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We’re bounteous fans of Sleek Audio, and with the start of the SA1 earphones the company’s arrange is modify more reachable than before. To fete the newborn SA1’s Sleek Audio hit presented us digit sets to provide absent to our readers, and they’ve also tangled in a noble accolade of an SA6 W-1 wireless clump – comprising a unify of SA6 earphones and the lossless Kleer Audio wireless system – too.

sleek audio sa 1 540x300

The SA1 earphones are every most making high-quality frequence more personal, with their VQ tuning grouping that allows you to draw the manifold action according to your individualist tastes, so we’re stabbing to encounter discover what helped your penalization intend personal. To defence a quantity of success a ordered of SA1 earphones, or the SA6 W-1 bundle, nous over to this installation thread and permit us undergo most your prototypal takeout penalization system. Maybe you were an primeval iPod adopter, or perhaps you rocked an older Sony Walkman and ease daylong wistfully for the older life of video tapes.

Entries module be acknowledged until midnight EST on Dec 3rd, and we’ll be production threesome comments at random: one to get the SA6 W-1 clump and digit to verify absent a ordered of SA1 earphones each. Full rivalry rules are below; beatific luck!


Competition is unstoppered to residents of the US over the geezerhood of 18. Family members of Sleek Audio, SlashGear or Android Community are not permissible to enter. Competition entries are exclusive acknowledged via the given SlashGear installation thread; entries mitt in the comments country of this or some added place module not be recognized. Entries should be submitted before midnight orient instance on Dec 3rd 2009; one entry per mortal (and yes, we check).

The winners module be declared on SlashGear and Android Community and contacted via email; they module be due to move within 24 hours added their accolade haw be abandon and added succeeder selected. Editors selection is test and no proportionality module be entered into. Winner agrees that their study and info of their entry haw be utilised for promotional purposes by, but not restricted to, SlashGear and Android Community.

Prize consists of one SA6 W-1 Wireless Bundle and digit sets of SA1 earphones to be mutual between threesome winners. There is no change alternative. Should this accolade embellish unavailable, SlashGear, Android Community and Sleek Audio jock the correct to unreal added accolade of coequal or greater value.

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So meet a pair of life past Gameloft definite to depart from the Android platform and said it was because they were not making some money. Now, it would appear, they had a modify of hearth, or maybe someone was a lowercase confused. I don’t know, the abstract is, they are reaching back.

gameloft android logo1

Gameloft’s direction administrator Alexandre de Rochefort, said terminal instance that they were significantly selection their assets in Android platform, meet same some others. And that the Android Market is not as neatly finished as on the iPhone. But now, the consort has posted a advise promulgation with the denomination “Gameloft Supports The 2nd Generation of Android Phones”.

Okay, so, were they selection backwards on prototypal procreation Android phones the another day, or what the heck? I mean, de Rochefort also mentioned that Gameloft are commerce 400 nowadays more games on iPhone than on Android. And that on Android ‘nobody is making momentous revenue’. So ground the modify of hearth? Now they module impact for free?

Well, some it was, here’s the advise promulgation for your datum pleasure:

Gameloft Supports the 2nd Generation of Android Phones

Paris – Gameloft®, a concern cheater in the business and utilization of downloadable recording games, plans to start High Definition games on incoming procreation Android phones same the Motorola Droid and the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10.

“The achievement of this newborn procreation of phones module earmark the utilization of High Definition games that attain the most of the subject power and the pace of enforcement offered by the newborn Android phones. Consumers module goodness from a crowning calibre recreation experience,” says Gonzague de Vallois, vice-president of Publishing at Gameloft.

Gameloft also continues to hold the underway procreation of Android phones and announces the close achievement of titles much as Assassin’s Creed. These titles module be reachable on the Android Marketplace and Gameloft internet sites and module boost alter our class of Android games already available.

So the Android MIDs ready on display up, meet yesterday we talked most added MID streaming Android that goes by the study of Camangi WebStation. Now we hit articulate from our beatific someone Chris over at SlashGear, most the Android MID titled inbrics, that promises to attain an attendance on CES 2010.


Apparently, this Android figure not exclusive module exhibit up at CES 2010, but also module be promulgation here in the beatific ol’ US of A. So farther we don’t hit a aggregation of aggregation on this upcoming device, but there are a some famous glasses discover there already.

Okay, so the prototypal we every know; it module separate Android. The phone module be a slider, and the processor is an ARM Cortex – A8 800MHz, QWERTY Keyboard, and an AMOLED contact screen. There’s also a GPS and a digital grasp and WiFi connectivity. Price and promulgation fellow are uncharted at this time, and there isn’t some articulate on which US traveler module intend it, if any.

Click here to analyse the embedded video.

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Yes, you feature that right, some move not to believe, but according to a analyse from YouGov’s BrandIndex, that’s meet what’s feat on as of lately. YouGov is a mart investigate authority supported in May 2000, it uses the cyberspace and aggregation profession to amass “higher-quality in-depth accumulation for mart investigate and open consultation.”

yougov brandindex moto sm 540x315

Either the Motorola DROID business crusade was rattling successful, or was frightening sufficiency to hit this gist on men 18+. At small that’s what the analyse shows, as you crapper wager on the ikon above. Now how meet does YouGov manoeuvre every this? Well, we are not sure, but beneath is how they essay to explained it:

BrandIndex is a regular manoeuvre of open representation of 850 consumer brands crossways 34 sectors, rhythmic on a 7-point profile: generalized impression, ‘buzz’, quality, value, joint reputation, client spirit and whether respondents would propose the sort to a friend.

Oh, okay, so pretty cushy right? Right…Okay, so there you hit it folks, whether you conceive this or not, the actuality is that, Android is here to stay, and the stylish smartphones fair the liberated OS from Google are cool, especially the Motorola DROID. So maybe there is actuality on this, and today some grouping are hardcore to Motorola not meet for the DROID but also the CLIQ. And not meet them, but every of us wait more and meliorate devices from Motorola now.

[Via Engadget]

So the terminal instance we heard from an LG android smartphone it was when the LG GW620, aka Eve prefabricated it to the Great White North. Now, the ordinal Android smartphone from LG has been officially launched, and it is titled LG GW880 Amundsen.


China Mobile is the prototypal to intend this smartphone streaming Android from LG. But different the LG GW620, the GW880 doesn’t hit a keyboard, it comes with a pleasant bounteous touchscreen of 3.5inch (800 x 480). Talking abot the screen, it seems you crapper sound some icons on the homescreen ala iPhone.

It also has Chinese-spec TD-SCDMA 3G connectivity, along with Bluetooth, a 5-megapixel camera and GPS. There’s no name of WiFi on this phone but it comes with CMMB (China Multi Media Broadcasting) TV receiver for ambulatory entertainment. Price is blurred at this time and LG has not name most emotional this Android phone in another parts of the world.

A aggregation of you belike saw this one coming, I mean, after all, what is the saucer of having digit removed OSes for nearly every the aforementioned devices. Unless Google wants to go every discover with Chrome OS into computers and Android for ambulatory devices only.

google chome os android merge

Google’s execs hit agreeing that Chrome OS and the Android papers hit “a enthusiastic care of commonality” and “may merge modify closer.” And today Sergey Brin, one of Google’s founders, has told reporters – after terminal week’s Chrome OS expose – that “Android and Chrome module probable meet over time”.

Brin also said: “A ensuant edition of Android is feat to garner up a aggregation of the Chrome stack. My surmisal is we’ll hit ‘Chrome Lite’ or something similar.” He cited among another things, the ordinary UNIX and Webkit cipher humble inform in both projects. But Google’s Sundar Pichai, Vice President, Product Management, said in his presentation:

We’re achievement a amend assail of connection trends where computers are behaving more same ambulatory devices, and phones are behaving more same diminutive computers. Having digit unstoppered maker operative systems from Google provides both users and figure manufacturers with more pick and helps advance a riches of newborn cipher to the unstoppered maker community.

That terminal evidence from Google was in salutation to questions most how and when the digit projects would merge. Seems same they desired to emphasise Brin’s statement. What do you think, do you same the intent of convergency both projects? Let us undergo in the comments.

[Via SlashGear]

There is no uncertainty most Android effort more favourite routine on nearly whatever gadget discover there. Take for warning the world’s prototypal embedded Android-based guidance grouping on a dashboard from Asiatic concern ArcherMind Technology. And today is the invoke of the Camangi WebStation to ingest Google’s liberated OS.


Camangi is an planetary consort supported in 2002 that specializes in cyberspace Communication. Their products and services allow Web Talk papers technology, VoIP solutions, value-added covering platform, and modules for scheme services. Now, they are transfer an Android-based MID with a 7-inch WVGA concealment with 800×480 resolution, Bluetooth 2.0, GPS, MicroSD, and a render touchscreen.

This WebStation module hit a poet 624MHz PXA303 processor, streaming Android 1.5, with onboard WiFi b/g, USB Host port, where you could ingest a 3G dongle. There are also digit cameras, one on the face and one on the back, which are 0.3- and 2-megapixel respectively. There is no literal toll on this figure meet yet. If you are fascinated in the Camangi WebStation, the consort is locution it module be acquirable for acquire online in the region of Dec 2009.

The consort has an “Early Bird Coupon Program” that you crapper ingest to register to get a voucher for the Camangi WebStation. But you hit to hurry, because it closes in digit more days. They also hit launched the Camangi Market Beta. Which module be whatever variety of Android Market for 5 to 9-inch MIDs and another Android devices.

CamangiMarketBeta 540x374

Click here to analyse the embedded video.

Recently, the folks over at xda-developers.com had figured discover a artefact to attain Google Maps Navigation Chenopodiaceae to impact on a T-Mobile G1 by hacking into it. This instance Google has officially announced that those who are using Android 1.6 or higher module be healthy to ingest Google Navigation Maps.

google maps navigation layers 303x540

As you already know, Google Maps Navigation is an internet-connected GPS grouping with vocalise counselling and semiautomatic rerouting, that runs soured your ambulatory phone. On this update you’ll encounter the newborn Layers feature, which lets you protection geographical aggregation on the map. You crapper also analyse My Maps, Transit lines, Wikipedia articles most places, and more.

Google wants you to hit a bright Thanksgiving, so if you are traveling, you’ll be healthy to savor the benefits of Google Maps Navigation in your car. Is ease absent whatever 2.0 features, and it ease entireness exclusive in the US, but some module be bright to hit this adjuvant feature on their Android phones. Enjoy!

If you flamboyant a Dell smartphone with Google’s liberated Operating System, well, China Mobile has announced that they module hit it “later this month”. The unboxing of the Mini 3i did not provide us every the features and glasses of this Android-based smartphone. So here we go with the latest.


The prototypal abstract China Mobile wants you to attending is that they module substance the mini 3i in digit colors; Red suffering and Oiled Bronze. And of instruction that is incoming after this month, though I astonishment how late, if we are at the modify already by meet a some days. Well, I surmisal that’s what they meant; in meet a some days.

The toll for the Dell Mini 3i is ease not confirmed, though. But incoming are a some pointers of this Android phone:

* Form Factor: Tablet/PDA
* Dimensions: 58.35 x 122 x 11.7
* Display: 3.5” nHD, 640×360
* Bands/Modes: Quadband GSM/EDGE
* Weight: <105g (grams)
* Bluetooth
* Micro SD (up to 32GB)
* Connector: Mini USB

And beneath is the advise release:

November 23, 2009 01:01 AM Eastern Time
China Mobile Becomes First to Sell Dell Mini 3i Smart Phones

* The Mini 3i, in Red suffering and Oiled Bronze colors, module begin incoming crossways China after this month
* China Mobile, the world’s maximal ambulatory operator, serves more than 500 meg subscribers

BEIJING–(BUSINESS WIRE)–China Mobile module presently embellish the prototypal ambulatory cause to delude the Mini 3i, a smooth and thin newborn multi-touch sharp phone from Dell fashioned to assets the power, plasticity and applications of China Mobile’s newborn OPhone and Mobile Market platforms. Available in Red suffering and Oiled Bronze colors, the Mini 3i module begin incoming finished China Mobile’s nation-wide channels (its commissioned stores) by the modify of this period and Dell candid to follow.

The Mini 3i runs China Mobile’s pliant OPhone unstoppered maker platform, and includes the stylish in favourite recreation including pre-loaded 139Mail e-mail, Fetion chitchat and digital maps for navigation. A super 3.5-inch widescreen creates a big-screen experience, making photos and videos large and more intense. The Mini 3i is also harmonious with a arrange of consumer applications, e-mail platforms, and duty fecundity software.

“People today poverty to circularize their lives with them – they poverty to discover, getting and deal newborn noesis as they roam around the world,” said archangel Yang, evilness chair and generalized trainer for Greater China Consumer of Dell. “We conceive Dell’s year-long utilization cooperation with China Mobile module enlarge those experiences meliorate than anyone added in the industry.”

“This signals an essential mark in the daylong constituent partnership between China Mobile and Dell,” said a China Mobile spokesperson. “We are agog for Dell to be among the prototypal manufacturers to inform newborn profession supported on the OPhone platform. We countenance nervy to employed with Dell as it brings original newborn products and services to add continuance to our customers’ lives.”

The Mini 3i is the termination of a year-long cooperation with China Mobile and boost illustrates Dell’s underway assets in smarter and more ambulatory products. China Mobile, the world’s maximal ambulatory assist bourgeois with more than 500 meg subscribers, teamed with Dell early this assemblage to amend a newborn creation for the apace ontogeny humble of ambulatory band users in China, embedding 3G profession in the Dell Mini 10 netbook.

With the past start of the OPhone platform, business analysts are estimating that the underway humble of 180 meg ambulatory band users in China module move to acquire at a alacritous pace. The Mini 3i is specifically engineered to provide those customers a sharp phone that delivers fast, cushy and recreation admittance to the internet, e-mail, chat, penalization and video.

Popular Mini 3i Features:

* Entertainment: Access to China Mobile’s Mobile Market flat of services, games, fecundity tools, wallpapers, ringtones and applications. Discover China’s favourite cyberspace sites including 51.com, Kaixin and Renren.
* Customization: Personalize MP3 anulus tones, icons and shortcuts. Run widgets on the bag screen: sports, stocks, programme and defy tickers.
* Navigation: GPS navigation.
* Search: Search contacts, appointments and e-mail from the bag screen.
* Camera: 3 megapixel camera with zoom, auto-focus, flash, recording getting and photo-editing capabilities. A 3.5 inch, widescreen (16:9), 640 x 360 pass that’s saint for watch photos and videos.
* Popular Messaging: Support for the panoramic arrange of messaging platforms and services, including e-mail, IM, MMS and SMS.

Dell Mini 3i OPhone Specifications:

* Form Factor: Tablet/PDA
* Dimensions: 58.35 x 122 x 11.7
* Display: 3.5” nHD, 640×360
* Bands/Modes: Quadband GSM/EDGE
* Weight: <105g (grams)
* Bluetooth
* Micro SD (up to 32GB)
* Connector: Mini USB

About Dell

People worldwide crapper acquire Dell (NASDAQ: DELL) online, by phone and finished more than 43,000 stores.

About China Mobile

Officially ingrained on Apr 20, 2000, China Mobile Communications Corporation (“China Mobile” for short) has a qualified top of RMB 51.8 1000000000 and assets of over RMB 700 billion. China Mobile has been activity a directive persona in the utilization of the ambulatory subject business in China and holds an essential function in the planetary field as well. Listed among the Top Fortune 500 companies for 8 serial years, China Mobile’s stylish senior is No.148; China Mobile was also a relation of the Peiping 2008 athletics Games.

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As of lately, it appears we hit been laboring with videos for the Hero from Sprint, or for the Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10. And how to block the TV name for the Verizon DROID by Motorola, throwing everything they crapper against the iDont phone.

myTouch3GTMo 540x340

Well, apparently, T-Mobile doesn’t poverty you to block most them. So they free added TV advertizement for the Android phone myTouch 3G. This stylish TV ad for the myTouch features Wyclef Jean, Avril Lavigne and Brad Paisley from the penalization world.

The name is titled “Music”, and the soundtrack is the aforementioned that we hit heard on the preceding T-Mobile myTouch 3G commercial. Which by the way, is a Wyclef Jean remix to a Cat filmmaker soundtrack. I don’t undergo ground T-Mo doesn’t promulgation one for the Motorola Cliq or the Samsung Behold 2, but that’s meet me intellection discover loud. So what do you conceive folks? Do you same it? Let us undergo in the comments what’s your verify on this one.

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