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If you flamboyant a discernment of HTC Sense on your G1 or Magic, the lawful “Rosie” storage leaks hit already provided a way.  The LeakDroid send has been attractive the Haykuro ROMs – which allow the newborn HTC Sense UI – and nonindustrial builds for those with early devices.

htc hero rom htc g1

Android HDblog hit been activity with the stylish so-called SuperHERO ROM, and place unitedly a recording demonstrate which you crapper wager below.  They’ve unexploded it up on the HTC Dream (aka the T-Mobile G1) and presented their instrument of the changes.

Unsurprisingly the multitouch application support, newborn PMP functionality and ethnic networking combining every intend broad praise.  Less awesome are the andante action and irregular crashes, unitedly with the epilepsy of screen-rotation hold (that currently leads to more crashing).  Still, it’s liberated to essay and with the programme that authorised “with Google” branded devices are implausible to wager HTC Sense officially these grapple projects strength be your prizewinning bet.

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According to the Wall Street Journal, Dell is movement on a sort of Android image devices that substance MID-style internet access.  Described as existence “slightly larger” than Apple’s iPod touch, the touchscreen prototypes are said to be ARM-based and, from the good of things, rattling such in the empiric stage.

dell android smartphone leak 447x480

Dell hit prefabricated no info of the fact that they’ve been experimenting with Android.  Back in May the consort demonstrated a netbook streaming the open-source OS, though they were country that it was exclusive a image and not commendation of an upcoming production model.

This stylish revealing appears to be more of the same; added source, who claims to hit been briefed on Dell’s plans, suggests that the Android MID could be place into creation for a promulgation after in 2009, or instead “the organisation could be suspended or scrapped entirely.”  Dell are ostensibly considering distributing the MID via carriers, kindred to the behavior in which their 3G-enabled netbooks are sold; there’s also speech of a removed distinction of Android-based smartphones ease in the works.

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g1 flashIf Bsquare hit their way, it won’t meet be the HTC mathematician that gets Flash playback capabilities: every Android devices will.  The consort has declared its Flash application plugin for ARM-based Android devices, much as the HTC Magic and T-Mobile G1, streaming Cupcake 1.5.

Bsquare had declared backwards in March that they were employed on a Flash plugin with an unnamed “tier one” carrier.  This stylish programme seems to declare that their attempts at porting Flash hit been successful; however, there’s no clew of generalized availability for the plugin, with Bsquare ostensibly targeting OEMs:

“Our Flash Platform profession application plug-in module be priceless to OEMs antiquity ARM-based smartbooks and to those who are nonindustrial another types of Android devices requiring a flush media undergo that is essentially assorted than anything added acquirable for users today” Larry Stapleton, VP orbicular sales, Bsquare

Of course, the nature of the Android papers effectuation that what arrives on one figure presently gets ported to everything else, so modify without an authorised promulgation it’s probable we’ll wager Flash on existing Android devices.  No articulate on when Bsquare strength promulgation the plugin.

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No authorised commendation as yet, but according to PhoneNews Sprint is internally investigating a CDMA edition of the HTC mathematician with a promulgation designed for the modify of 2009.  HTC themselves hit exclusive addicted that the mathematician module accomplish the US “later in 2009?, after its dweller and continent debut.

Hero Pers Right 0622 sg0000 600x828

The Sprint mathematician would also be accompanied, their sources suggest, by a multi-mode CDMA and WiMAX Android phone, prefabricated by Samsung.  This would verify plus of the WiMAX meshwork Sprint hit matured in partnership with Clear.

Sprint hit already addicted that they impart to start a tri-mode CDMA/WiMAX phone sometime in 2009 or 2010; still they’ve not publically advisable which OS the smartphone strength use.  Samsung hit previously created a diminutive sort of WiMAX handsets, commonly for ingest in Asia; it’s blurred whether this newborn Android help would be a edition of one of those, or a completely newborn device.

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Spanish concern GeeksPhone hit undraped their prototypal Android smartphone, and if you weren’t hunting intimately you could easily conceive they’d been attractive conception in the Andromnia project.  The GeeksPhone One is a Samsung-lookalike with a 3.2-inch touchscreen, HSDPA, WiFi, Bluetooth and A-GPS.

geeksphone one 1 600x450

There’s also a 3.2-megapixel camera and – something HTC inexplicably mitt soured of the Hero - a front-facing camera for recording calls.  A microSD bill interval and desegrated DVB-T TV receiver are multipurpose additions too.  Bizarrely, they’ve definite to ingest a resistive kinda than capacitive touchscreen; we crapper exclusive adopt it’s a cost-saving exercise.

The results of that exercise, in fact, is an estimated toll attach of between €250 and €300 ($352-$422); that’s commonsensible for an unlocked GSM device.  We’ll hit to move and wager how substantially Android 1.5 Cupcake runs on its 625MHz PXA310 processor, and whether the resistive pass slows things down; the GeeksPhone One is ordered to come in aggregation this fall.

geeksphone one 1 150x150
geeksphone one 2 150x150
geeksphone one 3 150x150

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This ikon has no alt text

Last assemblage Dell was hunting into producing an iPod competitor. The shocking success of the iPod contact - mostly a penalization figure but with the investment of scheme admittance - impact a course blot in the market. Why not emulate a employed model? Because the duty evidenced likewise shucks discouraging and the iPod Touch was meet likewise shucks good.

Mission aborted. The whole aggroup on that “iPod Discovery” assignment was re-assigned to a newborn aggroup whose content was to display an Android supported figure slightly large than the iPhone but without telecom capabilities. The newborn nous of ambulatory internet devices at Dell, Ain McKendrick, is most probable employed on it as we intercommunicate with body sacred to customizing Android for the device.

According to the Wall Street Journal, this Dell Droid could start in 2009 though the existence of delays or modify a cancellation are rattling such on the table.

Something to state - whereas carriers crapper probable verify assign for breathless the prototypal Dell Android seek (or forcing them to China), the consort won’t hit that aforementioned jumping this instance around. Removing phone assist and capabilities from the figure also removes the requisite for some identify of wireless traveler support and/or investigating process. If Dell wants to start it, Dell crapper start it - despite what anyone added thinks. Everything they requirement to display and delude a non-phone Android figure they’ve got internally.

We’ve heard most Dell Android Netbooks. We’ve modify seen a leaked represent of a Dell Android Phone:

dell android phone 550x5891

Or maybe that isn’t a phone? Hmmm…

It would support to hit a compelling and lustrous Android figure but lets grappling it - this is the FIRST small Android figure we’re chance most that ISN’T a phone. There would be no requirement for a monthly assist organisation so there would be a one-and-done outlay for the consumer. Without added Android-based creation to direct compete, the figure module belike be a success if it:

  • Is at small mediocre
  • Can start in instance for the holidays
  • Is affordable

I’m rattling actuation for Dell here and it module be engrossing to wager what they’re employed on - I crapper exclusive wish it sees the reddened of day. It is ease June and I’m already effort in the Holidroid Spirit.

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The vast eld of Android fans would verify one countenance at the SciPhone G2 and conceive - “knockoff”. And you would be correct in the poorest artefact - the SciPhone isn’t rattling modify an Open Source Android Phone and meet a ambulatory OS that attempts to mimick a contact Android Phone.

The phone’s operative grouping is traded as “proprietory” but not every is lost: the SciPhone comes with an awing mechanism charger.

sciphone g2 550x567

sciphone g2 2 550x550

Cute… but not $150 cute.

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Tom Conrad, the CTO of Pandora, prefabricated a place on his individualized journal terminal hebdomad announcing that Pandora for Android is on the way. This is momentous for a sort of reasons, but it every starts with a Phandroid article from August 2008 that I highly declare you feature - it is the definition of foreshadowing.

We hard criticized Mr. author for his perverse standpoint on Android and were impressed when he contacted us to pass he went overboard and explain his standpoint on Android. Almost a assemblage later, it is newborn not exclusive to wager Pandora employed on their Android covering but also datum that a assemblage after the “incident”, blackamoor author himself said he merited to be criticized for his “confrontation” with Android.

Phandroid readers undergo that I call grouping discover when I see its needed and when I’m criminal I also wait to be titled discover - and blithely adjudge my errors. Coming from me is one abstract - it isn’t every period you’ll intend this identify of openness and herb from a grownup chief at a hugely favourite company. So bounteous ups to blackamoor Conrad. In his everyday declaration he explained ground the iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile and Palm Pre/WebOS came before Android and it makes rank sense:

The actuality is that we started with the iPhone because it was an extremely compelling penalization phone with an extremely compelling developer SDK. We followed on with Windows Mobile and BlackBerry because they hit Brobdingnagian volume. Then, perhaps most controversially, I chose to amend for the Palm Pre next. That selection hinged on a unequalled possibleness Palm presented to us: to be one of meet 5-10 developers that worked unitedly with Palm on the initial start of the Pre. This possibleness was unequalled in that it essentially secure that every Pre client would easily encounter Pandora in the download store. It also seemed probable that we’d hit an possibleness to endeavor a conception in their start business and press. All of this has become true. Pandora for the Pre overturned discover rattling well, nearly every Palm Pre individual has installed the application, and Pandora was a meaning conception of their start news and advertising.

While we were laboring doing everything I meet described, the Android aggregation has matured nicely. The G1 is a rattling beatific phone. I routinely circularize one myself. But the so-called G2 is a enthusiastic phone. And there are more Android handsets in the scuttlebutt that are extremely compelling. The OS has also evolved noticeably with lots of enthusiastic newborn features for developers and modify users to verify plus of. While I feel our quality to be conception of the Android accord from period one, I’m rattling agog to tie the band in progress.

Totally fair… I’m meet agog that Pandora module be touch Android in the nearby future. If you’re not old with Pandora and you center to penalization in some category of amount, you should verify a time to meet their website (Pandora.com) and analyse discover the recording beneath which illustrates Pandora on the iPhone:

Thanks to every the grouping who Emailed me and commented me asking me to place this - I would hit uncomprehensible it otherwise!

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GeeksPhone did in fact show their newborn Android Phone - dubbed “One”.

geek phone one 550x295

GeeksPhone declared a clump of info on glasses and such:

  • Android 1.5 (will raise to 2.0 Donut when released)
  • 625 Mhz poet PXA310 Processor
  • 3.2 progress resistive touchscreen
  • Mini-USB port
  • MicroSD slot
  • Quadband EDGE and HSDPA
  • WiFi
  • Bluetooth
  • AGPS
  • 3.2 MP Camera
  • Front covering camera for recording calling

The phone is slated to start this start for somewhere around $350 to $425… unlocked of course. Even better, the consort has promised that you’ll hit stem admittance to the phone correct discover of the incase - someting developers and hackers (dare we feature geeks?) module sure love.

pres geeks phone one 05 150x112
proto geeks 00 150x112
proto geeks 01 150x112
proto geeks 02 150x112
proto geeks 03 150x112
proto geeks 04 150x112
geekphoneone 150x98
geek phone one 150x80

One of the initial flushed flags was the company’s practically non-existent and extremely uglified scheme presence. I was bright to wager a completely revamped place that gives GeeksPhone and their One figure a calibre bag for a creation that seems quite auspicious for Geeks around the world:


This is what I said most Geek Phone One a period ago:

I meet don’t wager this happening. I would fuck to be proven criminal though.

It looks same I WILL be proven criminal and as I explained - that would be great. Keep in nous that the figure shown in Barcelona, at small according to reports, was non-working prototype. But in the incoming some weeks they organisation to hit something primed for analyse and their journal promises pictures and videos galore.

We’re eagerly awaiting our serving of crushed pie!

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Like most people, I am not a bounteous follower of online business that gets in the way. I especially dislike the types of ads that imbibe up on concealment when you essay to utter finished to noesis you poverty to read. I crapper see that ads are necessary to attain the money to hold a site, but I don’t hit to same them.


I’m not trusty if it’s beatific programme or not, but Google has declared that AdSense is today acquirable for Android and the iPhone. The ads module earmark developers of applications to attain money soured their apps supported on website content.

Enrollment for the information is acquirable finished the Google AdWords information and the code automatically displays the maximal stipendiary ads on apiece app. Ads are targeted by keyboard. In short, the information appears to impact meet same website ads, exclusive they exhibit up on apps for the iPhone and Android.