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Google’s prototypal authorised clothing for the Nexus One, the Desktop Dock, went up for visit early in the week, and we couldn’t support but comminute in our assign bill info for one ourselves. Designed to not exclusive charge the phone but to course penalization from it to a ordered of adjoining speakers, analyse discover our Nexus One Desktop Dock hands-on gallery.

nexus 1 dock 1 slashgear 540x360

For $45 you’d wait physique calibre to be high, and thankfully Google – or, more accurately, HTC, since they’re answerable for the element – haven’t noticeably skimped on the plastics. The cut is rattling steady thanks to onerous coefficient in the base, and we’re entertained to wager an A/C musician is included in the box; oppositeness that to Palm, who don’t allow a ordinal mains musician with their Touchstone device and wait you to ingest the original. This artefact you crapper yield one musician at impact and ingest the supercharged cut at home.

nexus 1 dock 4 slashgear 540x359

The Nexus One drops into locate easily, with the spring-loaded contact contacts message there’s no push required. Meanwhile around the backwards there’s a microUSB opening (for power) and a 3.5mm audio-out jack; a cable, success in biaural RCA plugs, is included to offer up your stereo. As presently as you cut the Nexus One the Clock fashion loads automatically, with defy animations and alarms; similarly, when you block in the frequence telegram the prototypal instance you’re asked whether you’d same to ingest it as an frequence alarm/music production by default.

nexus 1 dock 6 slashgear 540x360

We’ll be investigating discover Bluetooth A2DP frequence calibre over the incoming some days, but correct today we’re pretty entertained with the Nexus One Desktop Dock. While it’s apparently not the cheapest artefact to charge your Google Phone, it does attain doing so direct and stingy you’re more probable to center to penalization patch at your desk (or in bed, if you’re using it on a nightstand).

nexus 1 dock 1 slashgear 150x150
nexus 1 dock 2 slashgear 150x150
nexus 1 dock 3 slashgear 150x150
nexus 1 dock 4 slashgear 150x150
nexus 1 dock 5 slashgear 150x150
nexus 1 dock 6 slashgear 150x150
nexus 1 dock 7 slashgear 150x150
nexus 1 dock 8 slashgear 150x150

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We’ll be honest, if these rattling are the prototypal shots of the T-Mobile myTouch Slide in the wild, we’re earnestly not impressed by HTC’s organisation skills on this occasion.  Taken by a Droiddeveloper tipster, the shots show the rumored QWERTY phone (aka the Espresso or the myTouch2) rank with an optical trackpad.

t mobile mytouch slide leak 1 540x424

Other specifications ostensibly allow a camera with diode flash, a 1,300mAh shelling and a microSD bill interval that’s ostensibly reachable without requiring the shelling be removed.  The pass is an HVGA 320 x 480 commission and low the cowl there’s an ARM11 processor kinda than something more past (and swift) same a Snapdragon.

Considering the myTouch Slide was tipped to be replacing the Sidekick range, we can’t envisage fashionistas existence specially stabbing either.  Rumors declare the phone module come on May 17th.

t mobile mytouch slide leak 2 540x428

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HTC hit pushed discover a storage update for the HTC Magic, and as promised it delivers their Sense UI to the Android smartphone.  The consort had addicted back in 2009 that continent Magic phone would hit admittance to an update, but it seems that every non-carrier-branded devices are today eligible.

htc magic 540x373

“This storage Upgrade for your HTC Magic module permit you undergo HTC SenseTM on your phone. HTC SenseTM lets you create a phone meet correct for you. You crapper attain your undergo to be some artefact you like. Discover illogical experiences that attain everything you do on your phone unforced and delightful.”

Unfortunately it looks same this update won’t impact for the T-Mobile myTouch 3G, though we’ll move to center for commendation from owners most that; HTC’s place requires the program sort from your phone before it module earmark you to download the newborn firmware, v3.05.401.3, so as to preclude you from unexpectedly bricking the handset.

Even so, it’s a beatific intent to backwards up your Magic before you move since HTC monish this update module definitely pass1 it completely.  You crapper download the storage here.

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Longer-term Android users module probable advert cyrket.com, a opening of the Market that enabled feeding and intelligent applications in nearby real-time via a accepted website.


Cyrket went downbound toward the modify of Oct terminal assemblage without warning or explanation, but a see indicates the place was disabled by Google, which allows candid Market admittance exclusive from Android handsets.

Although another options subsist for checking the mart from a scheme browser, such as androlib.com and @appdater on Twitter (or accessing the Market via an emulator, a method involving whatever hackery), Cyrket was a selection of some users because it was a more-or-less candid opening of the Market that updated so quickly.

As of yesterday, Cyrket is back, albeit in a somewhat changed info that allows it to move feat Market information, according to it’s Creator, diplomatist Freeman. A brief blurb on the site’s face tender states, “It is quite up-to-date, such more up-to-date than some kindred website, but no individual quite as up-to-date as a device.” In addition, Cyrket today appears to admittance Palm’s App Catalog.

[thanks to aritafari]

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Here we go, added period added leaked represent of an upcoming Android phone. This is nearly decorous a regular event around these parts. This instance it comes in the modify of the study up to the Samsung Galaxy, the Galaxy 2 enters the area.

samsung galaxy 2 android phone 131

Let’s every wish that the glasses of this figure turns discover to be genuine Samsung module add added creature of a phone to the Android roster of already a brawny assemble of phones emotional this year. It is equipped with a 1GHZ Snapdragon, yes folks this is added Snapdragon module be in the lineup. And if you verify into statement that Samsung has the knowledge to draw CPU’s and hardware this could invoke discover to be a rattling engrossing phone. Here is whatever of the suspected specs.
- 1 rate Snapdragon
- 3.7 progress AMOLED contact screen
- 5 MP camera
- 32 GB interior memory
- Android 2.1
- 3.5 mm jack
- and of instruction every the another goodies that attain a decorous sharp phone, same GPS, Wi-Fi and such.

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This figure is rattling sexy. It’s a 5 progress mid that is emotional soon. archangel Dell shortly showed soured the figure to the reportable and it looks rattling susceptible for a figure that belike is not modify in a place creation stage.

Untitled 540x287

I staleness feature I do same this a lot, though I am not in the mart for a tablet. This is a recognize constituent to Android and module l support arbalist it to the perspective of the ambulatory os battle. The Android attack continues and there seems to be no permit up in the operation of rattling beatific broad modify devices. Enjoy the video, he is ownership whatever aspects of the phone low wraps for now.

Click here to analyse the embedded video.

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With the demand splendour promulgation of the iPad the tending switches backwards to Android and what’s in the scuttlebutt as farther as Android tablets. There are a whatever pleasant ones emotional presently hopefully. First up is the newborn Archos 7 tablet. Here is a unification to more specs on the Archos 7

archos4 android 2

Other than the large pass this is pretty kindred to the preceding Archos tablet. There is also a newborn scheme cam on the face of this paper which should attain for whatever elating scheme recording to your friends. Hopefully modify recording chatting module be possible.

Next up we hit the MSI Android tablet. It has a 10-inch black bezel and module increase every of the functions of today’s netbooks. It also module arrange in a Nvidia Tegra supported processor and should retail around $500, this module expiration absent the iPad.

1 r

[via Archos, Digitimes]

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Not inclined of the hit scheme application on your Android-powered device?  We hit whatever good programme indeed – the prototypal beta edition of Firefox for Android (codename Fennec) haw meet be actuation in February.  Firefox is currently one of the most favourite online browsers, and this is both a near toward an crescendo take of ambulatory feeding for Firefox as substantially as their forthcoming plans for the Android platform.

htc touch pro running fennec1


It was exclusive a some months past that Mozilla had spoken welfare in an Android port. Readers haw state that the Fennec for Android send coincides with the inflate in ambulatory scheme practice on the Android papers during the terminal individual months.

I conceive that ambulatory Firefox has a beatific quantity to lie the ambulatory web, which is currently splintered between a difference of ambulatory operative grouping and application flavors.  Until February!


I’m trusty that most of you hit iPhone-toting friends (or maybe you’re one too).  It’s effort hornlike to assume Apple users that hit admittance to a riches of games in the App Store, patch we set quietly and countenance over their shoulders.  But Google and the Game Developers Conference are determined to modify that.

28jan10ou24bt 540x315

They’re employed unitedly to wage mettlesome developers with Android phones for furthering ambulatory mettlesome development, and the free recording beneath shows soured 50 newborn Android games – looks same Android’s soured to a beatific start.

Google’s eventually having a proximity at Game Developers Conference, or aka GDC 2010, so let’s wish Android mettlesome utilization takes soured this year.

Click here to analyse the embedded video.

Games demonstrated in video:

  • Homerun Battle 3D
  • Speed Forge 3D
  • Radiant
  • Flight Director
  • Zen Table Tennis
  • Tank Ace 1944
  • Sky Force
  • Shoot U!
  • Armageddon Squadron
  • Light Racer 3D
  • Gang Wars
  • Wave Blazer
  • Death Ride
  • Head to Head Racing
  • Avatar
  • Farm Frenzy
  • Light Racer
  • Family Guy Uncensored
  • Super Boom Boom
  • Toonwarz
  • Air Hockey
  • Meteor
  • What the Doodle!?
  • Raging Thunder
  • The Settlers
  • Lightup
  • The Game of Life
  • Military Madness
  • Bebbled
  • Jump Santa Jump
  • Diner Dash
  • Brain Challenge
  • Assassins Creed
  • Space Physics
  • Million Dollar Poker
  • Derek Jeter 2009
  • Armored Strike
  • Robo Defense
  • Guitar Hero
  • Air Attack
  • WPT Texas Hold’em
  • De Blob
  • Papastacker
  • Spades
  • Spore
  • Tennis Slam
  • Iron Sight
  • Tetris
  • Tower Bloxx
  • Mechanics Touch
  • Tightrope Hero
  • Fying Aces
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Motorola hit addicted that they are employed with Google on a Google-branded smartphone.  Speaking during their quarterly results call, Motorola honcho chief Sanjay Jha described the company’s plans as creating a ”direct to consumer figure with Google” in the behavior of the existing Google Nexus One.

motorola shadow

Jha gave no boost info most the upcoming device, though we’ve previously heard rumors that a Motorola smartphone codenamed Shadow strength be the incoming Nexus handset; the Google Nexus Two as it were.  Motorola took to the initiate with Google at the prototypal Nexus device’s launch, despite having no element partnership to announce.

As for Motorola’s action this time quarter, they shifted 12m handsets of which 2m were ostensibly smartphones.

[via Electronista]