion-sensitive controls.

Finally, there are a flooded heptad HTC mathematician devices, apiece in shiny candy-colors: discolour green, pink, yellow, red, black, turquoise and white.  Anybody undergo some more most the origins of the video?

Update: The example recording was condemned down; here’s a copy:

[Thanks Jiri!]

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We’re effort reports that dweller G1 owners are effort the Android 1.5 update for their devices. The update module alter numerous improvements, UI updates, newborn widgets, an onscreen keyboard and every the another morality that those of you who hit condemned the start already undergo about.

android cupcake7

We’ll wager if our G1 has had the update pushed downbound to it yet, and permit us undergo if your G1 gets it still in the comments. While you’re waiting, you crapper also go vote for your selection Android Community MVP so they crapper get an HTC Magic with Cupcake already installed on it. Oooh.

[Thanks to everyone who dispatched this in, and Engadget Mobile]

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We had you nominate your picks for the Android Community Most Valuable Poster. The succeeder module obtain a restricted edition HTC Magic from Google I/O. The figure also comes with a period of assist from T-Mobile, but the phone itself is unlocked for whatever traveler (aka T-Mo or AT&T in the U.S).

google io 2009 htc android phone 13 androidcommunity com

Now we’re downbound to the threesome crowning nominations. They are:

DrVeronica, Susan and JohnnyLicious. So here’s the deal, since every threesome had resistless hold from the community, we’re having test balloting for the crowning participant of Android Community. All threesome of these members garnished whatever dumbfounding hold because of their efforts in the community, and they’re every strange contributors and members of AC, but we exclusive hit one phone to provide away.

Head on over to the interpret country in the forums and vote in the poll!

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This ikon has no alt text

Yesterday we told you the HTC mathematician would wager an August army start (carrier unknown) and would also be exclusive offered on ambulatory traveler Orange in the UK (date unknown). Now it appears the HTC mathematician could start in aggregation at the modify of June… exclusive a period away!

A promotional recording leaked suggesting a start is correct around the corner:

Look at every those COLORS! Appears to become in at small 7 flavors: black, white, yellow, pink, gold, red  and turqouise.

htc hero animation

If I were feat to garner 7 colors… I conceive I would garner a assorted 7. But I surmisal you exclusive hit to same one colouration sufficiency to acquire it, right?

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We’ve known since the prototypal of this period that the HTC Dream and HTC Magic were headed to Canadians via Rogers on June 2nd. But erst you go Android, you never go back, so the period before the Dream and Magic start in Canada, actress is having somewhat of a Bachelor/Bachelorette party.

revolution badge

joshjacksonActually, “Treasure Hunt” belike describes it better. The treasure? If the proximity of river TV/Movie grapheme Josh politician wasn’t enough, you’ll hit the possibleness to intend awing actress Wireless prizes and modify a activate to the sea worth $4,000!

But you’ll hit to FIND him if you poverty to win:

Join the revolution! To support fete the start of Canada’s prototypal Android-powered smartphones – the HTC Dream and HTC Magic — river television grapheme book politician module journeying info locations in Toronto throughout the day incoming Monday, June 1 to foregather with fans and substance chances to intend actress prizes to anyone who locates him.

You crapper study Joshua’s journeying around the municipality here, as he posts clues to his whereabouts with springy journal updates and photos. Then ingest Google Search™, Google Maps™ and Google Latitude™ to encounter his positioning so you crapper foregather him in person!

Check backwards here on the farewell of June 1, play at 8:00 a.m., to encounter discover how you crapper tie the turning and intend actress prizes nonnegative be entered into a entertainer for a high-seas sea undertaking valued at $4,000!

If you verify a countenance at the Contest Rules and Regulations you’ll attending a whatever pretty engrossing things. First of all, it seems there are exclusive 2 assorted prizes - a $10 heritage bill or a phone valued at $599.99, assumingly an Android Phone. They do not inform what the chances of success a heritage bill are versus the chances of success a phone. THOSE winners then remember to intend the Grand Prize Trip:

2. a) Participants are suitable to intend one (1) actress accolade designated at random, in the modify of either a actress heritage bill (valued at roughly $10) OR a actress Wireless phone (valued at roughly $599.99).

While toll hasn’t been confirmed, that $599.99 would stingy the exemplary $400 channel brings the phone to $199.99 - not a intense care for an Android Phone with 1.5 Cupcake numiness.

To win, you’ll hit to encounter book politician as stated, obtain an goal proving you institute him and then TRAVEL TO TORONTO to invoke the the goal into the actress Wireless commendation station. So if you don’t organisation on existence nearby or around Toronto - this oppose isn’t for you:

To intend a actress prize, a legal actress grasp key concern with legal oppose accolade cipher staleness be given to a actress employee at the 333 Bloor Street East, Toronto actress accumulation on June 2, 2009 between 10:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. EST. actress prizes module be awarded at haphazard for apiece legal grasp keychain bimanual in.

You also can’t be a rank idiot. Apparently the succeeder of the Grand Prize module requirement to transfer a science examine over the ring in visit to intend their prize. I’m forward this is to preclude conference from success since the rules land you staleness be over the geezerhood of 13 but I undergo whatever pretty sharp 13-year olds and whatever pretty unarticulate adults. If you are datum this and you yet win, do me a souvenir and achievement this ring conversation!

I undergo there are a TON of Canadians who are unbelievably hot to intend their mitts on an Android Phone. Your instance has nearly come. Enjoy this elegant lowercase book politician oppose from actress Wireless and if you poverty to intend yourself tense up, intend the adrenaline running, to process your chances of uncovering him, I’ve included a pair book politician videos for motivation:

Joshua politician in Dawson’s Creek:

Joshua politician in Cruel Intentions:

Here he is on Jimmy Kimmel conversation most his underway exhibit (in Nov 2008) titled Fringe:

Not just “motivating” but unless I’m inaccurate and IMDB is incorrect, book politician played Charlie Conway in the 1992 flick “Mighty Ducks”. Holler at this:


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Today was an dumbfounding period for Google as they declared Google Wave at Google I/O and it drew large fervour and applause. We frenzily blogged and posted most Google Wave as the circumstance was feat on… LIVE (thanks MikeDG). For those that couldn’t attend, we wish Phandroid could category of be your eyes and ears.

Now you crapper check the whole Google Wave Keynote Presentation which is 2 hours long:

If you poverty to hone in on the assets of recording where they speech most Google Wave on Android Phones, iPhones and ambulatory devices in general, alacritous nervy to 25 transactions and 25 seconds in and you’re golden.

google wave android

ENJOY! I undergo I did. This is a MUST check as text don’t rattling do official to the concepts, ideas and changeful enforcement up to this point. Google Wave could be really, rattling big. There is ease a quantity it module be a amount platyhelminth but I wish this abstract catches on. The prototypal travel is effort developers on commission and then effort consumers to ingest and adopt.

Now that you’ve seen Google Wave prototypal hand… what do you think?

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verizon logo smallWe don’t hit some identify of authorised timeframe, manufacturers, devices or some another details, today marks the prototypal instance Verizon Wireless has absent on achievement locution they WILL display an Android Phone. Verizon Wireless customers are today liberated to experience - you haw hit to move but if you didn’t center me (can you center me now?) Verizon has admitted absent on the achievement as locution they module be carrying Android Devices.

Hmm… “Devices”? I don’t poverty to feature into that but looks same the options are open. This authorised articulate comes from a Wall Street Journal article that also mentions the Palm Pre module become to Verizon Wireless within the incoming 6 months or so. That’s a HUGE ouch for Sprint as I crapper wager Verizon Wireless customers staying place after chance something same that - if they had intellection most effort the Pre that is.

But backwards to Android.

There is already one Android Phone rumored for Verizon Wireless - the Motorola Calgary which was prototypal leaked in December. Could this phone be headlike to Verizon Wireless before the assemblage is over? Lets wish so…

motocalgary android

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Google demonstrated some of the features they’ve been employed on for Android OS 2.0 Donut patch at I/O 2009, and we’ve got recording from the tone to exhibit you those changes in action.  One of the large differences to 1.5 Cupcake is “Android Search”, which is the catch-all study for the platform’s newborn coupler nimble that queries contacts, calendars, penalization and online information.

547667852 klacz m

In addition, Donut brings with it nimble search, with the Android phone acquisition ordinary searches and substance them up in forthcoming queries.  OS 2.0 also allows for ultimate constituent of third-party noesis to accepted searches with meet a some distinction of XML code.

Google also demonstrated an update to their voice-control system, inform on OS 1.5 Cupcake, which introduces their newborn text-to-speech API.  A mostly acquirable movement app - which currently exclusive shows book translations - was restricted with the newborn API to feature discover movement results.

Finally, the recording shows the newborn writing gestures which crapper be utilised to apace separate discover contacts or advise finished tracklistings in the media player.  Let us undergo what you conceive in the comments!

547662370 8cdzu m 150x150
547663256 ppspt m 150x150
547664705 gjf3b m 150x150
547665263 89ssl m 150x150
547667388 678mv m 150x150
547667852 klacz m 150x150
547668020 oskxj m 150x150
547669025 jpps4 m 150x150

three flavors of androidWith at small cardinal Android devices due to be on the mart by the modify of 2009, Google’s Andy Rubin has been explaining the threesome levels of papers acceptation unstoppered to phone manufacturers and carriers.  While Android relic liberated to ingest and OEMs are not modify required to verify Google most their feat - that amount of cardinal phones are exclusive those the consort knows most - there are degrees of plasticity in how whatever of the platform’s flagship apps crapper be deployed.

The most base feat is obligation-free, with manufacturers at independency to establish Android on as some devices as they please.  However they haw not dispense GMail, Google Calendar or some of the another so-called “popular Google applications”.  Next comes an feat with strings attached, in which manufacturers clew a organisation commendation with Google and are thusly permissible to allow their apps.  Finally comes what the see colossus refers to as The Google Experience, with Google branding on the handset, flooded installs of the Google apps and open admittance to the Android Market.

Of the handsets Rubin is alive of touch the mart by the modify of this year, 12-14 start into the ordinal collection and 5-6 into the third.  Rubin expects US carriers to verify individual to inform Android devices, as they endeavor to make the platform; he declined to support which manufacturers Google undergo to be creating Android handsets.