Spotify, who wage a liberated penalization moving service, have demonstrated their newborn ambulatory computer on the T-Mobile G1.  The newborn Android app - which is still to be liberated - allows tracks to be synchronal with the phone for offline playback, message that modify without WiFi or cancellated accumulation penalization crapper be played back.

spotify mobile android

The app also supports on-device searches and bespoken playlists, with direct admittance to the company’s Brobdingnagian class of tracks.  It’s also synchronal with their existing screen app, message you crapper wager for and add a road on the screen and hit it sync for offline playback on the cellphone.

As a screen Spotify user, this is meet what I’ve been inactivity for.  The consort has previously said that they’d be requiring ambulatory users to clew up for their payment assist (which cuts discover the adverts that intermittently imbibe up for liberated statement holders) and frankly this looks substantially worth it.  No articulate on when we could wait to wager a release; they’re auspicious more info at Google I/O.

Click here to analyse the embedded video.

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Samsung’s prototypal Android figure (and the prototypal non-HTC Android device) got previewed by Their impressions are definitely positive, especially of the bonny 3.2-inch capacitive AMOLED touchscreen with an ambient reddened figure to curb the concealment brightness. Samsung has been actuation to modify their AMOLED portfolio, and I’m thrilled to wager them emotional an Android figure with the broad calibre display. The appearance of the phone reminds them of the presently to be free HTC Magic, with a super display, and the controls beneath the screen, though the Galaxy is a taste thinner than the HTC phones. The Galaxy uses a D-Pad and an “OK” fix instead of a trackball. There is added fix on the mitt conception of the D-Pad with an mark on it, which is the same MENU fix institute on HTC Android phones. There is a diminutive fix on the correct lateral that has no markings, and only acts as the Home fix for the phone.


I would analyse discover the analyse and impact up the unification for more pictures.

[Via Phone Arena

We gave discover tickets to the Google I/O conference, and today we’re gift discover a FREE, LIMITED EDITION HTC Magic with 30-days of oceanic T-Mobile service. Want to intend it? Here’s how:

google io 2009 htc android phone 13 androidcommunity com

Since Android Community is the maximal Android-centric assemble on the internet, we’ve had whatever pretty unpaid contributors. We’re hunting for the participant of every Android Community members, and we poverty you to select that individual. That’s right, you’re feat to balloting for who you conceive is the prizewinning in cost of involvement, contributions, and generalized awesome-ness. You crapper balloting for yourself, but we can’t hit everyone doing that today crapper we? Try to impact unitedly to intend your selection presenter appointed and voted to the top!

Submit your balloting in the comments below. The mortal with the maximal sort of votes module win. If it gets close, the editors keep the correct to end supported upon individualist assessment of apiece of the nominees. The oppose ends 24 hours from today at 2pm, MST. Ready, and go!

Terms and Conditions

Competition is unstoppered to residents of the US over the geezerhood of 18. Family members of Google and R3 Media are not permissible to enter. Competition entries are exclusive acknowledged in the installation arrange for this article; entries mitt in the comments of some added place module not be recognized. Entries should be submitted before 2pm Mountain Standard instance on weekday May 28th; one entry per person.

The winners module be declared on this place and contacted via email; they module be due to move within 48 hours added their accolade haw be abandon and added succeeder selected. Editors selection is test and no proportionality module be entered into. Winner agrees that their study and info of their entry haw be utilised for promotional purposes by, but not restricted to, R3 Media. Winner module obtain One (1) HTC Magic restricted edition and a SIM bill beatific for 30 life of assist from T-Mobile. Winner answerable for stipendiary for radiophone phone assist after the 30 life are up.There is no change alternative.

I had a hurried chitchat with Vic Gundotra preceding to this morning’s Google IO 2009 tone and he said to me there is many-many assail at this year’s developer’s convention.  It never occurred to me that one of those surprises included an Android-phone by HTC (also famous as the HTC Magic).  This edition of the HTC Magic has T-Mobile’s 3G band, unlocked confident of existence a concern phone!  Also included with this restricted edition Google IO 2009 Android phone is a 30-day T-Mobile SIM bill with accumulation and transactions for you to ingest – liberated of charge!

google io 2009 htc android phone 13 androidcommunity com

The Google IO Android phone is black with reddened chromatic pronounce on the edges and Google IO Developer Conference on the back.  You’ll also be greeted with the aforementioned trademark when motion the phone on.  Yes it’s every true, every members of the advise and word attendees intend one – no questions ask.  How awing is that?

We’ve already reviewed the HTC Magic for Android Community here; so attain trusty to analyse discover the careful analyse by Chris Davies.

Vic Gundotra introducing GD2 and the Google IO 2009 HTC Android-phone

Unboxing Google IO 2009 HTC Android-phone

google io 2009 htc android phone 01 androidcommunity com 150x150
google io 2009 htc android phone 02 androidcommunity com 150x150
google io 2009 htc android phone 03 androidcommunity com 150x150
google io 2009 htc android phone 04 androidcommunity com 150x150
google io 2009 htc android phone 05 androidcommunity com 150x150
google io 2009 htc android phone 06 androidcommunity com 150x150
google io 2009 htc android phone 07 androidcommunity com 150x150
google io 2009 htc android phone 08 androidcommunity com 150x150
google io 2009 htc android phone 09 androidcommunity com 150x150
google io 2009 htc android phone 10 androidcommunity com 150x150
google io 2009 htc android phone 11 androidcommunity com 150x150
google io 2009 htc android phone 12 androidcommunity com 150x150
google io 2009 htc android phone 13 androidcommunity com 150x150

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Vincent is live at Google I/O correct now, and he’s transfer us whatever enthusiastic programme on the story of Android and hopefully whatever newborn programme on where it’s headed.

We hit whatever facts and figures most Android:

547662370 8cdzu m

If you can’t feature the represent (really?) we hit Android on 10 carriers in 12 countries, with 4,900 applications, and apiece individual downloaded 40+ applications per device. It is #2 in the U.S. ambulatory scheme feeding stats, and there’s whatever more programme coming.

New features allow writing recognition, and we hit what looks same the newborn Samsung figure on stage. We’re feat to alter you updates as the come, and also video!

Update: It seems that Google’s Android 2.0 “Donut” module also hit Text-to-Speech functions as substantially as Universal search.

Update 2: Check discover the recording demonstrate of the new features here.

547662370 8cdzu m 150x150
547663256 ppspt m 150x150
547664705 gjf3b m 150x150
547665263 89ssl m 150x150
547667388 678mv m 150x150
547667852 klacz m 150x150
547668020 oskxj m 150x150
547669025 jpps4 m 150x150

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This ikon has no alt text

When Google I/O 2009 attendees arrived for the Day 2 Keynote, this is what they saw:

google io day2 550x412

Similar to the preceding day, but this instance around there were lego blocks on apiece chair:

lego 550x412

That’s because the consort LEGO was most to verify the stage. Some of you advert LEGO from your childhood, your parenthood… or both!

lego logo 710596 150x150 google lego logo 300x213

That is because they were most to foretell a newborn individualized act and cooperation agency in the primeval form. It is titled Google Wave and they requirement the support of developers to rank the project, which is shapely in HTML 5.

google wave logo

The aforementioned field activity behindhand Google Maps is behindhand Google Wave and this is the prototypal instance anyone right of Google has seen this - it is unbelievably thin to be distribution a send in such primeval stages. It seems same a mashup of your GMail compounded with the realtime proximity of Twitter with the connectedness of Facebook.

google wave 550x358

It won’t be unstoppered to the unstoppered until after this assemblage but added engrossing characteristic of the papers - developers module be healthy to physique applications for it! I presume that is where whatever of the Facebook impact comes in but remember… this is HTML 5. And also remember, at one saucer Google was rumored to be purchase Twitter. Looks same they are antiquity their possess Super TwitterBook Feed!

google wave concurrent edit 610x683 550x615

At this saucer I hit no evidence what toy had to do with it. Oh well… we ease fuck you LEGO! Where meliorate than to intend Google Wave aggregation than straightforward from the horse’s mouth? Google has aggregation up at

What is a Google Wave?

A gesture is coequal parts conversation and document. People crapper transmit and impact unitedly with extravagantly formatted text, photos, videos, maps, and more.

A gesture is shared. Any contestant crapper state anywhere in the message, modify the noesis and add participants at some saucer in the process. Then playback lets anyone rewind the gesture to wager who said what and when.

A gesture is live. With springy sending as you type, participants on a gesture crapper hit faster conversations, wager edits and interact with extensions in real-time.

What is the Google Wave API?

The Google Wave API allows developers to ingest and compound Google Wave finished digit direct types of development:

  • Extensions: Build mechanism extensions to automate ordinary tasks or physique gadget extensions to wage a newborn artefact for users to interact
  • Embed: Make your place more collaborative by descending in a Wave

Google Wave is currently acquirable in a developer advertisement as the APIs and creation move to evolve. Accounts on the developer toy module be presented discover to grouping intending to physique with the Google Wave APIs preceding to the unstoppered release.

For more aggregation most the capabilities and ingest cases for apiece utilization option, enquire the Wave Developer’s Guide.

Since Google Wave is Open Source, anyone crapper physique their possess edition of Google Wave - every the resources are at

This farewell at Google I/O we are unveiling a developer advertisement of Google Wave, a newborn cooperation and act product. Google Wave introduces a newborn papers shapely around hosted conversations titled waves–this support enables grouping to transmit and impact unitedly in newborn and more trenchant ways. On crowning of that, with the Google Wave APIs, developers crapper verify plus of this collaborative grouping by antiquity on the Google Wave platform. We poverty to modify upon that platform, which is ground we’ve place unitedly the initial organisation of the Google Wave Federation Protocol, the inexplicit meshwork prescript for distribution waves between gesture providers.

Yes, that’s between gesture providers: anyone crapper physique a gesture computer and interoperate, such same anyone crapper separate their possess SMTP server. The gesture prescript is unstoppered to contributions by the broader accord with the content to move to meliorate how we deal information, together. If you’re fascinated in effort involved, here are a some things you should analyse discover on

This is meet the beginning. To support possibleness gesture providers intend started, our organisation is to promulgation an unstoppered source, production-quality, meaning feat of the Google Wave computer and server, as substantially as wage an unstoppered federation end by the instance users move effort access.

We’re hot to center your feedback, so please tell us most your interest, and modify a state on the technical field forum with your feedback.

Beyond the federation protocol, you haw also be fascinated in acquisition more most the Google Wave APIs, as described on the new Google Wave Developers blog.

Posted by: Dan Peterson, Product Manager, Google Wave

And what do we hit on said “Google Wave Developer Blog”? An launching to Google Wave APIs that embellish in digit flavors:

  1. Embed
  2. Extensions and Embed

With Embed, you’re healthy to alter waves into your possess place finished a ultimate JavaScript API. For example, embedding a gesture in a webpage is a beatific artefact to encourage a communicating among the visitors. With Extensions, you’re healthy to indite programs, which are prepacked as Robots or Gadgets, that wage flush functionality exclusive the Google Wave scheme client.

Combine Google Wave and Google Gadgets and you crapper endeavor embeddable games same Sudoku in a wave:

wave sudoku

So how does this sound into Android? Well… it entireness on Mobile phones… same Google Android phones… and they demonstrate Google Wave on an Android figure and iPhone. Holy awesomeness and world-about-to-be-taken-overness!

Right today you’re belike asking: “Where do I clew up?” Good question… and I’ve got the answer:

Google Wave is hunting pretty disturbed and the gathering and blogosphere and interwebz are every LOVING what it seems it could become. Google Wave appears to getting elements of a Wiki, likewise since everyone crapper modify it.

I can’t move to verify you guys this so I’m touch publish. Updates are coming.

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android robot io 150x150If the closing remarks from yesterday’s keynote are whatever indication, we should be embattled for whatever start Android announcements today. I don’t undergo most you, but I’ve been intellection most what they COULD be for the terminal 24 hours. From brawny possibilities to tube dreams, I’ve intellection most the potential. I wish they foretell something for EVERYONE instead of added Free Gift for attendees… but I’m a distrustful viewer - I presume we could hit both.

Lets intend whatever conversation feat on the possibilities:

  • New Android Phone announced
  • Lots of newborn Android Phones announced
  • Verizon Wireless joins Open Handset Alliance
  • AT&T joins Open Handset Alliance
  • Both/More/Others Join OHA
  • Android Netbook announced
  • Android Netbooks presented to everyone
  • What do YOU think?

And to vocalise your opinion, ground not ingest something Google declared yesterday? The lawful comments are overturned OFF and I’ve embedded the “Conversation Element” from Google’s newborn “Web Elements” to pass our discussion. I’ve mitt lawful comments ON if you favour that method:

This ikon has no alt text

We’ve gotten added Email from the Android Market Support Team, led by Eric Chu, outlining potentially elating updates to the Android Market. I feature “potential” because they are exclusive elating if you springy in one of the mass countries:

  • Sweden
  • Denmark
  • Norway
  • Belgium
  • Greece
  • Hong Kong
  • Taiwan
  • Japan

Developers crapper today direct these locations for FREE applications using analyse boxes in their Application Publisher commission on

Please state that these markets do not still hit Android devices but we wait them to embellish acquirable soon.

android market updates

So commendation to Android fans in the above countries, the life are numbered before you’ll be healthy to acquire an Android phone and savor every the luxuries of the world’s #1 ambulatory OS!

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samsung galaxy 1 300x225The serendipitous lads at PhoneArena got an primeval countenance at the Samsung Galaxy i7500 and in their fervour definite to near the “Galaxy” puns flooded throttle:

The Big Bang of the Android aggregation happened not a daylong instance past and its treatment is most start. The prototypal accumulation to hit ever been conquered there hopeless itself to the noesis of the Battleship T-Mobile G1 that was, until individual months ago, the exclusive one battling on the newborn frontier. A newborn player, the HTC Magic, entered the field a taste after and has fresh declared their Galaxy I7500 expanse individual module be traversing the demesne rattling soon.

Unfortunately the Samsung Galaxy doesn’t become with “The Force” but it does hit a 5MP camera, AMOLED touchscreen, 3.5mm headset diddley and slim body. PhoneArena seemed a taste frustrated it looked so such same the HTC Magic:

A enthusiastic room of photos was included, whatever of which I’ve included below:

galaxy magic g1 dream 150x72
samsung galaxy 1 150x112
samsung galaxy 2 150x112
samsung galaxy 3 150x112
samsung galaxy 4 150x112
samsung galaxy 5 150x112
samsung galaxy 6 150x112
samsung galaxy 7 150x112
samsung galaxy 8 150x112
samsung galaxy 9 150x112
samsung galaxy 10 150x112
samsung galaxy 11 150x112

For the flooded Samsung Galaxy Preview, nous over to our friends at!

But WAIT… 3 solon Things:

  1. Luke I Am Your Father
  2. Beam Me Up, Robot
  3. Don’t woman today’s tone presentation
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htc hero orange 150x139The HTC mathematician is hunting pretty spiffy and at this saucer we’re hoping it gets declared ASAP, along with the 18-20 another Android Phones reaching this year. A inform by MobileToday suggests that the HTC mathematician module start in the United States in August with no traveler given but when it launches in the UK, Orange module be the inner carrier.

The HTC mathematician module be Orange’s prototypal Android Phone, mass on the heels of the HTC Dream/G1 and HTC Magic which were exclusives by T-Mobile and Vodafone respectively. The phone is rumored to hit a 3MP camera, HSDPA connectivity and Bluetooth 2.0 among another treats.

A leaked represent of the phone:

htc hero 3

As usual, meet adjusted for details… (HINT: Click RSS in bunk right) and of course, this whole article should intend gossip works treatment.