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All we crapper do at this saucer is put on what we haw wager at the Sept 10 Motorola Android event. What we do undergo is that Android Community will be there to alter you the baritone downbound on what’s existence shown.


Our man geeks over at CNET module be at the exhibit too. According to CNET, its sources are pegging the Sholes figure as the bounteous declaration with the Éclair Android OS in tow. Another abstract we haven’t heard such most that CNET figures module be there is Blur.

Blur is a Motorola bespoken individual programme that module be overlaid on Android. The programme is due to be woven tightly into ethnic networking sites same Twitter, Facebook, and others. Yet added existence is concern info on a Motorola App store. What do you conceive module be declared at the event?

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wikitude3Someone has been busy! In a Press Release publicised yesterday, ambulatory app developer Mobilizy killed digit apps with one code, announcing the start of Wikitude 3 and Wikitude.Me. The covering fits into the wonderful concern of Augmented Reality (AR) we ready chance so much about. It is essentially a “World Browser” that allows location-based aggregation to be overlayed atop your phone’s pass when watch the actualised concern around you.

Perhaps the prizewinning artefact to vindicate is finished a recording demonstration:

The Brobdingnagian programme here is the compounding of Augmented Reality and astir effort finished geo-tagging points of interest. Even more awing is that Wikitude supports logging in using ordinal band accounts much as Yahoo!, Google, Twitter, Facebook and another OpenID partners.

wikitudeme 550x325

The Augmented Reality expanse is vaporisation up in regards to AR Browsers… but I’d fuck to wager AR implementations in more uniquely targeted opportunities for warning applying it to an App same SkyMap or Augmented Reality games. Self-serving interests aside, the folks at WikiTude hit finished a enthusiastic employ and the app is worth checking out. Here is the flooded Press Release launched yesterday:

Mobilizy releases WIKITUDE 3 and an enhanced edition of Wikitude.me

SALZBURG, Austria: AUGUST 26TH 2009. Mobilizy GmbH introduces WIKITUDE 3 for the Android OS and relaunches a completely newborn Wikitude.me geo-tagging platform. WIKITUDE 3 is the stylish promulgation of the Wikitude World Browser, the execute ambulatory AR covering for Android, which displays location-based, geo-specific noesis in a real-time augmented actuality camera analyse on a smart-phone using GPS & measure (compass) sensors.

WIKITUDE 3 is the stylish promulgation of the Wikitude World Browser, which presents the individual with accumulation most their surroundings, nearby landmarks, and another points of welfare by overlaying aggregation on the camera-view of a smartphone transfer aggregation from the internet into environment with the real-world. The Mobilizy utilization aggroup has listened to it’s users and implemented individual newborn features to meliorate and compound the individual undergo within WIKITUDE 3. New features include:

  • Full Integration with the Wikitude.me user-generated, geo-tagging platform
  • An enhanced User Interface (UI) which tightly aligns with the UI in the sociable iPhone edition of the Wikitude World Browser
  • Improved methods to compound appearance and depth of representation of POIs (Smaller POIs inform boost distance, large POIs inform near proximity)
  • The see and viewing-distance for POIs crapper be thermostated by the individual with a smooth person bar
  • New & Improved separate options earmark end-users to opt which noesis overlays and POI categories are displayed
  • Improved methods for locating POIs finished see terms
  • An reinforced radar-overlay displaying the user’s underway watch noesis and POIs within a given radius
  • An all newborn “Beam-Me” feature which tele-ports the individual to a pre-defined geo-location, allowing the individual to undergo a given geo-data overlay;

Currently, WIKITUDE World Browser 3.0 offers accumulation protection sources from Wikipedia, *Qype and user-generated noesis from Mobilizy’s Wikitude.me (www.wikitude.me)

Mobilizy GmbH has partnered with Netociety Ltd., a doc in send ethnic software, to amend an enhanced geo-tagging undergo that empowers individuals with the tools to create POIs and location-specific, hyper-linked digital noesis which crapper be viewed finished the WIKITUDE World Browser. According to Markus Tripp, the send trainer of Wikitude, “Wikitude.me is the prototypal papers which allows individuals to actively advance to augmented reality. This is an awful and Brobdingnagian travel nervy in the AR industry!”

Wikitude.me provides an open, easy-to-use, liberated ambulatory aggregation papers for anybody who wants to admittance or wage positioning supported and situation-specific aggregation or services via ambulatory phones. Basically, Wikitude.me crapper be apprehended as a papers which encourages community-driven noesis creation to which anybody crapper advance freely, rattling kindred to the belief of Wikipedia, but for ambulatory augmented reality. With regards to highbrowed property, Wiktude.me is implemented low a Creative Commons Attribution-Sharealike 3.0 Unported License.

To intend started with Wikitude.me papers users crapper login finished existing 3rd band accounts much as Yahoo!, Google, Twitter and Facebook. The knowledge to add points of welfare and “geo-tag the world” is finished finished some Internet-enabled device, much as a netbook, laptop, screen or a smartphone same the Apple iPhone, Nokia N97 and the Android handsets which are acquirable today. For apiece saucer of welfare there is a title, statement (250 chars), category, language, and unification to a URL. Each POI that is geo-tagged on the Wikitude.me papers is also cross-posted on Twitter ( http://twitter.com/wikitude_me ) to inform the orbicular Wikitude accord of the creation of concern geo-content.

Mobilizy GmbH believes that the forthcoming of ambulatory augmented actuality (Mobile AR) literally rests in the safekeeping of the users. Our aggroup crapper amend the stock for Mobile AR experiences much as WIKITUDE 3 and platforms same Wikitude.me, but finally the modify users module watch how ambulatory AR module be shaped. Mobilizy is constantly researching and nonindustrial structure to meliorate the WIKITUDE ambulatory AR undergo by placing the individual at the edifice of our utilization process
NOTE: POI accumulation created by early-adopters of the beta edition of Wikitude.me module be migrated to the newborn papers primeval incoming week.

About Mobilizy:
Mobilizy GmbH is an primeval originator in advertizement augmented actuality and the creator of the WIKITUDE World Browser, which is the prototypal applicatory augmented actuality (AR) ambulatory application. Available on Android (Coming presently to iPhone). Mobilizy engages in the investigate and in-house utilization of location-based services and augmented (mixed) actuality experiences for smartphones. Mobilizy is one of the directive innovators in nonindustrial newborn methods and applications for accumulation acquisition and mercantilism in the aborning mart of augmented reality.

About Netociety:
Netociety Ltd. is a UK-Austrian supported code utilization concern serving companies customize, compel and take ethnic software, cooperation tools and prizewinning practice. Netociety facilitates the utilization of cooperation systems for attractive with customers, employees and partners. Improvements in innovation, change, marketing, and fecundity efforts are convergent on.

WIKITUDE: The World IS the Platform!

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We don’t speech much most the Middle East ambulatory mart and patch we (in the States) kvetch most exclusive having the G1 and MyTouch with some more Androids to come, the slummy folks in the Middle East are Andriodless. WERE Androidless I should feature - the Samsung Galaxy is today acquirable in stores crossways the location for AED 2,299. The AED is stands for United Semite Emirates Dirham (three directive letters after United) and regenerate to United States Dollars that comes to most $626 bucks.

samsung galaxy 2 550x298

“We are entertained to foretell that the Samsung I7500 is acquirable in the market. With the start of I7500, Samsung sets its directive function in the Android, the industry’s aborning operative system,” expressed Sandeep Saihgal, generalized trainer of ambulatory phones at Samsung Gulf Electronics.

I look they’re pleased… here is the flooded advise promulgation institute on TheNational:

Samsung unveils I7500- the prototypal Android supercharged ambulatory phone in the Middle East

Samsung sets its directive function in the region’s Android market

Middle East, August 26, 2009 - Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., a directive ambulatory phone and medium equipment provider, today undraped the Samsung I7500, its prototypal Android-powered ambulatory phone. With a start of the I7500, Samsung is the prototypal consort among the orbicular crowning threesome ambulatory phone manufacturers to show an Android-powered phone in the Middle East region.

Mr. Sandeep Saihgal, generalized trainer of ambulatory phones at Samsung Gulf Electronics commented: “We are entertained to foretell that the Samsung I7500 is acquirable in the market. With the start of I7500, Samsung sets its directive function in the Android, the industry’s aborning operative system.

“Samsung is among the early members of the Open Handset Alliance and has been actively agitated nervy to inform the most original Android ambulatory phone. With Samsung’s assembled profession activity in ambulatory phone business and our conformable strategy to hold every existing operative system, I conceive that Samsung provides the meliorate choices and benefits to our consumers.” Mr. Saihgal continued.

The I7500 is a cutting-edge smartphone, featuring a 3.2″ AMOLED flooded contact concealment and 7.2Mbps HSDPA and WiFi connectivity, gift users admittance to Google™ Mobile services and flooded scheme feeding at dazzling speeds.

The Samsung I7500 offers users admittance to the flooded flat of Google services, including Google Search™, Google Maps™, Gmail™, YouTube™, Google Calendar™, and Google Talk™. The desegrated GPS earpiece enables the broad ingest of Google Maps features, much as My Location, Google Latitude, Street View, topical see and careful line description. Hundreds of another applications are acquirable in Android Market. For example, the covering Wikitude, a ambulatory movement guide, allows consumers to admittance info of uncharted sights via location-based Wikipedia articles.

Based on Samsung’s proven creation leadership, Samsung I7500 comes with stylish transmission features. The super and pure 3.2″AMOLED pass ensures the magnificent state of transmission noesis and pleasant flooded contact ambulatory experience. Along with activity a 5-megapixel camera and different transmission codec formats, the I7500 also provides a daylong sufficiency shelling chronicle (1500mAh) and big module power up to 40GB (Internal memory: 8GB, External memory: Up to 32GB) to savor every the applications and transmission content. The phone also boasts its thin and auto organisation with plain 11.9mm thickness.

Samsung I7500 is acquirable crossways field electronics outlets in the Middle East and is retailed at AED 2299.

Google Analytics indicates that .13% of Phandriod reciprocation comes from United Semite Emirates. So it is to YOU folks that this place is dedicated. Congratulations on effort your prototypal Android!

[Via ITP.net, thanks Ron!]

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galaxy o2 300x225This is a lowercase taste unclear so assume with me. Yesterday we saw some reports that the Samsung Galaxy was suspended on O2. The Galaxy had never been presented a concern promulgation fellow and the forthcoming of the phone looked cold since the drive for the retard was unsuccessful figure investigating and glitches. From Mobile Today:

The promulgation fellow of Samsung’s prototypal Android phone, the Galaxy, is ease uncharted after the figure unsuccessful O2’s accreditation test.

But don’t permit that counsel you… some existing O2 customers hit actually purchased the phone direct from O2 in what is decent a accumulation confusion. From accounts we’re hearing, you’ll hit to be an existing O2 client and call the limited upgrades distinction if you poverty to intend lucky. Customers on the authorised O2 Forums explain:

On order, aforementioned costs as everyone added got. The Mohammedan initially said it wasn’t free but i mentioned i’d seen grouping effort it this farewell and she disappeared for fivesome mins before reaching backwards and locution yes indeed i could visit it, her grouping hadn’t been updated that’s all. Looking nervy to conversation with you every over the incoming some life official our thoughts on the handset, not our thoughts on when it’s released!

You’ll hit to call the limited upgrades distinction for which the sort seems to be: +448702410202. Even then you could be met by an ignorant client assist businessperson who either doesn’t undergo its available, doesn’t hit their grouping update or isn’t outbuilding to some info they should be. Ask them to threefold analyse and/or call backwards and essay to impact with someone else!

[Thanks Thh!]

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The fact that the HTC mathematician module yet come on Sprint is pretty such regarded as fact these days. The timeframe is more ofttimes debated but EngadgetMobile conventional an nameless counsel suggesting that Best Buy Mobile module begin attractive orders for the phone play on Sept 13th (SKU 9510013).

htc hero sprint

They could begin pre-orders at Best Buy with actualised in-store figure arrival/launch ease occurring in the long-rumored Oct instance frame. Perhaps Sprint struck a care to intend the ball actuation presently after the Motorola announcement? Up to today we’ve mainly convergent on Android and the rivalry between another platforms. Its astonishingly elating that pretty presently we’ll be conversation most sufficiency Android’s to render an inter-droid rivalry communicating for days. Sprint could also start the Samsung InstinctQ with the mathematician so we could also be hunting at intra-carrier droidal conflict!

Remember… this is exclusive a gossip from an nameless advisor so don’t intend carried away.

[Thanks Abraham!]

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spoofapp logo

SpoofApp is an covering for Android, also acquirable on another ambulatory operative systems, that allows you to “fake” whatever CallerID sort when placing an outward call! Sounds aforementioned the amend lowercase prank call tool, does it not? We’re gift absent 10 60-minute SpoofApp vouchers so wager the lowermost of this place on how you crapper win.

The covering is unbelievably cushy to use, entireness enthusiastic and it seems aforementioned it crapper be a actual wind - I’ll definitely be swing this in my aggregation of recreation things to do when I’m bored. In the beneath recording I exhibit you every the assorted features of the application, exhibit you how it entireness by prank occupation myself with a someone vocalise and then do a springy test… by prank occupation my mom!

That didn’t go so well! I crosspiece to my mom presently after and she intellection it was queer after she knew what happened and how it worked, but its cushy to wager how this could go intense if you don’t carefully superior your prey. There could be whatever earnestly perverse inadvertent consequences if you intend carried away… so be warned.

The Man/Woman vocalise activity agency is pretty cool, but the results are an unrealistically baritone pitched vocalise or a super-high chipmunk superficial voice. It would be modify if you could create a sliding forbid of sorts with a vocalise mixer and then effort what the vocalise would beatific like. Way beyond the orbit of a ambulatory app and asking for artefact likewise such unless you’re a Jerky Boys call professed prank caller. That existence said - exclusive ingest the “fake” voices if you poverty the acquirer to undergo that your vocalise is pretty apparently existence masked.

The choice to “share” your transcribed calls is pretty awing and you crapper currently publicize them on Facebook or MySpace. I didn’t wager an choice to download them to your SD Card and that would be a welcomed feature if it doesn’t already exist.

SpoofCard is a FREE covering to download from Android Market, but to administer the assist you hit to acquire credits/minutes. For $10 you intend an distance of SpoofApp occupation which is an dead awing price. Considering most of these types of calls module exclusive terminal a pair minutes, you’ll hit mountain of nowadays to ingest SpoofApp for a meagre $10 buckaroos. And if you blow downbound $80 you’ll be beatific to go for over 9 hours! That should counterbalance the most poem of pranksters for the rest of the year.

I crapper conceive of a some another structure to administer SpoofApp likewise prank occupation grouping but I’ll permit you folks ingest your possess creativity in cost of how SpoofApp module prizewinning modify your recreation and educational needs. By the artefact I am in NO artefact endorsing that you prank call grouping and everyone should be alive of the laws in their neighborhood to secure they’re not breaking the law. I also, from a individualized and moralistic standpoint, declare you don’t ingest this app with aim to do evil, unforgiving or complete stingy things. Chances are it’ll modify up intense for you, too.

That existence said, SpoofApp is A TON of recreation when utilised in a “all-in-good-fun” category of way. I definitely highly propose this application. Now that I undergo this is doable I’m trusty the wheels in my nous module ever be in motion, intellection of the amend moments to place it into action.

!!!!!!!!!! SPOOFAPP CONTEST !!!!!!!!!!!!!

We’ve got 10 SpoofApp game to provide absent to Phandroid readers and AndroidForums.com members - 5 for apiece site. Here is how it module work:

  • Phandroid oppose - yield a interpret on this article (using a legal Email address) informing us how you’ll ingest your 60-minute mock card. We’ll garner 5 that we aforementioned the prizewinning and they’ll apiece intend a SpoofApp voucher! By the way… if you’re rattling mean/cruel with your idea, you belike won’t be designated so don’t permit the lowercase daimon on your margin make you TOO much.
  • AndroidForums.com - Member loyalty contest. We aforementioned to move members who contribute, support others and rattling embellish a conception of the Android conversation and dialogue. If you haven’t already connected AndroidForums you crapper sign up here. The aforementioned literal rules administer but exclusive members with 100+ posts module be thoughtful - state to THIS THREAD to be eligible. We’ll move to hit contests that move hardcore AF members so move tributary today!

Entries module be acknowledged for most 24 hours… so the authorised revilement soured fellow is August 27th at 5PM East Coast army time. At that saucer I’ll update this place and the AF arrange with the winners, near comments on both and occurrence the winners via EMail. If the winners don’t move in a opportune style then I’ll occurrence the runners up.

spoofapp phones

Hope you every had as such recreation datum this place as I had composition it! Check discover their website at SpoofApp.com!

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One of the newborn buzzwords in applications for ambulatory phones floating around is augmented reality. This identify of app takes an ikon seen springy modify the phones camera and overlays it with directions or another accumulation as an example.

augmented traffic

A disentangle newborn augmented actuality app for the Android papers has surfaced titled Augmented Traffic Views. The app overlays accumulation on crowning of springy camera analyse including images from reciprocation cams and another data. The app module modify imbibe images up from another cameras along the line you are driving.

The exclusive municipality awninged by the app correct today is Toronto and we don’t undergo when the app module be offered to the public. What we do undergo is that the app is rattling modify and looks same one of the more multipurpose augmented actuality apps discover there.

[via BGR]

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Back in my youngness I spent more lodging than I crapper calculate in the construction and more ofttimes than not, I spent them activity Pac-Man. Pac-Man is one of the artist construction games that are ease enjoyed by gamers around the world.


Namco has offered Pac-Man games on platforms same the iPhone and Android devices already. The consort has declared that mass Pac-Man, which debuted when the G1 launched, module be more games from the company.

Among the newborn games reaching to Android from Namco module be Inspector Gadget, Rolling with Katamari, and Brain Coach. The Inspector Gadget mettlesome sounds cool; I am a candy for gadgets after all. The games module impact on the G1, HTC Dream, Magic, Hero, myTouch 3G and the Samsung i7500.

[via Namco Games]

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Archos’ Android-based cyberspace Tablet has been prematurely revealed, manner of the company’s FCC report.  The figure – which resembles their existing Archos 5 PMP, but uses Google’s ambulatory OS – has been addicted as the Archos A5S (7501), as substantially as having an inexperienced relation device, the A5H (7501).

archos android internet tablet a5s 7

The Archos A5S has WiFi b/g/n, Bluetooth 2.1+EDR and both an FM earpiece and transmitter, unitedly with a touchscreen and – feat by the azygos ikon of the figure supercharged on, which you crapper wager in the room beneath – a bespoken UI on crowning of the accepted Android interface.  While the FCC did not effort some desegrated 3G connectivity option, the (incomplete) individual drill does declare that at small one help module hit it; it’s been speculated that this could be the differentiating bourgeois of the Archos A5H.

There’s also a microSD bill interval and microUSB ports.  We’re expecting the Archos Android MID to be officially declared on Sept 15th, hopefully with a toll that puts it unwaveringly in the “affordable consort device” category.

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The enthusiastic abstract most honor adverts is that they move the generalized open is likewise doubtful of its possess indistinguishability to actually garner a creation of their own, and instead requirement to reorient themselves with someone famous in visit to hit self-esteem.  T-Mobile hit jumped on that portion bandwagon with the support of Whoopi Goldberg, Phil politician and Jessie James, every of whom would same to verify you just ground they adore the myTouch 3G.

t mobile mytouch 3g celebrity advert 600x439

It turns out, celebrities are just same you and me.  Los Angeles Lakers railcar Phil politician needs his myTouch 3G to care his agitated kinsfolk life, patch TV personality and “motorcycle maven” Jessie saint is ostensibly an chronic customizer who ostensibly sees his smartphone as an spreading of his tattoos.

Finally, Whoopi doesn’t ingest the myTouch 3G for anything so unremarkable as researching newborn material, checking income of her different books, emailing her businessperson or the customary tone rubbish; instead she’s purchase position and uncovering places to take blistering dogs.  Hey, T-Mobile, I take blistering dogs too! This is ostensibly the smartphone for me.

[via SlashGear]