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Yesterday we wished you a bright holiday and promised we would grownup up kinda kinda than later. We’ve ease got New Years on the calendar and X-ed soured the mandatory feat day, but we’ll essay to viscus you flooded of mechanism morality kinda regularly from here on out. Can’t attain whatever promises but hey – this is a start:

Nexus One Hands-On (Best One Yet)
The guys at Gizmodo hit whatever exclusive sources that allowed them to intend hands-on instance with hour another than the Nexus One. They couldn’t intend whatever pictures, but we’ve seen sufficiency of those anyways. What they DID intend were careful impressions, locution things like:

  • “Google’s Droid killer. It’s thin, it’s fast, it’s meliorate in every way.”
  • “slightly thinner than the iPhone 3GS, and slightly lighter”
  • The anti-Droid: “smooth, curved, and light, instead of hard, conservativist and pointy.”
  • “This is belike the prizewinning concealment we’ve seen on a smartphone so far”
  • “Nexus One is astonishingly faster than the Droid”

Head over to Gizmodo for the full hands-on impressions.

Nexus One UI Walkthrough
While the guys at Gizmodo couldn’t intend whatever picture/video state of the Nexus One, others change at independency to achievement in depth videos same the one below. The YouTube video already has 350,000+ views so I conceive its innocuous to feature grouping are pretty fascinated in this phone – would you agree?

Nexus One – By Invitation Only?
Engadget has the skinny that in visit to intend the Nexus One – at small initially – you’ll requirement an invitation. How module you intend an invitation? Who module intend invitations? I hit no clue… but I DO hit a evidence most the Nexus One glasses which were also bare by Engadget: Android 2.1, 11.5mm thick, 512MB RAM, 512MB ROM, 4GB microSD in-box elastic to 32GB, 5 megapixel camera with machinelike AF and diode flash, 3.7-inch WVGA AMOLED display. They’re on a roll… read the deets here.

Google Nav on the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10
The folks at SE-First.com staleness hit whatever exclusive connects because they’ve got a pleasant lowercase recording of the not-yet-released Xperia X10 streaming Google Navigation and also crooked the concern up with a demonstrate of the X10 with Wikitude and X10 camera samples. Here is the Google Nav vid:

htc hero 126x150HTC Rides The Android Wave
Over at Wired.com they hit a pretty engrossing article most how HTC has absent from qualifying incomprehensibility to smartphone worker in a pretty brief punctuation of time. But they don’t closing without admitting that there is a danger to the HTC Android movement. Head over to Wired to feature every most it… pretty engrossing stuff.

LG Prada 3 with Android?
This isn’t a “likely” gossip but it is sure a possibility. At the first of Jan the Consumer Electronics Show happens in Las Vegas. LG and Sprint hit an circumstance designed for the period of Jan 7th and we crapper exclusive conceive that they’re announcing a newborn handset. While most conceive its belike the LG Lotus 2, there hit been grumblings that it could possibly, potentially, maybe, strength be the LG Prada 3 with Android. Don’t intend your hopes up… but don’t calculate it discover either. [Via MobileRoar]

Motorola CLIQ Gets Rooted
Over at ModMyMoto a individual titled TheDudesAndroid posted steps on how to stem the Motorola CLIQ, occupation it “The Dudes Root For CLIQ“. Over at Engadget Mobile they institute plentitude of Big Lebowski references to render their coverage. The Dude thanks Skrilax_CZ among others, as these Rooting solutions are commonly a agglomerated effort. In whatever case… if you’re a CLIQ someone who lives on the edge… be my guest. Just don’t process me if your phone gets pummeled by the laws of nature.

Droid Rooted For Wi-Fi Tethering
Over at the Droid Forums they’ve got a resolution – that is anything but ultimate for the initiate – to enable Wi-Fi tethering. You’ll hit to stem it, establish a bespoken feat image, establish a bespoken kernal, and do whatever filthy dancing. If that doesn’t anxiousness you in the least, you category find every the content here. But you’ve been warned.

Stay adjusted ladies and gents… more Android programme on the way!

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I desired to verify a whatever transactions to desire everyone discover there a rattling Merry Christmastime – to those who celebrate. And to those who don’t, I wish you’re having an omission pass flavour in general.

happy holidays 550x440

I undergo things hit been a lowercase andante around here in the instance pair days… I’ve been outlay whatever such necessary instance with my family. But rest assured that after today and tomorrow we’ll intend backwards in flooded swing.

And 2010? Pssshhhhh… its gonna be soured the heezy for both Android and Phandroid. Hopefully you’re quiet with kinsfolk as well, train up for one of the prizewinning and most elating year’s you’ve ever had.

Once again… Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and wager you soon!

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Time Magazine meet publicised a full aggregation of assorted “Top 10″ lists in a Top 10 of Everything 2009. One of the categories was – you guessed it – gadgets. And I was a taste suprised to encounter that not one but TWO Android devices were in the Top 2 positions.


Can you surmisal which ones they are? Probably not…

time droid

There you hit it… the Motorola Droid and the Barnes & Noble Nook eReader advance the arrange of ALL gadgets in 2009. That’s pretty sweet! And as a incentive ammo we hit a PC World article of the Top 10 Cell Phones of 2009:

pcworld droid

pcworld droid2

In this housing Android Phones prefabricated up 5 of the Top 10 phones of 2009:

(1) Moto Droid
(3) Moto CLIQ
(5) MyTouch 3G
(7) Behold 2
(10) Droid Eris

I conceive the Droid Eris (and every HTC mathematician phones) should be aweigh of the Behold 2, especially because of it owned the smartphone concern for a taste of time.

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Alright NPR lovers – and I undergo there are plentitude of you discover there – go impact up Android Market and see “NPR” because they’ve meet prefabricated their Android Application acquirable for download! Earlier this period they told us it was in the works, yesterday salutation it went springy and today they’ve reached discover to provide us whatever missile points on what you crapper expect:

NPR becomes prototypal US Radio Broadcaster to start Android App

Washington, D.C.; Dec 22, 2009 – The NPR News app for Android-enabled devices is today acquirable in the Android Marketplace. Today’s start makes NPR the prototypal U.S. broadcasting journalist to start an app for Android. Powered by NPR’s API, the app uses unstoppered maker cipher which module earmark developers and NPR stations to iterate and meliorate the app in the future.

Highlights of the NPR News app for Android:

  • Backgrounding. The NPR News app for Android allows backgrounding, so that users crapper utter to center to frequence and then switch between applications as the frequence is playing.
  • Listen and Read. Allows users to center to programs and feature programme at the aforementioned time.
  • Extensive Topics Section. News country showcases NPR’s crowning 10-20 topics of the period ranging from Science to Books to World News.
  • NPR Station Listening Choices. Easy to encounter and marker more than 600 selection NPR stations and hundreds of send on-demand streams. Live send moving to start in Spring 2010.
  • Playlist. Bookmark selection programs to endeavor later.

npr 200x300 npr2 200x300

npr3 200x300 npr4 200x300

So there you hit it… if you requirement added defence to place that 3.5mm headset diddley to beatific ingest you haw hit meet institute it. Unless your phone doesn’t hit a 3.5mm headset diddley and then… yeah that’s irritating. Don’t you dislike that?

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The Nexus One is ease aware and move though we’ve seen significantly inferior programme on it since the barrier poor terminal week. Maybe Nexus One owners got a lowercase taste troubled after TheNexusOne.com was closed down and everyone acknowledged they desecrated an NDA and were impact with a C&D (or worse). At small one added mortal isn’t afeard to deal the artefact – they’ve utilised twirp to exhibit whatever pleasant unboxing pics and modify achievement a (very) brief video:

In that ordinal represent you’ll attending that the backwards of the Nexus One has a lowercase Android Robot retentive up a clew with a QR code. Scanning that QR cipher actually takes you to the Memory Game on the Nexus One we told you most awhile back. Kinda cool.

Here is that recording we promised:

The pictures are from DJRobRob who today has their tweets protected. It was tipped by Twitter individual phillm to TechCrunch and he also has his tweets protected. If these digit guys were erst friends with eachother and mass eachother… I astonishment if they ease are. Hmmm…

UPDATE: and here is added recording of the Motorola Droid streaming Nexus One Android OS physique that is a lowercase more disclosing in cost of what you crapper wait from the UI:

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yelp 12A some weeks time Yelp launched their Android application to Android Market. And in the time some days, rumors that Google was ordered to acquire Yelp for $550 million of fallen meet as apace as they hit risen. All that insanity aside, Yelp fans module be bright to undergo that an update to the Android App is today acquirable – Yelp edition 1.2.

The update adds individual newborn features including the knowledge to log-in to your Yelp profile, the knowledge to verify and upload photos from your phone direct to Yelp.com, and the choice to Share aggregation most a playing with friends via SMS, email, Facebook and added mediums. Notice in the represent the “Share” and “Add Photo” buttons? That’s just what we’re conversation about.

The initial promulgation of Yelp haw hit been bleak clappers but effort a feature filled update this primeval is a gratifying surprise. Not exclusive that, I’m told the Yelp aggroup module be employed hornlike to promulgation still added update “early in the newborn year” which sounds promising. Pile on the features and we’ll eat them every up!

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Apparently Anthony Perez didn’t intend the message: the Motorola Droid concealment should be harder to fortuity than the vast eld of phone screens because it is fortified by Gorilla Glass. Now you’re wondering what the heck Gorilla Glass is… aren’t you? It’s prefabricated by Corning and essentially the render is emotional by dunking it in godlike render juice. Or more scientifically speaking:

gorilla glass2Like some glasses utilised in these kinds of applications, Gorilla render chemically strengthened. Glass is a breakable material. Brittle materials are extremely brawny low densification but extremely anaemic low tension. When you chemically irritability a glass, you enclose it in a briny clean and you clog large ions in every the surfaces and place them every low compression.

What’s unequalled most Gorilla Glass is that because of its inexplicit composition, it crapper earmark those large ions to understand the opencast more deeply to process the densification temperament and tolerate deeper scratches.

The densification pushes a damage back. It’s harder to fortuity from a deeper scratch.

And if you’re REALLY fascinated in how every this works, you’ll belike be entertained by the mass lowercase interpret that compares Gorilla Glass and Soda Lime Glass (they should rename it Sprite Glass or 7UP glass):

gorilla glass

I originally institute this morality over at Gizmodo where their article is named “Why Even Clumsy People Like You Would hit Trouble Breaking The Display On a Motorola Droid”. But what if you’re act sweatpants in your Celica and your Droid slips discover of your incurvature as you defence up? That, my friend, is an black difficulty that modify Gorilla Glass could never protect against.

PC1116261 550x412

Like I told you before… just communicate suffragist Perez.

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Marketing folks actuation Android products fuck to paraphernalia on “Droid” or “Oid” to the modify of their descriptors, gift a old articulate an Android twist. Unfortunately for General Mobile, the study of their newborn Android covering accumulation sounds same it has an dirty plus “Jose Canseco” style: Storeoid. I’m not trusty if General Mobile has been attractive banned Robot Growth Hormones or not but they’ve already got concealment shots of their stylish endeavor:

storeoid storeoid2

Another covering accumulation – meet what we need, right? The consort also dispatched articulate of a newborn General Mobile Android Phone that is on the artefact and we’ve got some base specs:

  • Powerful mainframe (Marvell PXA935 (Tavor P65), HSDPA/WCDMA/EDGE/GPRS/GSM)
  • Android OS 2.0 Eclair
  • 5.0 MP AF camera
  • 3.2” HVGA (320*480) flooded capacitive multi-touch concealment and flush transmission info supported
  • new 3D enlivened UIs
  • built in GM android mart application
  • Internet admittance via EDGE/HSDPA (3.6Mbps DL)
  • BT 2.0, WIFI 802.11 b/g
  • Huge module hold (256MB NAND+118MB DDR, Micro SD up to 16GB)
  • Tracking ball
  • GPS and E-Compass
  • FM Radio
  • 1500mAh Battery

I’m currently disagreeable to intend some another aggregation I can… so meet tuned!

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Last period we told you that Acer would impact 3-5 Android Phones in 2010 and today we’ve got more grouping locution the aforementioned thing. They’ll impact 8 to 10 phones and at small half – maybe a lowercase more – module be streaming Android. But today we’re chance a some info from DigiTimes that are trusty to impress things up.

acer liquid a1 300x208Foxconn International Holdings, the consort that produces the Apple iPhone, module be producing 3 entry-level Android Phones for Acer using the ST-Ericsson PNX6719 3G chipset. I’m trusty there module be a LOT of grouping with their eyes on this if not only for the assistance that Foxconn has in it. Meanwhile Acer’s high-end Android phones module be shapely with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon processors with Compal Communications effort the creation sub-contracting work.

It seems Acer is attractive this smartphone abstract pretty earnestly and they’re beefing up their aggroup to be more combative as we speak:

To alter its phone organisation capability, Acer has fresh merged 30 members from the phone organisation of Taiwan-based Mitac International into its R&D aggroup for the utilization of Android-platform models, said the sources. Acer today has a smartphone R&D aggroup of 400-500 members, and the aggroup haw boost modify to 750, the sources indicated.

I’m hot to wager what they’ve got to substance and I’m wondering how presently module wager these 3 to 5 Android Phones impact the market. I’m hoping for at small 1 newborn AcerDroid at CES but that’s meet wishful thinking.

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Take Shop Savvy, rename it, particular CNET Reviews when practical and what do you have? CNET Scan & Shop. Just in instance for the holidays CBS Interactive has publicised this covering to support you study every types of assorted gadgets so you crapper encounter the prizewinning continuance patch on the go.


Here is the statement from Android Market:

Scan creation barcodes or start a creation study to directly admittance the stylish CNET Editor and User Reviews and study prices between online and topical retailers patch discover shopping!

Create wishlists of your selection products, ordered toll signal notifications, and deal your scans via Twitter, Facebook, or e-mail.

shopzilla 294x300By the looks of it, CBS has licensed the Shop Savvy covering from Big In Nihon and rebranded it for CNET with a some secondary tweaks. I could be wrong… but this covering looks nearly same to Shop Savvy. If you consortium CNET over every the another sources on the scheme than perhaps this is a beatific download but otherwise it doesn’t hit anything that Shop Savvy can’t already do itself.

[Via IntoMobile]