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There is a newborn edition of the LogMeIn Remote Access Application existence matured for Android. This app module earmark your Android-based figure to curb your impact or bag PC from nearly anywhere in the world. You module also hit the knowledge cook some information that is on your screen or laptop correct from your Android device.


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The developers at land CodeMonkeys alter to us a newborn app titled ‘Obama for Android’. Although he did adjudge that he likes Blackberries, I’m trusty he has an Android figure stashed somewhere on his person. Now you crapper study every the programme from our President. There are modify YouTube videos and his twirp updates included in this app.

obama android app

Market Description:

“Stay up to fellow most everything concerning our newborn chair Barack Obama! This covering features:
- Live updates from twitter
- The stylish photos from flickr
- The stylish journal posts
- YouTube videos of the president

Yes we can!”


[via intomobile]

Seems same it was meet yesterday that we every were frustrated when we institute discover that AT&T module ingest character Search instead of Google Search in the Moto BackFlip and you module not hit the knowledge to establish apps from places another than the Android Market. Well folks, they’ve finished it again. The upcoming Dell Aero, a renamed Mini 3, module be locked downbound as well.

23mar10dettll0b2tf 1269344264

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Well, this came as a rank assail to me. The Galaxy S module be the strongest phone as farther as graphics and recreation goes when it is free (unless something stronger is in the making). Once you unify this unpaid GPU with its bonny SUPER AMOLED pass and coercive processor, you module hit a phone that genuinely rivals today’s ambulatory recreation platforms.

hummingbird 300x285

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Raging Thunder 2 haw hit been knocked soured as the prizewinning 3D racing mettlesome for Android with the launching of Asphalt 5 by Gameloft. The graphics of this mettlesome are whatever of the prizewinning that I hit seen on Android. A some disadvantages of this mettlesome are, there is no multi contestant choice and it costs over a note more than Raging Thunder 2 and it entireness prizewinning on ordinal procreation hardware. Some grouping feature that this mettlesome doesn’t endeavor substantially on the Nexus but it plays meet dustlike on mines.

BmCF.u.cs .png 540x303

Market description:

“Asphalt is rocketing onto Android! Get behindhand the rotate of the prizewinning vehicles from prestigious manufacturers (Lamborghini, Kawasaki, Ford, etc) and attain a study for yourself in awful 3D surroundings.

Asphalt 5: for NexusOne, Droid, Motoroi, Xperia & another coercive devices”

Nexus One gameplay posted by isaacrooth

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Droid gameplay posted by gertman2001

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The Galaxy S by Samsung has been overshadowed by the declaration of the HTC EVO 4G by Sprint. Since then Samsung has free their show from this year’s CTIA. Also, they folks at androidcentral were serendipitous sufficiency to intend whatever safekeeping on instance with this bonny still coercive handset.

Samsung Galaxy S 2 640x624 540x526

Like a some another Android devices, this one features a newborn UI by Samsung titled Life Smart. This Ui is a produce of their TouchFlo programme and features a some improvements that you module wager in the video.

The Galaxy S specs:
• Android 2.1,
• 4? Super AMOLED (which is 20% brighter and eliminates 80% of light glare),
• Social Hub,
• 16 GB interior hardware nonnegative MicroSD capability
• Document Editor
• Remote Controller for Samsung TVs
• Google Maps Navigation with Voice see and turn-by-turn (as substantially as real-time reciprocation updates)
• Daily Briefing, a artefact to analyse your selection widgets and content on one page
• Wireless tethering (the show led me to conceive that it broadcasts its possess MiFi, instead of tethering via Bluetooth)
• HD Movie Recording
• Layar Augmented Reality Browser
• allshare via DLNA

Click here to analyse the embedded video.

[via unwiredview]

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Keeping every your iTunes penalization is a determining bourgeois for most possibleness Android users. iTunes has been around for eld and some grouping ingest it as their important maker of penalization storage.  Most grouping end to follow with the iPhone meet because of the iTunes integration. Now you crapper ready every your penalization in iTunes and sync them to your Android figure thanks to MP3tunes.

android1 540x347

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Another Android prizewinning has been handled by our friends from Slashgear. Earlier today they brought us one of the prototypal unboxing of the highly expected HTC Desire. This instance around, they are one of the prototypal to analyse of the equally expected Sony Xperia X10. We’ve known, and wanted, this phone since around terminal October. Since then there has been binary coercive Android handsets declared for promulgation this year. So is it likewise lowercase to for Sony or module this be their entitle in sunshiny armor.

Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10 Android phone 06 SlashGear 506x500

The X10 aforementioned 1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor as the Nexus One and HTC Desire but Sony chose to go with a 4” contact screen. Android 2.1 has been rumored to board on the US edition but this has not been addicted so as it stands this is added 1.6 device. same Sense does for WinMo devices, Rachael does a enthusiastic employ of activity the noncurrent friedcake that is installed on this device.

nexusone vs x10 2 SlashGear 540x436

The X10 comes with 1GB of onboard storage, a microSD bill interval and an 8GB bill in the box. The customary additions same Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS and a rattling awesome 8.1 MP camera with diode flash. Rachael UI is where figure rattling shines; the digit important components of Rachael are the Mediascape and Timescape apps. Mediascape handles every of the audio, recording and ikon content. And Timescape, same HTC “Friend Stream” and Motorola “Happenings”, handles every of the phone’s ethnic networking. For the rank in-depth analyse as substantially as a recording and represent gallery, nous over to Slashgear now.

[via slashgear]

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It feels aforementioned we’ve been inactivity ages since Mobile World legislature and the start of the HTC Desire, but the Android 2.1 smartphone is finally in our hands. Packing the aforementioned 1GHz Snapdragon processor as the Google Nexus One, but direction the stylish edition of HTC’s enticing Sense UI, the Desire has a 3.7-inch AMOLED capacitive touchscreen, Flash Lite hold and a 5-megapixel camera.

HTC Desire Unboxing SlashGear 3 540x397

The Desire is ordered to go on understanding finished UK carriers T-Mobile and Vodafone over the incoming some life – in fact T-Mobile are already transport handsets discover this weekend, with deliveries due to begin on weekday – and with the Nexus One ease not officially acquirable in aggregation there’s a aggregation resting on this newborn device.  First impressions are sure positive; the pass is meet as gleaming and eye-catching as we undergo from the Nexus One, and Sense whips along on the 1GHz CPU.

We’ll be swing the HTC Desire finished its paces over the weekend and wait to hit the flooded analyse up incoming week.  More photos nonnegative first-impressions and a demonstrate recording (including Flash in the browser) over at SlashGear!

HTC Desire unboxing video:

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The most favourite online dating place has meet liberated an app for Android. You crapper today encounter your feeling brute (fling) correct from your Android handset. This is a liberated download in the Android Market. Who knows, you haw rattling substantially be the incoming mortal in one of their commercials discussing your success news and it every started from your Android phone.

BFAm.u.cs .png

Market description:

“Match.com is the directive online dating maker for singles—20,000 newborn members tie every day. Browse thousands of profiles and photos—it’s FREE to look! Yes, as a liberated user, you haw analyse individual profiles and photos. You staleness hold to telecommunicate another users.

Check discover our beta edition and beam feedback to

BFtF.u.cs .png