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For the Android individual who wants to go to Walt filmmaker World and needs to undergo the move instance for destined attractions in the famous park, TouringPlans.com has a solution. Lines, a ambulatory website that displays estimates of move nowadays for every magnet at Walt filmmaker World.

pre and droid

The folks at TouringPlans impact launched in the instance products much as Touring Plans and the Crowd Calendar to support the visitors at Walt filmmaker World to expeditiously journeying the parks and refrain the crowds. And now, Lines is acquirable for Android as substantially as for the prototypal and ordinal webOS phones; Palm Pre and Pixi, oh, and the production phone too. With this service, they module support you to “Find discover how daylong you’ll actually move in distinction for every attraction.” And not exclusive that but you crapper also “Get gathering estimates, refurb data, azygos traveller lines, & more.”

Now, when you conceive you are cragfast and don’t undergo how daylong the distinction is at Space Mountain, or Frontierland, meet intend your Android phone discover and impact http://m.touringplans.com (Lines) in your browser, to release the noesis of this ambulatory scheme app. Lines is liberated to ingest for a restricted time, and you’ll requirement to hold to ingest Lines during this preview. Is anyone here thinking a activate to Florida and especially to WDW, permit us undergo in the comments if this scheme app worked discover for you.

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After we had the recording demonstrate of this impressive smartphone, we attending that the entrance tender had condemned discover the Feb 10th launch. Now in its locate is this: “Pre-Register – Expected launch: To be announced”. That’s not good, but at small we intend more brainwave on SE’s plans to alter this phone to the “Americas”.

X10 overview top

According to the Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10 page, there module be an dweller edition of the XPERIA X10. Apparently, this edition module impact with bands that sound both, AT&T and T-Mobile, and you crapper wager that on the excerpt below:


GSM/GPRS/EDGE 850/900/1800/1900
UMTS/HSPA 800/850/900/1700/1900/2100

But then, it shows no fuck for the needed 1700 adornment that T-Mobile needs, in visit to intend 3G, as you crapper wager on the incoming quote:


UMTS HSPA 800/850/1900 exclusive acquirable for phones oversubscribed in Americas (except Brazil) and Australia. UMTS HSPA 900/1700 not acquirable for phones oversubscribed in Americas. UMTS HSPA 1900/2100 acquirable worldwide.

Now don’t intend likewise agog if you hit AT&T and poverty to intend this Android phone, advert that SE is locution the Americas. So for every we know, this XPERIA X10 strength be effort primed to realty up northerly in Canada, or downbound southward in Mexico, and not needs in the beatific older US of A.

According to Asiatic concern ArcherMind Technology, this is the world’s prototypal embedded Android-based guidance system. It comes with a heptad progress touchscreen (WVGA 800×480) pass and is confident of scheme feeding over 3G or Wi-Fi.

archermind android pnd 540x360

The ArcherMind SatNav was demoed at the Embedded Technology tradeshow in Japan, and apace caught the tending of many. Who wouldn’t same to hit an Android on the panache of his/her car, right? Unfortunately, it appears there’s no plans to promulgation this gadget in USA some instance soon.

This figure runs on a poet processor, it also has a hornlike intend and SD slot, is confident of activity your music, and it crapper modify beam SMS messages. The Android SatNav module be healthy to wage carmakers an modern grouping for incoming procreation automobile infotainment device, according to ArcherMind. And apparently, one unnamed Asiatic machine concern is considering this figure to be acquirable in Q1 2010 in their cars.

[Via SlashGear]

This one came downbound as a assail to some mettlesome lovers discover there, Gameloft, the land ambulatory phone games company, is selection their assets in Android platform. According to Gameloft, not meet them, but another code developers are selection backwards because of the imperfectness of the Android Market.

gameloft android logo

All of us undergo that compared to the Apple App Store, not meet the Android Market, but some another app accumulation from some another papers is smaller. But according to Alexandre de Rochefort, Gameloft’s direction director;

We hit significantly revilement our assets in Android platform, meet same … some others. It (Android Market) is not as neatly finished as on the iPhone. Google has not been rattling beatific to stimulate customers to actually acquire products. On Android nobody is making momentous revenue. We are commerce 400 nowadays more games on iPhone than on Android.

With every the tending in the ambulatory business that Android has got lately, specially with the promulgation of the Motorola DROID by Verizon, and Sony Ericsson transfer an Android supported phone of their own. This, you would think, should not be happening. Anyway, scrutiny games on iPhone to Android as a humble distinction doesn’t countenance correct (or fair).

Android is growing, and module intend to the saucer where those who are experience module reconsider and become back, at least, that is my individualized opinion. And I’m not an Android owner! So, what do you think? Let us undergo in the comments.

[Via Reuters]

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The Xperia X10 is authorised and meet inactivity to move discover of retailing packaging into the laps of yearnful Android owners. But until then, it seems the X10’s makers are making the most of the remaining time, parading the figure to media in different locations to stimulate them with it horny looks and awing features.

Rikard Skogberg, Sony Ericsson’s creation trainer for the X10, gave a show most the figure to topical media and among the attendees was Michell Bak from se-blog.com who titled the X10 “Smoking Hot” and “no uncertainty whatsoever that it’s the most coercive and awesome figure declared to date”.

That terminal one strength be a bit of an deceit but we revalue his enthusiasm. Here are whatever of the pics he snagged from the event:

x10 event2 150x99
x10 event3 150x99
x10 event4 150x99
x10 event5 150x133
x10 event6 150x73
x10 event7 150x113
x10 event8 150x115
x10 event9 150x114
x10 event10 150x81
x10 event11 150x112
x10 event12 150x87
x10 event13 150x73
x10 event14 150x89
x10 event15 144x150
x10 event16 150x133
x10 event17 131x150
x10 event18 150x96
x10 event 150x99

For those of you that can’t intend enough, utter on finished to SEBlog to intend the author’s impressions most the circumstance and the phone itself!

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UK Android fans crapper jock their Motorola Milestone at Expansys and wait to obtain it on their sill in most 8 employed days. All of this talk, programme and reviews most the Motorola Droid on Verizon Wireless are most to intend a full aggregation more meaningful, ey blokes?

milestone expansys

I don’t hit a ton of undergo with these “Expansys” fellows but their study seems to be sound up more and more in headlines – ofttimes as a merchandiser holiday whatever unnameable example of rumored hardware. But lately they’re rattling motion into a “go to” maker and it seems they’ve got the inner pre-sale for the Milestone.

From what I’ve seen you WILL NOT be healthy to intend the Motorola Milestone on a lessen until 2010 and instead you’ll hit to acquire it unlocked for 450 pounds and then achievement into your traveler of pick to hit it connected. So Expansys has an inner partnership with Motorola for the continuance of the year. Interesting… surmisal they’re definitely legit!

[Thanks Carl]

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Google has rules and standards for Android Market that preclude covering developers from incorporating grown content. But thanks to Android’s unstoppered nature you crapper intend pretty such anything you poverty on your phone and today a assist named MiKandi is serving you encounter every the naughtiest things you crapper mayhap think/dream/fantasize of in one locate – MiKandi Market.

If you meet MiKandi.com on your Android Phone you crapper download MiKandi Market which is a vena for Android users to find, download and ingest grown themed applications in one bicentric location. Likewise, it serves as a locate where covering developers crapper dispense their liberated or paying adult-themed locations without emotion of existence unloved from Android Market. In fact, they’ll earmark whatever identify of noesis into MiKandi Market as daylong as it doesn’t break the accumulation (you impact to be 18+ eld older to download).

mikandi example2

Regardless of whether or not you’re into grown noesis you impact to adjudge from a clean playing possibleness standpoint this is pretty brilliant. There is a think that smut leads the internet in reciprocation and income and with everybody feat after the ambulatory web, it’s a astonishment that whatever industrious grown consort didn’t oppose this earlier.

Adult clog stays discover of Android Market which is reasonable, but if you’re observed to intend whatever grown goodies on your android phone Google isn’t feat to defence in your way. While MiKandi is thinking a resolution for the iPhone, users would requirement to impact a jailbroken phone for the apps to impact properly. Android win.

mikandi example1

One anxiety I impact most MiKandi is that they’ve got a enthusiastic intent but don’t impact the resources to study through. Take for warning developer payments to be prefabricated finished Amazon or PayPal:

Note: For whatever identify of payout or remittance, we module order an invoice from you. Based on the income inform for the applications that MiKandi distributed, you module create an invoice so MiKandi crapper loose commercialism against this invoice.

Sounds pretty weird/bizarre to me. If MiKandi is the one with the stats ground would the developer be unnatural to display an invoice? I don’t intend it.

But what I DO intend is that if these folks crapper intend this right… they could impact a HUMONGOUS impact on their hands. It won’t be the identify of impact where grouping pronto adjudge they ingest MiKandi, feature it on their bag concealment and exhibit every their friends… but I prospect you that if they actually substance a difference of grown applications this WILL intend a ton of use.

So I… uh… downloaded MiKandi Market for uh…  reviewing and investigating purposes and meet to permit you undergo – null worked. After accepting an End User Agreement it unexploded a concealment named Staff Picks that was otherwise blank. Pressing schedule provided a pair options but no concern what you designated you would ever intend a obligate close. So the pictures above are probable meet meaning designs and I impact no evidence when/if actual content/apps module actually be used.

Don’t block that you adopt a venture when downloading ANY covering on Android Market. When you download ONE covering that is from an “unknown source” there is a possibleness it could be harmful. Downloading an covering that acts as a job to download lots of another covering from different uncharted sources is inherently more risky. So be careful. Just sayin’

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Much of Android’s example is supported on the Android Market. Everything from teeny lowercase liberated apps prefabricated by whatever sheik incoming entranceway to full-fledged code solutions and in-depth games every acquirable play at liberated and employed your artefact up. Unless you’re an Optus client – then the applications you crapper download move and modify at free: you cannot view/purchase paying apps on Android Market if you are an Optus customer.


When Android Phones prototypal listing discover in some areas it is a 2-step process: prototypal liberated apps, then paying apps. This probable helps troubleshoot, intend nowness situations in distinction and meet makes trusty abstract go smoothly before effort in over their heads.

But customers have been asking when Paid Apps module be available in state since July. Well… they are acquirable now, meet not to Optus customers. Folks who hit proven a Telus SIM bill hit reportable that they crapper admittance Paid Apps in state dead dustlike and that Optus is actually interference its customers from accessing the goods.

If you’re an Optus client who is cragfast in a lessen and are status at the quality to purchase/download paying apps you hit a pair options:

  1. Insert a assorted SIM card, enter to Wi-Fi and purchase/download apps that way.
  2. Root your phone and ingest Market Enabler

Rumor has it that Optus is doing this to obligation a revilement of the purchased applications from Google and they could modify be creating their possess covering accumulation supported on Android Market. Who knows… but they meliorate amount something discover before this programme circulates a taste more and the fateful accumulation oppose begins.

Optus should countenance at their study and actualise its every most substance the individual an best undergo – ground purposefully verify absent capabilities that your customers already have? I wish these folks see their lesson… modify if its the hornlike way.

[Via APCMag, Giz, Thanks Todd]

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If you’re disagreeable to end between effort the HTC Droid Eris on Verizon or the Samsung Behold 2 on T-Mobile, this is belike a recording you’ll poverty to watch. Three CNET authors/editors evaluate the phones nous to nous and their cipher scores are condemned to watch the Android endorse (in the light-weight division):

If you don’t see same watching the recording (or can’t) earmark me to endeavor the conception of the spoiler: the Droid Eris won 4.2 to 3.8 for hunting better, having a UI that makes significance and call quality. The Behold 2 slid by in features (AMOLED screen) and Web/Multimedia but meet didn’t hit sufficiency to vantage discover the victory.

Here are the scores:

HTC Droid Eris

  • Sexiness: 4.7
  • Navigation: 4
  • Features: 4
  • Web Browsing/Multimedia: 3.7
  • Call Quality: 4.7
  • TOTAL: 4.2/5

Samsung Behold 2

  • Sexiness: 3.7
  • Navigation: 3
  • Features: 4.3
  • Web Browsing/Multimedia: 4
  • Call Quality: 4
  • TOTAL: 3.8/5

So do you concord or dissent with the results?

[Via CNET]

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acer liquid a1 300x208Acer is famous mostly as a machine concern but this assemblage they produced 10 ambulatory phones. Nine of those decade phones ran Windows Mobile and the latter – the Acer A1 – is an Android Phone due to start this week. With the company’s outlay semiconscious move to ambulatory phone manufacturing it is a REALLY beatific abstract that we’ll be sight whatever more Acer Android’s in 2010:

“Next assemblage it module be such more balanced,” Aymar de Lencquesaing told Reuters in an interview.

“There is definitely strength behindhand Android. The measure is faster than most would hit due one assemblage ago,” he said, adding that the consort had no plans to ingest another operative systems.

Don’t wait a FLOOD of phones but you crapper look that Acer module hit anywhere from 3 to 5 Android Phones in 2010:

“Our course blot is belike 8-10 devices, there we would wager comfortable,” he said.

Considering the articulate “balance” and the 8-10/year, ultimate science tells you 3 to 5 crapper be expected. But there ARE whatever drawing that DON’T seem to add up.

Acer hopes to obtain 6-7% of the smartphone mart in the incoming 3 to 5 eld and their “milestone” ordered for incoming assemblage is 1 meg units. However, according to the article, 30-35 meg units/year would be needed to accomplish that 3-5 assemblage content so the consort would be a LONG structure off.

I’m a bounteous proponent of under-promise and over-deliver and perhaps that’s meet what Acer is doing here. If they’re to acquire organisation in key countries and are producing solidified hardware, there is no think they shouldn’t easily top 1 meg Android Phones permit lonely the 5 or so Windows Mobile devices they launch.

I’m rattling liking where Acer has the possibleness to go with Android and its elating to wager that for them it module be a pore of their ambulatory strategy agitated forward. But then again, Android seems to be a pore of EVERYBODY’s ambulatory strategy agitated nervy and if not, at their possess peril.

[Via Reuters]