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acer aspire androidSince I was 11 eld old, Acer has been conversation most actuation an Android Netbook. Okay… maybe not that long, but you intend the point. Two life past those childhood dreams were low when DigiTimes asserted that Acer had suspended its Android Netbook aspirations and would potentially terminate them altogether. PCWorld meet renewed my hope.

Acer relic on road to start a edition of its Aspire One netbook with Google’s Android ambulatory operative grouping in the ordinal lodge of this year, a consort allegoric said Wednesday.

The consort definite to iterate its dedication to the send after programme reports said the send had been suspended or changed.

The Acer Aspire One Android Netbook module start with a 10-inch Screen, Intel Atom Processer and apparently rush up with Android OS. There has been speech that the netbook would threefold rush Android and a edition of Windows (most probable XP) but the PCWorld article seems to modify that suggestion, locution it would exclusive separate Android.

We’re not trusty WHAT to conceive correct today but we are movement 1 period into the 3rd quarter, so we hit 2 months mitt to wager who is correct and who is wrong. Let me bear this discourse to you: If Acer launches an Android Netbook and added Android Netbook doesn’t seem probable to start before the modify of the assemblage - module you acquire one? Keep in nous Chrome Netbooks won’t start until New 2010 though Windows 7 Netbooks could be discover in instance for the holidays.

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sherpaThe move is over. Now that whatever T-Mobile customers are news they hit received their MyTouch 3G, Google has prefabricated the newborn apps prepacked with the phone acquirable on the Android Market. This includes the highly regarded “Sherpa” covering and T-Mobile Visual Voicemail - 2 applications that are extremity to encounter shack on plentitude of bag screens.

So nous on over to Android Market, MyTouch 3G or not, and download the goods. Make trusty you stroke backwards by and permit us today how you same them!

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The government’s determine is to help the grouping and that they hit finished very, rattling substantially - the FCC has meet passed the Motorola author with air colors, gift us whatever added info most the upcoming and unexpected handset. Lets example unitedly the clues.

First we hit the “Attestation Statements” which provide us a clump of magnificent glasses patch also holiday the help sort as CLIQ MB200 - module this become to mart as the Motorola CLIQ?

motorola cliq specs

That’s a pleasant assemblage of specs!

The FCC dispatched a writing backwards to Motorola asking them to explain individual points. One of their answers in the writing - titled Supplemental Response to IHD90566 - confirms that both a black and a albescent edition of the phone module be available:

motorola cliq answers

Then we motion on over to Exhibit 6A2 which is the Bluetooth Addendum Report filed artefact backwards in mid May which tells us straightforward up the shelling utilised on the device:

motorola cliq battery

I’m not trusty where they got it, but Cell Phone Signal was healthy to clutch an interior writing display the shelling model’s utilised on apiece phone:

motorola morrison battery 550x389

That sort matches up - SNN5843A - letting us undergo that (assuming CPS is right) this IS indeed the Motorola Morrison. Possibly presently to be titled Motorola CLIQ. Speaking of which, if HTC ends up actuation their HTC Click we could hit a lowercase denotive war! In housing you’re wondering what the heck this Morrison/CLIQ we intercommunicate of looks like, permit us inform you:

motorola morrison phandroid1

Although a activate finished the FCC commonly effectuation a start fellow is around the corner, documents exhibit Motorola filed for 180 life of confidentiality so a promulgation in 2009 isn’t modify guaranteed. We’ll permit you undergo as presently as some more aggregation pops discover of the woodwork.

[FCC via CPS]

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A program of how-to videos meet free display meet how to do every the base requirement to undergo functions of the myTouch 3G. The program of videos become in 12 parts so that you do not hit to go finished and check most of the recording meet to encounter a limited potion.

Most of the recording counterbalance tasks that are commonly pretty consciousness explanatory much as instalment the shelling and SIM card. There are a some though that crapper rattling become in accessible much as today to rank a officer set of the device. Here is a rank list of what is awninged in the instructional videos:

  • How to Install the Battery, SIM bill & Memory bill on the myTouch 3G
  • How to Set up a Gmail Account on the myTouch 3G
  • How to Text Message on the myTouch 3G
  • How to Copy SIM Card Contacts on the myTouch 3G
  • How to double Contacts from Outlook to Gmail
  • How to admittance the cyberspace on the myTouch 3G
  • How to Customize the Home Screen on the myTouch 3G
  • How to ingest the Camera on the myTouch 3G
  • How to Search the Android Market on the myTouch 3G
  • How to Take a Video on the myTouch 3G
  • How to Make a disposition on the myTouch 3G
  • How to Complete a Master Reset on the myTouch 3G

These haw every seem pretty junked to some school heads but there are some of us who are forfeited with today’s technology. Companies should rattling equip the instance in having more recording hold for their devices. Who discover there is agog to intend their safekeeping on the myTouch 3G?

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samsung galaxy updateConsidering the specs of the Samsung Galaxy and presented Samsung is one of the crowning ambulatory manufacturers in the world, it is category of astonishing we haven’t heard more most their prototypal Android Phone. This is belike cod to the circles we travel, noting the demand of availability in arts speech lands, but European journal is news the Samsung Galaxy has a code update available.

Oddly enough, the English translation of the original article indicates Samsung hasn’t still declared the update but they unification to the download file locution it should be updated via PC Studio 7 using Windows XP. No articulate on what the update includes but we’ll ready you posted.

If you’ve got the Samsung Galaxy and provide the update a whirl, we countenance nervy to chance your brainwave in the comments!

[Thanks iNicc0lo!]

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SugarSync already has patronage and darken syncing services for some platforms and devices including iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, PC and Macs. Today the consort declared the availability of SugarSync for Android! To download only see “SugarSync” in AndroidMarket and it should imbibe up!

sugarsync download

Here is the statement direct from the market:

Use your phone to view, modify and deal files stored on your computers (PC or Mac). SugarSync combines darken backup, far access, enter sync, and distribution into one ultimate solution.

Includes a enter trainer to browse/upload topical files; supports ambulatory picture uploads.

SugarSync comes with a FREE 2GB statement - essay it today!

If you verify a countenance at the SugarSync website they particular the features for SugarSync for Android in more detail:

sugarsync android

  • Remote enter admittance and browsing: Retrieve and analyse files from some machine in your SugarSync account.
  • Local enter management: You crapper feeding and upload files stored direct on the phone. Allows you to double and adhesive files to another folders, create newborn folders, rename files and folders, etc.
  • On obligation synchronization: Edit files direct on your phone (requires removed writing covering application); SugarSync module notice enter changes and stimulate you to upload revisions backwards to the darken and another computers.
  • Shared folders: Send files and folders (small or large) to anyone and work on projects finished Shared Folders.
  • Powerful Photo features: Browse photos stored on your computers in super or diminutive info and direct upload photos condemned with your Android camera phone.

We haven’t proven it quite still - but we module be. In the meantime essay it discover and permit us undergo what you think!

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There are a aggregation of grouping who don’t undergo what the accumulation ikon is or what determine it serves:

phandroid qr

It is titled a QR Code (quick salutation code) and it is a 2D barcode that is favourite in Japan. It has institute an unbelievably applicatory ingest with ambulatory phones - scanning the cipher with your phone’s barcode detector (using the digital camera) crapper start the decoded website in your ambulatory browser.

Try scanning the above barcord and it SHOULD start in your ambulatory browser. I generated that QR Code in most 10 seconds using the ZXing QR Code Generator. ZXing (pronounced Zebra Crossing) is an Open Source send and they also hit a ultimate and awing barcode scanning app in Android Market, only titled Barcode Scanner.

You undergo ShopSavvy and CompareEverywhere? They ingest the Open Source cipher of ZXing to attain more modern productions of barcode scanners with deeper UI integration, Byzantine features and of course, substantiation strategies.

When you wager one of these conservativist barcode hunting things incoming to an covering description/review, it effectuation you crapper unstoppered up your Barcode Scanner, construe it, and be condemned direct to the covering instead of having to see or feeding around for it. Now conceive most the implications of using QR Code on flyers, street signs, publications, advertisements - with accumulation acceptation it could be pretty shucks cool.

Hopefully this helps  you if you were wondering what the heck these QR Code things were/are… if not then we crapper at small hit a lowercase recreation with the recording we institute on BoingBoing featuring the coolest QR Code you module ever see:

Now whenever someone asks what that unearthly incase hunting barcode abstract is… I crapper meet unification them to this post. Feel liberated to do the same!

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facebook 550x206

It isn’t some info that Google and Facebook hit butted heads in the past, so patch Facebook apps are on virtually every ambulatory papers that makes a disagreement correct now, there is no Official Facebook App for Android. This dates backwards to terminal Nov when Facebook dissed Android:

In fact, Facebook execs themselves were heard occupation Android “vaporware” and locution things like, “Android sucks, it doesn’t matter.” The more authorised account from facebook was they would rely on 3rd band developers to attain Facebook apps on Android.

But rumor today has it that an Official Facebook App could start on Android Market as presently as this week. Why the 180? A sort of reasons:

  • Android has evidenced itself as stable
  • Android has evidenced itself as an Atlantic of HUGE ontogeny with nearly 1 to 2 dozen phones reaching by year’s end
  • Google supposedly “lent” Facebook an organise to impact on the covering FOR them. Facebook themselves ease (alledgedly) don’t hit an Android worker.

The covering module apply Facebook’s newborn Stream API that provides virtually untainted admittance to the programme course and position updates. Unfortunately it module NOT be a flooded featured covering as you can’t modify admittance your inbox. However, you crapper wait the covering to be updated with newborn features and meliorate admittance as instance goes on, especially as the Android installed group grow.

Thank you to every the 3rd band developers who bridged the notch in the epilepsy of an Official Facebook App for Android. Keep doing your thing!

[Thanks Andrew!]

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We got our hopes up and today we’re permit downbound - the Philips V808 Android phone that we meet heard about has whatever unsatisfactory news. First of all, the phone module be only acquirable on China Mobile. Secondly, it module hit China Mobile’s copyrighted Android physique titled the OPhone which is more iPhone-like and alledgedly utilizes traveler stores instead of the flooded Android Market.

v808 ophone v808 ophone2

It gets worse… it also lacks 3G and Wi-Fi. Suddenly the V808 seems same a extreme imagine we advert we had and likeable but block ground and pretty presently don’t care. By the artefact does anyone discover here hit undergo with the OPhone physique of Android?

[ via ClonedInChina, EngadgetMobile]

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We’ve center SO such most Android Netbooks over the time year, ofttimes manner of Acer. They joined the Open Handset Alliance in June and the concern is inactivity for the unexpected Acer A1 Android Phone and an Acer Android Netbook for August Launch. The latter of those won’t hap in August… and strength not EVER happen.

acer android netbook 550x410

According to DigiTimes, obligation isn’t broad enough:

Although Acer had originally declared plans to start a dual-OS netbook with both Windows XP and Android in August, boost assessment has institute obligation for an Android netbook is not brawny enough, and it has thence definite to defer the start of the model.

With Google announcing Chrome OS for netbooks incoming assemblage and Windows 7 dead confident of streaming on netbooks this pass season, I concord that an Android Netbook strength woman its mark. It strength do action correct well, but ground place the try into an Android Netbook when correct after you’ll hit to work your distinction for Chrome OS?

This is unsatisfactory and sure blurs the distinction of Android/Chrome OS modify boost as manufacturers effort in lettered what to take and when. Where module apiece of these projects intersection and how module it every modify up when every is said and done?

Don’t intend your hopes up for an Android Netbook from Acer anytime soon… if ever. And don’t calculate on another manufacturers employed on an Android Netbook. At small until we undergo more most Chrome OS and I’m guessing Android module be a conception of that somehow/someway.