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Android OS 1.6 for developers has been released, though frustratingly you’ll requirement an Android Developer Phone – aka one of HTC’s patterned, unlocked Dreams – in visit to establish it.  The promulgation gives developers an possibleness to intend to grips with the stylish physique of Android, preceding to OS 1.6 existence pushed to consumer devices.

android 1 6 600x351

Android 1.6 brings with it hold for deciding concealment sizes, CDMA hold and a newborn text-to-speech engine.  There’s also a newborn ordering algorithm, which effectuation that developers haw not hit to work their set code in visit to meet assorted fourpenny displays.

Even if you hit a standard, unlocked Dream it module requirement to hit the example works bootloader (hboot 0.95.3000) or a utilization bootloader that supports fastboot in visit to establish the newborn build.  We’re expecting to wager hacks swing 1.6 onto lawful devices soon, but for most users you’re belike meliorate soured inactivity until an authorised OS release.

Click here to analyse the embedded video.

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Apparently, at small for a patch today merchandiser Expansys had the Acer Android supercharged A1 smartphone traded for preorder on its website. At the instance of this writing, the website says the tender can’t be displayed when you meet it.


While the glasses were up, we gleaned that the phone module climb Android 2.0, hit a Qualcomm 8250 processor streaming at 768MHz, and more. The pre visit toll was traded as €389 or most $571.

Official traveler hold is uncharted and Expansys was substance discounts to those arrangement fivesome or more devices. You would conceive that Expansys would see to not throw things up early.

Google is typically pretty unstoppered most its unstoppered maker Android operative grouping for smartphones. A technologist behindhand the CyanogenMod storage of Android has conventional a cease and desist honor from the see giant.

android logo sb2

The think for the obligation to kibosh providing the storage is that it has copyrighted applications in it same YouTube and Maps. Google says that patch the Android OS is meant to be diffuse and modded, its apps same YouTube and Maps are not.

According to the teenager developer, there are structure to substance Google code without violating rights. The storage module for today be delivered without Google apps.

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cliq nov2 255x300We saw the Motorola CLIQ pre-pre-order page go springy most cardinal seconds past and we’ve already got an update for you: the pre-sale module become between Oct 19th and Nov 1st and orders module be shipped as they are received. It module outlay $199.99 on a 2-year commendation and those desire to acquire it in-store module hit the possibleness play Nov 2nd.

This programme came via Press Release and has caught blast crossways the interwebz in outrageous and due fashion. Here is the flooded thing:

BELLEVUE, Wash.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–T-Mobile USA, Inc. today declared the Motorola CLIQ™, the prototypal Android™-powered figure from Motorola Inc. and the prototypal figure to feature the original MOTOBLUR™ solution, module be acquirable for pre-sale for existing T-Mobile customers play Oct. 19 at http://www.t-mobile.com/CLIQ.

Customers who meet the CLIQ during the pre-sale period, Oct. 19–Nov. 1, module hit an possibleness to be one of the prototypal in the U.S. to undergo T-Mobile’s stylish Android-powered phone, which automatically syncs and streams ethnic messaging updates, book messages, and impact and individualized e-mail direct to the bag screen. Devices sequential during pre-sale module be shipped to customers as orders are conventional and module allow a gratis automobile charger. The CLIQ module be acquirable only to suitable T-Mobile customers for $199.99 with a two-year assist agreement.*

Beginning today, customers crapper meet http://www.t-mobile.com/CLIQ to run for CLIQ updates, see more most the phone and analyse discover a demonstrate of MOTOBLUR. Those that run to obtain CLIQ updates are entered into a noble accolade drawing for a quantity to get a activate with fivesome friends to one of quaternary superior destinations. In addition, those that run before Oct. 19 module also hit the possibleness to directly get a newborn CLIQ.

“T-Mobile customers book communication and admittance ethnic messaging on ambulatory devices more than those of some another carrier,” said Wendy Piñero DePencier, evilness chair of sort marketing, T-Mobile USA. “That’s ground we’re agog to provide them the prototypal possibleness to acquire the CLIQ, and then in primeval Nov substance the CLIQ prominently at T-Mobile stores broad in instance for the holidays.”

About Motorola CLIQ with MOTOBLUR

CLIQ is Motorola’s prototypal Android figure and the prototypal to feature the original MOTOBLUR resolution that manages and integrates subject — from impact e-mail to ethnic messaging state — every to your bag screen. Updates to contacts, posts, messages, photos and more are streamed unitedly and synced from sources including Facebook®, Twitter™, MySpace®, Gmail™, and impact and individualized e-mail. MOTOBLUR automatically delivers these updates to the bag concealment in easy-to-view streams so there is no requirement to unstoppered and near assorted ambulatory applications to ready up with the stylish content.

In constituent to the unequalled MOTOBLUR experience, the CLIQ features a payment organisation with a flooded slide-out QWERTY keyboard and a 3.1-inch HVGA flooded touch-screen display. The phone delivers a coercive ambulatory Web undergo by harnessing the capableness and pace of T-Mobile’s 3G meshwork and Wi-Fi. Additional CLIQ features allow a 5 megapixel auto-focus camera with recording capture, a 3.5mm headset jack, a penalization contestant with pre-loaded Amazon MP3 accumulation application, Shazam, iMeem Mobile, AccuWeather, MySpace Mobile, Quickoffice and a pre-installed 2GB microSD module bill with hold for up to 32 GB of extractable memory. TeleNav GPS Navigator is also preloaded on the figure with a liberated two-week trial, including voice-activated turn-by-turn directions.

With desegrated Google technology, CLIQ brings one-touch admittance to the favourite Google™ ambulatory services jillions ingest every day, including Google Search™ by voice, Google Maps™ with Street View, YouTube™ and Picasa™. CLIQ also provides cushy admittance to both individualized and joint e-mail, calendars, and contacts based by Exchange Server and Gmail. E-mail is also based by Yahoo!, Windows Live Hotmail, and another POP3 and IMAP e-mail services.

T-Mobile’s 3G meshwork is currently acquirable in 222 cities broad and covers more than 160 meg people. By the modify of 2009, T-Mobile army expects its 3G meshwork to be acquirable to roughly 200 meg grouping crossways the U.S.

Pricing and Availability

Motorola CLIQ with MOTOBLUR module be acquirable only to T-Mobile customers in both Titanium and Winter White first Oct. 19 at http://www.T-Mobile.com/CLIQ or by occupation client care. CLIQ module be acquirable in stores broad and online first Nov. 2 for $199.99 to suitable customers with a two-year agreement.* Customers crapper meet http://www.T-Mobile.com/CLIQ to see more most CLIQ and MOTOBLUR and run for updates.

So today that you undergo the price… the date… the carrier…. ALL the relevant details…. are you in?

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The Motorola CLIQ pre-order tender is today streaming LIVE on the T-Mobile website! Unfortunately you can’t pre-order still but a accessible countdown official teases us, display that when the measure strikes midnight and it officially becomes Monday, Oct 19th… you’ll be healthy to pre-order your Motorola CLIQ. Of instruction you crapper ever clew up via Phandroid.com/Motorola-CLIQ/ likewise (as with some phone on our guide)!

cliq preorder

If you run for updates you also hit the quantity of success a pass or a liberated Motorola CLIQ. Registering counts as 1 entry and then they wage you with a unification where if friends click/cliq and signup, you’ll intend up to 5 more entries.


UPDATE: As noted in the comments… denomination was a taste dishonorable so I additional an player “Pre”

[Via T-Mobile, thanks Birdie]

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It looks same the test retail packaging for the Motorola CLIQ has been leaked over at LeakDroid. Not the fanciest counterbalance but the construct of adding featured applications that become pre-installed on the phone is a modify intent that was implemented well. Interesting to state the YAHOO! trademark is in flooded analyse but the Google body exclusive includes the “Talk” icon. Will it hit every the apps we initially spotted?

cliqbox2 550x546

The above represent is rattling as elating as it gets in cost of the box… but nous on over to Leakdroid if you can’t support but essay discover every terminal detail! Now the countdown begins to the rumored Oct 19th pre-order date!

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It seems same one matter has submissive the mindshare of Android enthusiasts in the time hebdomad and that is the Cyanogen debacle. Dave Demarest and I pay 30 transactions conversation most the position of modding and an alas overshadowed Android Developers Challenge 2. Hope you savor the exhibit and – as ever – we fuck and revalue your comments, shaping critique and insults. Bring it on:

podcastlogo3001 150x150 Download frequence enter (phandroidpodcast-9.mp3)

Download the MP3

The incoming some months are feat to be unstable in cost of Android developments so stop onto your headgear and intend primed for the mate – hopefully we’ll be correct there with you business podcast after podcast to ready you informed. But with our haphazard business habits you should belike hold beneath so you don’t woman anything!

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Unless you’ve been hiding low a sway you’ve heard most Google’s conventional upset of the Android modding scene. The difficulty is that teenager creators – with Cyanogen existence the start guy – were redistributing Google’s Android applications which were witting to be near sourced with non-transferable licenses. In Google’s authorised follow-up they explained that patch they supported the teenager scene, Google Apps couldn’t be collection with these bespoken OS creations.


Enter the Open Android Alliance. Their content is to create Open Source alternatives for every azygos copyrighted Google Android Application, making it doable for cipher engineers same Steve Kondik (Cyanogen) to dispense his storage as a device-ready solution. Here are the components they are currently employed on (code.google.com):

  • Contacts sync framework
  • Setup Wizard
  • App Store Replacement
  • IM Client
  • E-Mail Client
  • Navigation Application
  • YouTube Application
  • Calendar App
  • GPL

While Cyanogen has offered to add his cipher to the send he is in NO WAY related with the assemble (extra inflection needed to elaborate the *Disconnect*). According to The Register, it started with the hold of Jared Rusch, a 19-year older college enrollee from Canada:

“We’re disagreeable to attain the Android it should hit been in the prototypal place, completely free, unstoppered maker [so that] anyone crapper ingest whatever, because we’re not ownership applications to ourselves,” … “We conceive Android is a beatific papers to physique upon and who knows, maybe we crapper attain something meliorate than it originally was.”

But in ready in nous what the assemble states on their Google Code page:

Above all, remember, we are NOT “Anti-Google”. We are “Pro-Android”. Please behave accordingly when bill on this project.

That is the view I wish a aggregation of you module support. The assemble says an alpha edition of the cipher module be acquirable from 2 weeks to 2 months from now, but I conceive that is an unbelievably pollyannaish content presented the orbit of the project. Especially since the full organisation haw be supported on a jural impossibility.

Above and beyond the organisation of Google Apps, existence discussed today is copyrighted figure drivers that are needed to attain these phones operate. If (like the apps) these figure drivers can’t be redistributed or a workaround can’t be reached, it threatens to boost choke progress.

droid detour

Unfortunately, this full supply has been increased by public ire that lacks whatever cards or objectivity. And not the good, “we’re hunting into this more closely” category of magnification. No… the “it is sunny, I’ve got a magnifying render and SWEET – AN ANT!” category of magnified. Google wants to do the correct thing. Cyanogen and another modders poverty to move modding. Right today there are whatever grave issues with adaptative the issues but every parties are doing their prizewinning to accomplish a conclusion, impact around or solution.

I couldn’t hit said it whatever meliorate than Cyanogen in his article named “The Current State” where he calmly explains the issues at hand. In fact, we solicited Cyanogen to do Phandroid Podcast 9 which module be publicised presently but he declined, citing that there was no requirement to squawk up detritus when his journal place says everything he wanted. To be honest, I completely agree. So verify a unfathomable breath, analyse discover his article, see that non-violent cards is a morality and meet adjusted for Podcast 9.

And prizewinning of phenomenon to the guys from the Open Android Alliance.

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If you’re an Android Developer or modify a haphazard Android protagonist who picked up the unlocked Android Dev Phone 1 (ADP1) then you’re in luck… you today hit admittance to download Android 1.6 aka Donut! In a tweet by Android Team Member JBQ we are linked to not exclusive the files needed to do so, but a “How-To” on experience the phone with the newborn build. As the tender mentions, it module exclusive impact on ADP1:

adp1 update

I’ll permit you disturbed kids go aweigh and intend started… ready the comments on matter please.

UPDATE: Also acquirable for Google ION!

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With every the news, rumors and leaks regarding the Motorola Sholes/Tao, you haw hit uncomprehensible an essential state regarding HTC and Verizon Wireless. The HTC Desire, HTC Passion and HTC Predator are every Android Phones poised to start on Big Red this pass season. Little to null is famous most them but that module every modify rattling presently and correct today we’re effort our prototypal doses of disclosing – the HTC Desire meet passed the FCC and got its Wi-Fi authorisation (PDF)!

None of the documents are specially revealing, but they do wage reassurance to Verizon customers eagerly awaiting Android that they’ll hit whatever options. HTC enwrapped up confidentiality on External Photos, Internal Photos, Test Setup Photos and User Manual that terminal finished Dec 31st, 2009 ensuring that we’re mitt with rattling lowercase to eat on. Check discover how hilariously unrevealing the FCC adjudge on the shelling is:

desire fcc

Don’t permit the writing tack you… the HTC Desire is not meet a program of 2D rectangles and it IS an actualised phone – we promise. And the lowercase adjudge on the shelling strength countenance a lowercase something same this:

desire battery

Meanwhile the Wi-Fi authorisation is equally as informing… pretty such exclusive disclosing that the phone has Wi-Fi:

desire wifi

The Verizon Wireless Android environs is rattling play to garner up clean as the Motorola Sholes aka Motorola principle also got FCC support today. Now we’re awaiting leaks/rumors, an authorised declaration and of instruction more content on the suffering and Predator! Keep pumping discover the beatific clog VZW!

[Thanks Jason!]