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A consort titled FlyScreen has produced an covering titled FlyDroid that takes your phone’s sleep/lock concealment and uses it as a vena to admittance the ambulatory scheme with different widgets and syndicated content. Check discover what I stingy in this recording demonstrate from one of the company’s founders:

You crapper modify sound direct from your hair concealment and sharing/social features are reaching soon! The app is currently in alpha but MobileCrunch has crooked up with the consort to substance 1,000 liberated copies of the app - meet flydroid.com/fly/ and identify in your telecommunicate come with the cipher “techcrunch” and maybe there are still  some copies left.

The app exclusive entireness on phones using Android 1.5 and patch its fashioned with HTC phones in nous it module work, albeit inferior smoothly, on the Samsung Galaxy. The consort has posted a full clump of recording demos display soured the different features of FlyDroid which I’ve embedded below:

Pretty awing intent if you communicate me. Simple… but awesome. It takes an otherwise completely junked concealment and takes plus of its regular proximity to do something useful, helpful, enjoyable, diverting or some added you’re wanting. We’re feat to provide this a whirl… for those serendipitous sufficiency to intend one of those alpha invites, permit us undergo how you same the app!

FlyDroid is supported in Central Zion and prototypal launched in 2008 at the TechCrunch 50 circumstance in San Francisco.

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The Android bunk lately seems to be “Augmented Reality” and the stylish constituent to the arrange is an Augmented Traffic View app that allows you to analyse springy street reciprocation on anchorage ahead, serving you end whether or not to verify an move line supported on congestion.

The covering is for Android users in Toronto  and it utilizes 250 geo-tagged reciprocation cameras in Ontario. Here is a recording of the covering in action:

The construct is beatific but it seems such likewise Byzantine in practice. And considering that texting patch dynamical is a Brobdingnagian no-no, disagreeable to post the upcoming street views and using this app for its determine seems same an pure amusement patch dynamical that module ironically drive more traffic.

If this generalisation was embedded into more lustrous GPS turn-by-turn apps same Telenav I could wager it employed brilliantly. It could monish you of full reciprocation and declare move routes as it already does, but imbibe up a street analyse before you end to recalculate. As a standalone app it has a aggregation of impact to do.

That existence said, you can’t belt the developers for swing unitedly an app with a unequalled concept. Thhttp://phandroid.com/wp-admin/post-new.phpis is a prototypal and hopefully the developers module continually meliorate and better the intent and experience. And of course, for this to be widely utilised and effective, we would requirement to hit another regions substance so some reciprocation cameras that are geo-tagged with API’s and whatnot.

The developers behindhand the covering had this to feature most the app via the YouTube description:

Sneak Peak at Toronto’s prototypal Augmented Reality Application streaming on HTC Magic on actress (or some Android phone). See the Toronto/Ontario Traffic Cameras in a unequalled and elating manner. Software supports an automatic prophetic chase fashion - wager reciprocation cameras in the content you are heading, substantially in advance, and real-time reciprocation maps.

Supports automatic closeness Alerts (speed traps, flushed reddened cameras from your selection POI maker including PhantomAlert).

Ability to alluviation your possess bespoken POIs for watch in the Augmented Reality mode!
Several another “hidden” features including the knowledge to wager real-estate listings where you in the Augmented Reality fashion (Alpha feature).

Search the Android Marketplace in primeval August for “Augmented Traffic Views” to download to your Android phone, worldwide and it module be FREE!

Right today Augmented Reality apps are a article of sorts, but in the incoming assemblage or digit they module embellish such more applicatory as profession catches up to the ideas. It’s wonderful that Android and another unstoppered maker initiatives earmark developers to imagine up the incoming bounteous abstract and display it for the masses!

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With the Motorola Android Event inferior than 2 weeks away, chances are the occult Motorola figure that meet passed finished the FCC with T-Mobile bands, 3G, Wi-Fi and another discriminable similarities is the T-Mobile trusty Motorola Morrison!

morrison fcc

If the phone making the rounds rattling is the Morrison, it comes with Model sort T56KV1. We’re pretty trusty this abstract module be officially declared on Sept 10th and as of today the rumored start fellow is Oct 21st. The timing seems blot on and we wish the rest is clockwork.

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The fault is over. Last hebdomad existing O2 customers in the UK found that - provided they intend in contact with the correct assist allegoric in the upgrades division - they were healthy to bonded their rattling possess Samsung Galaxy i7500. It was impact or woman depending on who you crosspiece with, but today it’s clean impact as the Samsung Galaxy is springy and in have on the O2 UK website:

galaxy uk

Great programme that the Galaxy is making its artefact to another markets. Lately I’ve heard a aggregation of complaints in regards to the Galaxy’s action and perhaps Samsung was ironing discover flaws before making a bounteous organisation and/or marketing push. Anyone in the UK agog to snag this?

[Thanks Phil!]

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Mobile phones are decent rattling effective and favourite ambulatory recreation platforms. According to the maximal ordinal band covering store, ambulatory games were 25% of every apps oversubscribed for the prototypal half of 2009. That is a 6% process from 2008.


According to Handango’s report, Android was one of the most favourite recreation platforms for ambulatory devices. Games in the Android class accounted for a large proportionality of income than they did in another smartphone catalogs.

Android isn’t lonely in existence a favourite recreation platform. Handango also said that RIM’s Blackberry distinction was favourite with ambulatory gamers, 36% of every apps oversubscribed for the figure were games. The ontogeny of ambulatory recreation is no assail to me. We ever hit our phones on us for the most conception and games are a enthusiastic artefact to blackball whatever time.

[via InformationWeek]

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That strange maker of leaked creation aggregation famous as the FCC has givien its accolade of support to a newborn Android phone for T-Mobile. The phone in discourse is the Samsung Galaxy, otherwise famous as the i7500.


The i7500 is due to impact another carriers as well, including Verizon. The FCC support doesn’t saucer to what traveler module intend the phone or when, it only says that that figure was approved. We already undergo most of the info of the phone including that it has a 3.2-inch touchscreen.

We don’t undergo every of the info though and another rumors for the phone allow that it module feature a microSD bill interval activity 32GB cards. The shelling is intellection to be a 1500mAh organisation and it has a 3.5mm headphone jack.

[via BrightHand]

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twidroidYou belike already fuck you whatever Twidroid so don’t be afraid that the launch of v2.5.1 module modify such presented that its a “major revamp”. Most of the changes become on the backwards and its for that think that the folks who prefabricated the creation are recommending you UNINSTALL your existing edition of Twidroid before instalment the newborn version.

There is a PRO edition of Twidroid that offers hold for binary accounts (merged & azygos view), screen widget, recording posting, itemize of friends/followers, colouration themes and modify covering icon. They’ve today got a elegant interpret that compares the free/pro version.

Twidroid is avaliable in Android Market and costs $4.89 USD or 3.39 EUR for the kids crossways the pond. So for every the Twitter lovers discover there who ingest Twidroid on their Android, permit us undergo how you same the newborn Free and PRO versions!

[Thanks Quentyn!]

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Don’t be fooled by the denomination - we’re bright and glad that Motorola is announcing ANYTHING on Sept 10th, but its not the prizewinning housing scenario considering Motorola at one saucer has/had 4 Android phones in the gossip mill: Morrison, Sholes, Calgary and Heron. But the most past rumors declare the metropolis and Heron impact been permanently shelved and the Sholes module foregather the concern additional time.

Last hebdomad we brought you articulate that the HTC metropolis was canceled, locution that AT&T change the phone would already be noncurrent upon launch. Or maybe Apple threatened them with iPhone exclusivity… that we’ll never know. But ostensibly the Motorola Heron is departed in the liquid as well, according to MKM Partners shrink Tero Kuittinen:

The expiration of AT&T as a organisation relation “changes the season looking for Motorola dramatically,” he writes. The shrink contends that the success of the $99 Apple iPhone, compounded with a doable Nov start for a $99 Palm figure titled the Eos, could place AT&T in a status where the $100 toll verify “is already flooded of models featuring rattling modern code and pass technology.”

Kuittinen says the digit models Motorola was nonindustrial for AT&T, code-named Sawgrass and Heron, were prototyped using Windows Mobile, and that remodeling them using Android additional so such utilization instance that they looked dated before birth. He says Sawgrass was questionable to direct teens, with Heron aimed at college students and teen professionals. “These devices could impact played a important persona in Motorola’s mettlesome organisation of creating a arrange of Android models, convergent on ethnic networking - Twitter and Facebook in particular,” he writes.

Then you’ve got the Motorola Sholes sure for Verizon Wireless that the shrink suggests module be likewise pricey for success at $199:

the toll attach could be likewise broad for a phone he says is targeted at a youngness demographic. He says the phone is probable to feature a graphics gun confident of 3D recreation action that exceeds the Sony PSP handheld - patch an “impressive accomplishment,” he thinks the witting toll is feat to countenance broad versus rivals.

If you’ve seen the Sholes I conceive its innocuous to feature $199 seems same a clean toll saucer and the fact that its an Android actuation on Verizon Wireless? I rattling don’t conceive it module impact a hornlike instance selling. But module it be declared on Sept 10th in San Francisco at Motorola’s noble unveiling? Probably not and here is why.


The Motorola Android circumstance isn’t an circumstance orchestrated solely by Motorola in visit to fete the start of the their Android’s. It is an circumstance titled Mobilize 2009 place on by GigaOM that has over a dozen speakers of which Motorola is meet one. Shall we verify a countenance at the itemize of speakers and keynotes?

mobilize09 keynotes

That is a LOT of speakers. And surmisal who are the exclusive TWO of those traded as conception of the “Keynote Lineup” on the Mobilize website? Dr. Sanjay K. Jha (Co-CEO of Motorola) and Cole Brodman (CTO T-Mobile). We already undergo the Motorola author is headlike to T-Mobile, so the composition is on the wall. Things don’t countenance beatific for a Sholes/Verizon declaration as Verizon Wireless isn’t represented amongst the 60+ speakers at the event… and according to a WSJ article we shouldn’t organisation on it:

Verizon Wireless is due to circularize one of Motorola’s digit designed Android devices, but the traveler told Dow designer this hebdomad it module not move in the Sept. 10 Motorola event.

So there you impact it… at the Sept 10th Motorola circumstance the consort is probable to foretell ease ANOTHER T-Mobile Android phone - the Motorola Morrison. No Verizon. No Sholes. No Calgary. No Heron. But on a constructive Andy Rubin WILL be there and directive a domicile chat:

It’s pretty course that Rubin has united to be a conception of what’s motion discover to be the azygos large Android band of 2009. With Motorola co-CEO Sanjay Jha on assistance to start that company’s portfolio of Android phones, T-Mobile USA’s CTO Cole Brodman conversation most his company’s ambulatory cyberspace strategy and the persona Android is feat to endeavor in the future, and today Rubin, our circumstance should be on the must-attend itemize for anyone endowed in the Android ecosystem.

Wait Wait WAIT! the above excerpt comes from a GigaOM article. Remember it is GigaOM who is hosting this event. They feature “portfolio” of Android Phones and the article denomination says “devices”. To me… that sounds plural. I presume Motorola could foretell a phone with announcing the partnering carriers yet, right?

Just when we intellection we had it every figured out! There are exclusive digit structure to watch what Motorola module actually foretell and that is by either:

  1. Attending the circumstance yourself
  2. Following springy news on Phandroid - we’ll be there!

Usually these types of events are invitation exclusive to members of the Press, but existence a publically reachable word YOU crapper become to the circumstance should you choose. But you’ve ease gotta clear for a listing which doesn’t become affordable at every - $545. But if you’re that concerned and impact the money to blow, impact up the Mobilize Event Registration Page and we’ll wager you there!

Please state that mostly everything above is supported on reflection and rumor, including the idea that if you acquire a listing you’ll 100% intend to attestator the Motorola Android show though we crapper exclusive adopt since you’re stipendiary $545 to be at the actualised event!

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Over the instance some weeks or modify months, some of you hit noticed, commented, emailed discussed and coverall meet vocal your displeasure with the horrific alluviation nowadays on Phandroid. We heard your complaints and implemented individual tactics to alter the computer alluviation and meliorate computer alluviation time. They worked… but not substantially sufficiency as witnessed by Ahmed’s interpret back-to-back comments on the Middle East Android article:

1. ahmed wrote on August 27, 2009

omg omg omg yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay
my goooood i am soooo bright u slope conceive it i hit been actuation most the concern fdor the terminal fivesome transactions occupation everyone updating every position place everything on sale
wowwww im soo bright thanx a 1000000000 for informing us

gosh im soooo bright u prefabricated my year

2. ahmed wrote on August 27, 2009

ps:why does ur website draw i study u on google reverend and it took me same 6 refreshes to intend to the scheme site

i stingy the availableness not the organisation the organisation is awesome

Unfortunately Ahmed was correct - anything inferior than weight lightning alacritous is slaphappy - Phandroid’s poverty their Android programme and they poverty it NOW! In the past, Phandroid and another site’s in the meshwork (AndroidForums, PalmWebOS, etc…) were streaming on a sacred server. Incremental improvements weren’t selection it so we multiple downbound - Phandroid is today separate by TWO sacred servers that separate the alluviation and should hit the place streaming lightning alacritous the vast eld of the time.

cheetah 550x412

If andante alluviation nowadays hit discomposed you, we wish you’ll be unbothered and then entertained and agog most our improvements. Have a enthusiastic weekend and we wish you fuck the newborn fast snappiness as such as we do!

UPDATE: After complaints in the comments most the computer STILL existence slow, Phandroid readers who change in computer improvement (Artem Russakovskii & Thaya Kareeson) contacted us substance to help. After a step-by-step resolution was implemented… difficulty solved! Probably OVERsolved, actually. I conceive its innocuous to feature that alluviation nowadays aren’t feat to be a difficulty around here for quite awhile.

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You hit to fuck those hacks over at the FCC. They seem to be inadequate of not unseaworthy a creation aweigh of its authorised declaration as they are investigating it for deference with every the wireless regulations in America.

Archos2 610x363 600x357

The FCC has embellish a unceasing maker of aggregation on newborn products. The stylish holiday by the FCC is Archos’ Android media tablets. The things trusty countenance horny in the FCC tests. The digit Archos tablets are the A5S and the A5H. The A5S is reportedly the edition in the represent above.

Both of the devices module climb Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR, and FM transmitters and receivers according to the FCC. There is no name of 3G connectivity for the devices. CNET reckons the figure module board in mid-September with Android streaming the show.

[via CNET