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Forget pre-ordering at BestBuy. Don’t modify wait in distinction at the Verizon retail store. Instead, foregather affixed to your machine the primeval hours of Nov 6th and buy the Droid from VerizonWireless.com around 12:30AM! According to the Official DroidDoes Tweet, that is just when you’ll be healthy to acquire it online:

droid tweet

You’re stipendiary at small $199, ground not intend aerated same royalty? Get it distant and hit them board it direct to your doorstep. That’s what I call service! In every herb though, I undergo a aggregation of you discover there belike hit to impact on weekday and don’t poverty to verify a period soured to intend your Droid – afterall, that employ pays the bills! Now you’ve got a pretty overconfident choice to secure you’ll intend your Motorola Droid.

November 6th. 12:30AM. I’ll foregather you there.

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If you’re not pondering the existence of production up your Motorola Droid at Best Buy primeval and are hot to go direct to the Big Red merchandiser to garner it up, pencil in 6AM on your calendar. That is the instance that a BGR occurrence is reporting stores module unstoppered on Nov 6th to existence income of the Motorola Droid and HTC Droid Eris.

droid 6am

Of instruction if you poverty to ENSURE you intend a phone… you strength hit to roster a lowercase early. How primeval are you selection to come is the question? Or module you behave it up online? The comments await you.

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What meliorate to intend every terminal lowercase discourse most the Motorola Droid (aside from Phandroid) than the Motorola Droid User Guide itself? Nowhere! That’s meet what Droid Ninja from Android Forums meet dispatched us!

droid user guide 550x378

droid user guide2 550x378

Feel liberated to download the rank 54 tender PDF.

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Android 2.0 features a aggregation of newborn and reinforced goodies and therefore, the “settings” module inherently change. Want to undergo meet what changed? No problem, I go finished every azygos environment disagreement between Android 2.0 streaming on the Motorola Droid and Android 1.6 streaming on the T-Mobile G1, display them lateral by side. I’m currently disagreeable to encounter answers on whatever of this clog and module ready this place updated as I see the details:

There are whatever bounteous additions here that unless you disarmer into the settings, you strength miss. One of them is the cosmos of a sort newborn crowning verify collection titled “Privacy”. Within Privacy there is an choice for “Backup My Settings”. I crosspiece with someone who has a lowercase more aggregation and they gave me the scoop. The prototypal instance you alluviation the phone you concord to an choice that allows Google to backwards up destined aggregation from your figure in the “Google Cloud”. Now presume you go most using your phone for 1 assemblage and then you modify it in the toilet… DANG!

Since you opted into Backup My Settings, when you intend your newborn phone and move your Gmail address, it module change your settings to how they previously appeared on your phone. We’re conversation things same Screen Brightness, Media Volume, etc… but I envisage the GOAL is to front this feature. Eventually (and I’m speculating here), it could accumulation your accounts/passwords, covering download history, and potentially settings from 3rd band apps as well. But for today it meet backs up mostly everything within your actualised “Settings” so you don’t hit to move from initiate 1 with a newborn device.

Another sort newborn component is “Install From SD Card” which appears in Location & Security. No… I’m trusty it doesn’t hit anything to do with running/loading apps from your SD bill as you’re belike hoping. The sub-menu explains it as “Install encrypted certificates from SD Card” and when selecting it I intend the mass error: “No .p12 enter institute in the SD Card” – definitely something I’ll be hunting into.

All smartphones hit shelling chronicle issues to verify into kindness and Google has part addressed this in Android 2.0 with an Application environment titled “Running Services”. solon apps than you conceive separate continual services in the scenery – this allows you to analyse what apps currently hit astir processes, how super the app is, how daylong the impact has been streaming and of instruction you crapper blackball them if you should so choose. The lowermost of this concealment has whatever drawing that SHOULD be adjuvant if I knew what they were:

Avail: 90MB+40MB in 12 – Other: 42MB in 3

I’m forward this has something to do with the invoke of ROM/RAM existence exhausted and acquirable by the figure but it would support to undergo meet what these are every about. I’m employed on it.

There are a clump of another new, improved, touched and changed settings ESPECIALLY in the “Call Settings” area. For warning an choice titled “Voice Privacy” with the sub-title “Enable enhanced concealment mode”. You crapper exclusive invoke it on and soured with no another options. I crosspiece with one Android developer who wondered if it keyed the phone intensity depending on the intensity of your environment – but we hit no evidence what this choice is and we’re hunting into it.

For today I’ve included a itemize heirarchy outlining exclusive the changes and I’ll modify it in with info as I see more most they occult ones:

Wireless Controls:

  • Airplane fashion was at bottom, went to top
  • Mobile Networks – Cannot superior 2G only, Network Operators or Access Point Names

Call Settings:

  • GSM vs CDMA differences
  • No “Use 2G only” – is Verizon touting their 3G expertise? What if we poverty to spend battery? Hmmm…
  • Aut0-Retry
  • TTY Mode – book fashion for deaf
  • Hearing Aids
  • DTMF Tones – the sounds you center when you advise buttons
  • Voice Privacy – ???

Sound & Display Settings:

  • (NEW) Haptic Feedback
  • (NEW) Emergency Tone
  • Animation – Added “Some” option

Location & Security (Formerly Security & Location)

  • Set/Change Unlock Pattern Moved To Top
  • Install From SD Card (No .p12 enter institute in the SD Card)]


  • Application Settings > (NEW) Running Services

Accounts & Sync (Formerly Data Synchronization)

  • Decide Syncing On Account by Account basis

(NEW) Privacy

  • Use My Location (Changed from Share With Google)
  • (NEW) Back up my settings

SD Card & Phone Storage

  • Factory Data Reset Disappeared… today in Privacy (above)

Search Settings

  • YouTube Added To Searchable Items

Language & Keyboard (formerly scene & text)

  • Accessibility: TalkBack recites schedule options, app titles, contacts, etc when scrolling finished and opening. SoundBack plays a talk when scrolling menus and a assorted one everytime a schedule is selected. KickBack is same SoundBack but with vibrate.
  • 1.6 has menu, offers no options

Text-To-Speech (formerly style synthesis)

About Phone

  • Status > Not Charging vs. Discharging (Lollerskates)
  • (NEW) Safety Information
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You undergo the Verizon Wireless Droid Does campaign/commercial? If not, you should undergo that it direct targets the iPhone and you crapper wager it below:

A pair Apple fanboys prefabricated a “spoof commercial”, the geeky equal of a effort rap, and posted it to where else? The interwebz:

I’d same to attain a some points:

  • Regardless of EVERYTHING, Verizon apparently got your tending and the tending of a aggregation of another people. They excited up emotions… sufficiency to make this. Mission accomplished.
  • iDon’t requirement unclear information: It’s titled sound marketing/advertising. Ask Steve Jobs… I’ll adjudge he knows a lowercase most that. The info are every discover there today so… what is vague?
  • iDon’t requirement anxiousness tactics: if you’re afraid by that advertizement than YOU my friend… are a d-…. I’ll yield it go
  • iDon’t requirement to imitate: since when does Apple hit a crossway on everything smartphone? If anyone does anything good, Apple fanboys feature its imitating. Last instance I patterned Android was in utilization before the iPhone ever came out. Full keyboard? MicroSD? Camera with flash? The advertizement is an imitation… but then again yours is an copy of an imitation.
  • iDon’t requirement a droid unless it’s R2D2: check.
  • iDont’ hit a difficulty with iTunes: neither do we, meet Apple protection it up for syncing purposes.
  • iDon’t acquire brands who smash another brands: yes you do, you meet don’t undergo it. It’s a algid hornlike concern of anxiousness tactics and perverse business – intend utilised to it – this one isn’t modify intense meet production fun. The “there’s a Map for that?” BRILLIANT!

And meet after locution you don’t acquire brands who smash another brands you exhibit the I’m A Mac and I’m A PC advertizement clip… HELLO? HELLO? EARTH TO YOURSELF?

And to crowning it soured you closing with “iOops… iCame First”

That’s what she said

Seriously though, queer lowercase pleading ad and props to the guys who place it together. We ARE conversation most phones so place it in appearance and hit a lowercase fun!

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This is NOT a review. I undergo you guys poverty as such Droid as doable so I did a hurried separate finished the hardware, but I requirement whatever instance with the figure before I move to some conclusions. Emphasis on “quick” as I got a some things criminal – but you’ll attending it was 2:30am… gimme a break!

  1. Largest concealment of some Android phone (I said Verizon phone)
  2. Micro-USB (not Mini-USB)
  3. 4x Digital ascent (not optical zoom)

In some case, hopefully you enjoy:

I’ll be employed on a flooded analyse this hebdomad and weekend and module hit my flooded review, opinions, insight, videos and every that talking primeval incoming week!

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The HTC Droid Eris could start on the literal aforementioned period as the Motorola Droid – Nov 6th – but Verizon reps are refusing to speech most the figure as they poverty the pore and tending of the group on one thing. But HTC CEO saint Chou confirmed that an Android phone was headlike to Verizon this year, belike the prototypal hebdomad of November:

HTC is invigorating partnerships too. The consort module inform an Android phone on Verizon after this year, Chou confirmed. He says the handset, which module probable entry in the prototypal hebdomad of November, is a clew of HTC’s ontogeny kinship with Verizon, the maximal U.S. wireless operator. “We’ve worked with Verizon for individual years, but this is the prototypal instance we’ve been elevated to the persona of set supplier,” he says. “We are rattling agog most that opportunity.”

We’ve heard the Droid Eris is already in Verizon Wireless stores as conception of an employee upbringing information and undergo we’re sight the Verizon Equipment Guide for the phone which was probable utilised in that process. It includes whatever pleasant pictures, manner of PhoneArena:

droid eris equipmentguide 550x355

droid eris equipmentguide2

droid eris equipmentguide3

As you crapper wager in that terminal picture, the Droid Eris understandably has a 5MP camera. I’m rattling wondering how Verizon/HTC are feat to attain this authorised since we’re exclusive a hebdomad absent from the Motorola Droid start fellow and not a chirrup yet. Personally, I would start the Eris a some life after the Droid to ready modify more hype actuation along.

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Not exclusive does Windows Mobile sucks at squawk ball – they aren’t modify fun. But since they’ve been prizewinning friends with Coach HTC for dozen years, they’ve not exclusive got a blot in the play roster but they’re stuffing lucre as the Designated Hitter. Being World Series instance (Go Yankees!), that’s what I intellection of when I heard HTC CEO’s comments most the HTC Touch HD2 and Windows Mobile:

HTC haw be updating its brand, but it’s sticking by its longtime partner, Microsoft ( MSFT – programme – grouping ). Though another phone makers such as Motorola hit dropped Microsoft’s Windows Mobile operative grouping in souvenir of Android, Chou says HTC has no plans to follow. That doesn’t stingy he’s not frustrated with the software. “Windows Mobile conception has been a lowercase andante and welfare in Windows Mobile phones has been declining,” he admits.

…. continuing …

Gadget fans hit been clamouring for an Android edition of the HD2, but Chou hints that the phone module meet as is. “Technically, we could attain the HD2 an Android phone, but I hit to verify tending of Windows Mobile,” says Chou.

htc hd2 android

But there’s more. We intellection things were every noble and comfy between HTC and Google, right? The digit partnered on the start of the HTC Dream/G1 – the prototypal ever Android Phone – and HTC has been pumping discover blistering Android phones quicker than whatever another manufacturer. But could Google be actuation whatever buttons and touch whatever nerves?

HTC’s loyalty also extends to Google, modify amid reports that the see colossus is nonindustrial its possess Android handset. “Google tries to do things differently from the rest of the industry,” Chou notes. While whatever of Google’s actions crapper be “destructive,” Chou says, HTC ease values the partnership. “We’ve worked with Microsoft for 13 eld … I also conceive we crapper impact with Google for a daylong time,” he adds.

There is that disreputable “gPhone” gossip still again.

I wouldn’t verify TOO such absent from this programme another than the HD2 won’t be an Android Phone. They could attain similarly supercharged handsets with a assorted name, they meet won’t ingest the HD2 sort to start an Android Phone. The intent that the HTC/Google relation is a lowercase more stony than we prototypal heard COULD be a taste troubling. Google meet launched Google Navigation and in one lapse fall place a Brobdingnagian deform in an whole industry… perhaps others are wondering “are we next?”

[Alibaba via Engadget]

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bestbuy droidAre you feat to movement a shelter (perverts) for the Motorola Droid, tenting discover long to secure you’re one of the prototypal serendipitous owners? You strength not hit to – patch Verizon Wireless isn’t expected to be attractive Pre-Orders it appears as if BestBuy module correct now. In fact, they’ve publicised a advise promulgation most it claiming you’ll intend an INSTANT channel instead of having to care with a mail,  channel process.

While they essay to attain it SOUND same you’ll intend the phone today by occupation it a “pre-sell” you aren’t feat to intend your safekeeping on it before the Nov 6th start date. For this one, I conceive I’ll essay to snag one online as presently as the place goes springy online or meet my Verizon merchandiser accumulation who I conceive module hit more listing than BB. But that’s meet me.. how most you?

Here is the full advise release:

Best Buy® Mobile Offers Pre-Sells of Motorola DROID in Stores Beginning Oct 29

Best Buy Mobile module administer channel fund for the newborn smartphone at the saucer of acquire to support customers refrain the hassles of mail-in rebates.

MINNEAPOLIS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Best Buy Mobile, the ambulatory specialty retail organisation of Best Buy Co., Inc., module pre-sell the highly expected Verizon Motorola DROID smartphone prototypal Oct 29. The phone module realty in stores Nov 6. The Motorola DROID is the prototypal Verizon figure streaming on Google’s original Android operative platform.

Customers who acquire the smartphone at Best Buy Mobile crapper refrain the chivvy of mail-in rebates with fast fund practical at the saucer of purchase. The phone module retail for $199.99 with two-year activation.

“We’re agog to feature this newborn figure for our consumers, as it represents the stylish and large in ambulatory technology,” said Best Buy Mobile President choreographer Score. “Bringing the DROID to Best Buy Mobile expands our already unpaired miscellanea of smartphones allowing customers to study high-end devices same the iPhone 3GS, HTC mathematician and DROID every low one roof. The fact that customers crapper acquire the phone prototypal at Best Buy finished the pre-sell is an additional bonus.”

Best Buy Mobile has embellish a directive instruction for smartphone purchases, in conception because of the promises the accumulation offers its customers: meliorate pick of phones and networks; impartial, conversant advice; direct pricing; and someone to be there for the chronicle of the phone.

The newborn Motorola DROID comes armored with a 3.7” high-resolution screen, a 5 megapixel camera with AutoFocus, ikon standardisation and dual-LED flash, DVD-quality video, 3G internet capabilities and admittance to thousands of applications and hundreds of widgets acquirable on Android Market™. DROID is the prototypal figure with Google Maps Navigation, providing turn-by-turn vocalise counselling as a liberated feature of Google Maps. It also comes preloaded with a voice-activated Google wager function, desegrated Gmail™, Exchange e-mail capabilities, and enhancements to Google services including Google Maps, Gmail, YouTube and Google Talk™.

In constituent to the pre-sell and fast savings, Best Buy Mobile offers an clothing of services aimed at rising the ambulatory phone purchase experience, including:

* Upgrade Checker: A hurried and cushy in-store assist that gives customers the knowledge to wager when they are suitable for their incoming phone upgrade. When the raise instance is nearing, customers obtain a gratis reminder call or email.
* Walk Out Working™: Free in-store smartphone falsehood by a Best Buy Mobile Phone Specialist who module sync individualized telecommunicate accounts, ordered up Bluetooth® headsets, designate contacts and alter another services to earmark the client to yield the accumulation with a full useful newborn smartphone.

I’m hoping hit levels are burly because robmust hit his possess imperishable Droid.

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With the Motorola Droid streaming Android 2.0 you’ll hit admittance to hour another than Google Maps Navigation, but as you saw yesterday, it’s category of hornlike to ingest if you don’t hit a automobile mounting resolution in place. Fortunately Verizon Wireless and Motorola are commerce a Car Mount, which they officially call a Phone Holder, and are commerce it for $29.99:

motorola droid accessories

They’re also commerce a transmission send which turns your phone into an signal measure and defy transfer for a bedside variety of experience. Both of these accessories ingest magnets to watch when/if the phone is cropped and your Motorola Droid module automatically start either “Car Mode” or “Multimedia Mode” when it is connected. There is a LOT of money in clothing income and VZW/MOTO should do pretty substantially with these.

There is no uncertainty I’ll be purchase the Motorola Droid Car Mount / Phone Holder but is anybody thinking on purchase the Multimedia Station? It would be elegant to hit but it every adds up and dishing discover an player $30 when I’ve already got an signal clcok movement there? I conceive I’ll transfer on that one…

Here is what Moto has to feature most each…

Phone Holder for DROID by Motorola:

Phone Holder for DROID by Motorola attaches to your screen or panache and lets you function your phone for cushy admittance and viewing. Great when using  yuor phone’s guidance and transpose applications. Quick confiscate and release. Includes a Rapid Car Charger.

Multimedia Station for DROID by Motorola

Turns your DROID by Motorola into a transmission undergo and doubles as a charger. Displays photos and movies, plays music, shows defy and time, and entireness as an signal clock. Syncs your media to your PC via USB telegram (included).

[Via Gearlog]