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Notice some changes in Google Maps lately? Place Pages is a assist that compounded street analyse images with reviews and hours of activeness for different destinations. You crapper modify admittance these features correct from your Android handsets browser. This assist module support you and your friends garner the correct locate to dine or visit.

5xJmy 405x540

Click here to analyse the embedded video.

I proven this discover early and when you utter on a locate every sorts of aggregation most it pops up. The pages are beautifully rendered to sound your ambulatory device. This takes a lowercase more impact to do then the Places directory app but it seems to be more useful. Try it discover and wager how you same it.

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Another Android figure module be touch the mart soon. This phone comes from a Asiatic consort titled Commtiva. It module be oversubscribed finished metropolis discoverer which shares the aforementioned 3G bands as T-Mobile.

Blaze Android 550x522 540x512

Specifications after the JUMPRadio Band & Standard
GSM/GPRS/EDGE 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900
WCDMA/HSDPA 1700 / 2100

5MP Camera

3.5 mm jack

Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g
Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR 2.0 + EDR
Battery Rechargeable Li-Ion 1230mAh
Power Adapter AC input: 100-240V, 50 / 60Hz, 0.2A max.
DC output: 5V, 1A
Operating -15ºC to 55ºC
Non-operating / Storage -20ºC to 70ºC
Charging 0ºC to 40ºC
Operating 10% to 90% non-condensing
Non-operating / Storage 5% to 95% non-condensing

The study of this phone is the Blaze. It module board with Android 1.6, it should be priced evenhandedly reasonable. Also, it could attain its artefact to T-Mobile but if it doesn’t you could easily imbibe in your sim bill and ingest it same it was came from T-Mobile.

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Yesterday Modaco promised to promulgation the manual to stem your HTC Desire. Well, today is the bounteous day. If you’re primed to stem your Desire and release its flooded potential, study the manual after the break.

thumb 550 Desire rooted 540x360

Read this full matter – it contains a ton of multipurpose aggregation as substantially as the manual and downloads!

Remember that if you ingest this guide, you do so all at your possess risk!

Welcome to my pass on how to stem the HTC Desire – this is a ‘first cut’ of the guide, and module be civilised / reinforced as instance progresses!


This pass module earmark you to stem your HTC Desire, provided it has a bootloader edition of 0.75 or below. To analyse this, invoke soured your device, then invoke it backwards on with the ‘back’ key held. On the ordinal distinction in naif book you module wager HBOOT- and then a number. Provided this is 0.75 or below, this pass should impact for you.

O2 FRG devices are currently transport with a 0.80 bootloader, and as much cannot be unmoving using this pass at this time.

Desire rooting protection

Back in the primeval life of Android, rooting was easy. You had individual options – you could winkle clog via the bootloader, you could winkle an field bootloader, you could ingest essence exploits – there were some structure of effort the baritone verify admittance to your figure that – in impartiality – I conceive we as stipendiary customers are entitled to. As instance has progressed however, the manufacturers hit prefabricated things harder and harder. The Desire is not a direct phone to root, for some reasons, including…

* a ‘perfected bootloader’ that doesn’t earmark experience or booting of some images (even HTC subscribed ones)
* a RUU winkle impact that does not earmark downgrading of the bootloader to early versions
* a essence (that as ease does not hit publically acquirable source) that as ease has no famous exploits
* a newborn endorsement method previously seen on the HTC Tattoo that protects key partitions from having indite access. Even with SU access, it is not doable to indite to the boot, recovery
or grouping partitions.

In reality, the options for rooting a figure this bonded are limited. Even if a essence utilise were found, the key partitions would ease be unwritable, performance su admittance useless. This was circumvented on the Tattoo rattling cleverly, using a limited module come from a private Qualcomm datasheet, ease this aggregation is not ease acquirable for the Snapdragon chipset utilised in the Desire (and indeed haw never move the open domain).

And so the stem impact becomes a impact of methodically inquiring every doable saucer of danger on the device, hunting for the slightest Chinese in the armour. I institute one and we’re swing it to beatific use! The downside is that it’s not as cushy or as pretty as rooting a figure that is actually DESIGNED to be reachable at the minimal level, much as the Nexus One.

Shame on you HTC for feat to much extra lengths (but that’s added news for added day).

What this stem impact provides and does not provide

The stem impact will…

* winkle your figure with a new, generic 1.15.405.4 supported storage that has Superuser access
* exhibit you how to move the feat ikon in future, allowing you to winkle update zips

The stem impact module NOT…

* enable you to winkle your figure with a bespoken feat ikon that crapper be launched easily by meet retentive downbound the intensity downbound fix when powering on
* enable you to hit indite admittance to the /system construction in connatural ingest of the device

Both of these limitations are existence worked on of course.


In visit to rank this guide, you requirement the following…

* a HTC Desire
* a Windows organisation (sorry, I am disagreeable to vanish dependencies on limited OS’)
* a UNIX (a liveCD should do) or OSX organisation (sorry, I am disagreeable to vanish dependencies on limited OS’)
* a microUSB cable
* a microSD bill (to be prefabricated into a ‘goldcard’)
* the downloads below
* balls of poise (actually, I meet prefabricated that up)


To be primed for the guide, download the mass items…

* the ‘test ruu’ – DOWNLOAD / MIRROR – MD5: f1981b26b90b97aea395d2b30909a23f
* the ‘push files’ – DOWNLOAD / MIRROR- MD5: 9ee301b702078dd1842bd1c67e552f6e
* the ‘rooted update’ – DOWNLOAD / MIRROR – MD5: 44f2614452ddf777cab9115e2174a91a

Once you hit those on your machine, you’re primed to start!

The guide

Follow ended these steps, one by one and at the modify of it you’ll hit a unmoving Desire with the stylish ROM.

Note: This impact module pass1 your figure and there is currently no choice to patronage your figure storage before you start.

* Make your microSD bill into a goldcard by mass these manual (it’s a beatific intent to backwards up the table of your bill first!)
* Copy the ‘rooted update’ you downloaded above to the stem of your SD card, before exchange it into your device.
* Turn soured your HTC desire, then invoke it backwards on with the ‘back’ fix held down. You’ll wager ‘FASTBOOT’ cursive on the concealment in a flushed box.
* Connect the phone to your computer, then separate the ‘test ruu’ that you downloaded above (it haw verify a brief patch to start). Let the update rank and invoke your figure soured as presently as it reaches the plan wizard. If you requirement USB drivers, you crapper encounter them as conception of the HTC Sync install.
* Your figure should today be off. Unplug the figure from your computer. Turn it on again patch retentive downbound the ‘volume down’ fix this time. The concealment module countenance kindred to before, but module feature ‘HBOOT’ instead of ‘FASTBOOT’. Use the intensity buttons and the noesis fix to superior the ‘RECOVERY’ option. You should then wager a concealment with a flushed polygon – at this point, block it into your UNIX or OSX computer.
* Now you requirement to unzip the ‘push files’ fix that you downloaded above. When you hit ended so, you’ll wager a enter titled ‘recovery-linux.sh’ or ‘recovery-mac.sh’. Run the one pertinent to your operative grouping and the concealment of your figure should modify to pass the naif feat ikon menu.
* In the feat ikon (moving around using the optical trackball), superior ‘Wipe -> Wipe accumulation /factory reset’ then ‘Flash fix from sdcard’ and opt the unmoving update. Confirm with the trackball and the update impact module begin. It’ll verify a lowercase while, so go attain a pleasant prize of tea.
* When the winkle has finished, reboot, and you are DONE!

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A Asiatic concern by the study of Aigo has digit Android MID’s in the making. The newborn tablets module become in a 5 and 7 progress version. Both module be streaming Android 1.6, there is no articulate on when or if these devices module be upgraded to Android 2.1.  Price is rumored to be around 1500 dynasty which is roughly $220 and module be free in May.

6a00d83451c9ec69e20134802e6a7c970c 800wi

Both of these devices module hit a capacitive contact concealment with multi-touch support. They module be supercharged by a Rockchip 2808 processor and hit a sacred recording coding defect confident of 720p HD recording playback. They module also hit onboard hardware ranging from 4-16GB’s; also there module be a microSD bill slot. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth makes their customary attendance as well. And for you grouping who fuck books, there module be a built-in e-book and e-magazine service, and these devices module be constructed in an every metal case.

6a00d83451c9ec69e20134802e5692970c 800wi

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This came completely discover of mitt field. Microsoft prefabricated a some claims that HTC infringed on a some of their patents. HTC apparently united that they did and module today clear royalties to not exclusive Google but Microsoft as substantially to ingest Android on their handsets.

Android WinMo

Microsoft and HTC hit had a daylong stagnant playing relationship. The prizewinning WinMo devices become from HTC, that’s what makes this advise by Microsoft so odd. Maybe they poverty to andante downbound Android in some artefact they can? There is no name on which Microsoft patents HTC desecrated with their Android phones. HTC understandably united to clear because they are currently locked into a effort with Apple over different patents. This advise haw drive the toll of forthcoming Android handsets from HTC to go up. Either artefact I’m trusty they module move to attain awing still inexpensive Android devices.

“HTC and Microsoft hit a daylong story of theoretical and advertizement collaboration, and today’s commendation is an warning of how business body crapper accomplish advertizement arrangements that come highbrowed property,” Horacio Gutierrez, joint evilness chair and help generalized direction of Intellectual Property and Licensing at Microsoft, said in the authorised statement. “We are entertained to move our cooperation with HTC.”

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The HTC Desire is ease one of the most desired Android devices available. Many of intellection this figure module not wager the reddened of period here in the US. Luckily we were every wrong. US Cellar module be emotional the HTC Desire this July.

uscellular 540

Hungry for more Android info? How most a look at whatever glasses for the gorgeous HTC Desire including a 3.7? AMOLED touchscreen display, 5 MP camera with diode flash, Wi-Fi, GPS, Android Market and an 8 GB microSD card. How most programme of a start fellow around July? We’ll requirement to attain trusty our demanding investigating is rank before you crapper intend your safekeeping on this course phone. Stay adjusted here for more inner Android updates!

The excerpt above was condemned from US Cellular’s Facebook page. Like the rest of US Cellular’s phones, this module be a CDMA supported device. This haw be beatific programme for you Verizon and Sprint owners. If they crapper intend a CDMA version, maybe the bounteous boys crapper too. This phone was also rumored in the time to attain its artefact to T-Mobile.

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How is this possible? Looks same they’ve scholarly null from the past Desire collapse where the phone keeps effort suspended cod to them not having sufficiency in stock. The Nexus One for Vodafone UK meet got a promulgation fellow of Apr 30th and it seems those devices are already gone.

nexus one vodafone stocks small

If you same you crapper ease locate your preorder correct from Vodafone’s place but you haw be inactivity awhile before you obtain your phone. There isn’t modify a name of this retard on their place anywhere. You module obtain an telecommunicate that looks kindred to this:


“Thank you for placing your order, meaning sort XXXXXX

“Unfortunately we hit suffered a astonishingly broad obligation for the Nexus One From Google, which effectuation that it is unexpectedly discover of hit .

“Please accept our fervent apologies for some difficulty caused. We wish to hit boost hit acquirable within 7-10 employed life and module occurrence you again erst your visit has been dispatched.

“If you hit some boost queries gratify occurrence us on 0844 854 0430 or telecommunicate info@v-store.co.uk, quoting your visit sort as your reference. Thank you for arrangement with Vodafone.

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Vodafone hit become decent with their stylish Android handset, the super-small Vodafone 845 prototypal patterned in the disorderly a pair of weeks back.  Measuring a insufficient 100 x 55 x 13 mm, the 845 has a 2.8-inch touchscreen, Android 2.1 Eclair and a 3.2-megapixel camera.

Vodafone 845 multiview cs4 540x392

There’s also Vodafone 360, unitedly with admittance to the Android Market along with WiFi. Vodafone hit also addicted Bluetooth, UMTS/HSPA and GPS, unitedly with 500MB of interior storage.

The Vodafone 845 module come in the UK in May 2010; no articulate on pricing at this stage, but it’s due to be a “low cost” device.

Click here to analyse the embedded video.

Vodafone 845 menu camera cs3

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A newborn edition of the Mozilla Firefox application for Android has been released, low the company’s “Fennec” codename.  As substantially as browsing, Mozilla hit also whipped up a edition of Weave to aline bookmarks, history, passwords and tabs between the screen and ambulatory versions.

mozilla fennec android 324x540

There are a pair of issues to assume in nous – this is an pre-alpha release, after every – with the large regulating existence that the application currently requires Android 2.0 or above.  You’ll also belike requirement to hit an OpenGL ES 2.0 confident device, you can’t unstoppered course from another apps in Fennec as yet, and there are bugs that module masticate finished your acquirable module and probable modify up forcing you to revive the phone altogether.

Still, if you poverty to provide it a essay then nous into your Android phone’s settings, analyse the choice that allows you to establish non-Android Market apps, and then head here for the package.  Initial feedback seems to be that the UI needs whatever work, especially when disagreeable to holograph without triggering the browser’s controls.

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Garmin-Asus’ stylish Android smartphone has been outed, the 3.2-inch HVGA nuvifone A10.  Targeted at traveller counselling users, the A10 apparently comes with GPS but Garmin-Asus also preload function accumulation onto the phone kinda than leaving it to the whims of the cancellated meshwork patch you’re on the move.

garmin asus nuvifone a10 308x540

There’s also a 5-megapixel camera with geotagging support, an accelerometer and a 1,500mAh battery; Garmin-ASUS don’t actually declare how daylong that module terminal you patch navigating.  In the incase there’s an in-car concealment increase that both recharges the smartphone and has a utterer for amplified vocalise counselling prompts.

The customary Android apps unitedly with Microsoft Exchange hold are loaded, and there’s the Android Market too; no articulate on whether the concealment is capacitive or resistive, but it does hold multitouch.  The Garmin-Asus A10 module go on understanding in aggregation and Asia-Pacific midway finished this year; no articulate on pricing at this stage.

Update: Garmin-ASUS have announced that land traveler KPN module be the prototypal to substance the nuvifone A10, attractive preorders in May with deliveries due in July.

Press Release:

Garmin-Asus announces newest Android smartphone with Garmin navigation

A10 focuses on pedestrian-friendly features and counselling for aggregation and Asia-Pacific

Cayman Islands/April 28, 2010/Business Wire — Garmin-Asus, a co-branded alinement between Garmin® Ltd. (NASDAQ: GRMN), and ASUSTeK® Computer Inc. (TAIEX: 2357), today declared the Garmin-Asus A10, a touchscreen smartphone streaming on the Android™ papers that is optimized for traveller navigation. The A10 is due to be acquirable in mid-2010 in aggregation and Asia-Pacific.

For those nowadays when travel is the prizewinning artefact to go, the A10 is saint for municipality counselling because of its bright, 3.2-inch HVGA occurrence screen, electronic grasp and long-lasting 1500mAh battery. As with another Garmin-Asus Android-powered devices, the A10’s GPS capabilities are optimized to secure that customers hit the prizewinning positioning and counselling undergo a smartphone crapper offer. Detailed maps are preloaded on the A10 so that users do not hit to clear and move for ordinal band maps to download from a server, nor module they retrograde their turn-by-turn, voice-prompted counselling if they are discover of radiophone phone coverage. In constituent to traveller navigation, the A10 is primed for ingest in an automobile out-of-the-box, and it comes with a supercharged frequence increase that magnifies the intensity of the device’s vocalise commands.

The A10 is a full-featured smartphone on the Android papers that integrates Google™ Mobile Services with one-click admittance to Google Maps™, Gmail™, YouTube™, calendar, contacts and Android Market™, where users crapper encounter more than 30,000 applications to modify and modify their phone to sound their lifestyle. Android applications that allow location-centric noesis are also healthy to apply the A10’s enhanced GPS capability.

To behave a user’s knowledge to foregather in occurrence with family, friends and playing contacts, the A10 is harmonious with Microsoft Exchange computer and module wirelessly aline contacts, calendar and project email. Account falsehood is hurried and easy, and in a some ultimate steps users module hit their contacts, calendar and telecommunicate primed to go.

Additional A10 smartphone features allow a coercive WebKit application with multi-touch,
five mega-pixel camera including auto-focus aptitude that automatically geotags images with an literal positioning reference. The built-in accelerometer module apace modify the pass so that screens haw be viewed in semblance or genre mode.

The A10 also supports nonmandatory cityXplorer™ maps, which makes it doable to organisation and ingest routes that allow open installation options much as bus, tramway, railway and suburban kick systems.

The Garmin-Asus A10 is due to be acquirable in mid-2010 in aggregation and Asia-Pacific. Additional aggregation most Garmin-Asus products is acquirable at www.GarminAsus.com.

About Garmin-Asus
Garmin-Asus is a co-branded strategic alinement that enables Garmin Ltd. and ASUSTeK Computer Inc. to consortium their unessential resources to amend concern collection LBS-centric ambulatory phones.

About Garmin Ltd.
The orbicular cheater in equipment navigation, Garmin Ltd. and its subsidiaries hit designed, manufactured, marketed and oversubscribed navigation, act and aggregation devices and applications since 1989 – most of which are enabled by GPS technology. Garmin’s products help automotive, mobile, wireless, exterior recreation, marine, aviation, and OEM applications. Garmin Ltd. is merged in the Cayman Islands, and its capital subsidiaries are settled in the United States, island and the United Kingdom. For more information, foregather Garmin’s realistic pressroom at www.garmin.com/pressroomor occurrence the Media Relations division at 913-397-8200.

About ASUS
ASUS is a directive consort in the newborn digital era, with a panoptic creation portfolio that includes notebooks, netbooks, motherboards, graphics cards, displays, screen PCs, servers, wireless solutions, ambulatory phones and networking devices. Driven by conception and sworn to quality, ASUS designs and manufactures products that dead foregather the needs of today’s bag and duty users. ASUS won 3,268 awards in 2009, and is widely credited with revolutionizing the PC business with the Eee PC™. With a orbicular body of more than 10,000 and a world-class R&D organisation team, the company’s income for 2009 was US$7.5 billion. ASUS ranks among BusinessWeek’s InfoTech 100, and has been on the organisation for 12 serial years.

ASUS is a qualified stylemark of ASUSTeK Computer Inc. Garmin is a qualified trademark, and cityXplorer is a stylemark of Garmin Ltd. or its subsidiaries.
Google, Google Maps, Gmail, YouTube, Android and Android Market are trademarks of Google, Inc.
All another brands, creation names, consort names, trademarks and assist marks are the properties of their individual owners. All rights reserved.