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Technically the study for this figure is the Samsung i897. Rumors hit it, this is AT&T’s edition of Galaxy S. they both deal nearly same glasses and looks. No start fellow has been leaked still but it looks same it’s rattling near to production.

att samsung galaxy s

The Galaxy S is due to attain its artefact to every field traveler in the US, these carriers would same to evolve their figure from the others so they could every countenance a lowercase different. This edition doesn’t hit the one fix at the lowermost and its modify bourgeois is amygdaliform at the bounds patch the example Galaxy S is more boxed. Also, there haw be a some of Google’s apps distant in souvenir of character and AT&T apps.

The Samsung i897 features Android 2.1, a 4 progress AMOLED concealment and a 5-megapixel camera. But this figure is rumored to hit a 1GHZ Snapdragon instead of the Cortex A8 that is installed in the Galaxy S. this is every we undergo for now, we’ll ready you updated if some newborn aggregation comes out.

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After Sling Media showed soured their SlingPlayer for Android beta, we knew we had to hit a essay ourselves.  After a lowercase cajoling we got our safekeeping on the pre-release code and booted it up on a Google Nexus One for a place-shifting play.

slingplayer mobile android ac 2 540x338

The app is understandably nearly primed for prime-time, though we did connexion whatever issues when it came to approaching and reopening it.  Image calibre over WiFi was decorous – especially since we were investigating the app in the UK, with noesis existence shifted from a US-based Slingbox crooked up to a DISH Network STB – though we haven’t been healthy to impart it employed over 3G as yet.

[Update: We've uttered with Sling Media most the 3G unification issues we've been seeing, and they conceive it could be to do with the O2 meshwork in the UK that our Nexus One is using; ostensibly they've seen kindred issues with O2 iPhones.  They're hunting into the supply and we'll revisit this when they hit a solution; unneeded to say, they impart Sling over 3G to impact on Android, and it's performing meet as it should over US 3G networks.]

More first-impressions over at SlashGear.

slingplayer mobile android ac 1 150x150
slingplayer mobile android ac 2 150x150
slingplayer mobile android ac 3 150x150
slingplayer mobile android ac 4 150x150
slingplayer mobile android ac 5 150x150
slingplayer mobile android ac 6 150x150
slingplayer mobile android ac 7 150x150
slingplayer mobile android ac 8 150x150
slingplayer mobile android ac 9 150x150
slingplayer mobile android ac 10 150x150
slingplayer mobile android ac 0 150x150


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One of the things Sprint didn’t hit primed in instance for our HTC EVO 4G review was Qik recording chitchat functionality, the knowledge to attain recording calls to another Qik users via the smartphone’s front-facing camera.  Now, according to a revealing to AndroidGuys, it turns discover the functionality haw add modify more on crowning of the EVO 4G’s base monthly costs.

htc evo 4g qik price leak 540x405

They’ve conventional a leaked screenshot purportedly from exclusive Sprint, which tips a $4.99 monthly assist calculate for the Qik recording call system.  That would be stipendiary via Paypal kinda than included in your monthly Sprint bill.

With Skype recording occupation for Android due later on in the year, we’re reluctant to move stipendiary Sprint (or Qik) $5 a period for the aforementioned service.


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Skype’s exclusivity care with Verizon Wireless has mitt some Android owners bemoaning the epilepsy of the VoIP app on their non-Verizon handsets, but that could every be dynamical soon.  According to Skatter Tech’s occurrence with the company, Skype are thinking to alter a ambulatory recording occupation app to the Android Market after in 2010, and it module be freely acquirable kinda than restricted to a azygos carrier.

skype mobile htc evo 4g 540x283

“Skype envisions a concern where recording plays a large persona in the artefact we communicate. The incoming procreation conception involving recording occupation module not be extremity to the computer. We’re sight a proliferation of recording occupation mutual between every kinds of adjoining devices. It’s on computers (today 1/3 of every calls on Skype hap via video), televisions (Skype transfer recording calls to experience flat via Panasonic, Samsung & LG partnership), and it module yet be reaching to ambulatory devices too. We’re sporting bounteous on video, and we impart to ordered the forbid on ambulatory recording calling, and it’s something we’re feat to do this year.

We module be transfer a candid to consumer app to the Android activity after this year. This covering module be acquirable for every consumers globally to download disregarding of carriers. (i.e. kindred to how we substance the iPhone app today)”

– Brianna Reynaud, Skype PR

The app module be of portion welfare to Sprint HTC EVO 4G owners, since the phone has a front-facing recording camera making it saint for Skype recording chat.  Unfortunately it’s not a feature mutual by some another Android devices at the underway time.

What relic to be addicted is what another functionality the Skype Android app module have; we’re presuming VoIP for voice-only calls module be supported, as on the screen client, but Skype’s evidence carefully edges around making some interpret on vocalise calls.


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A member from histrion Forums benchmarked his Shadow with an app titled Quadrant. The results were rattling approbatory for the Shadow especially if it is streaming Android 2.1 or lower. It took ordinal locate in a action effort correct behindhand the Nexus One on Android 2.2 and correct above the Samsung Galaxy S which took ordinal place.

Motorolashadwobenchmarknexusone thumb 303x540

All grounds leads us to conceive the Shadow that was utilised in this investigating is streaming Android 2.2. The Shadow has a PowerVR SGX 530 GPU patch the Samsung Galaxy S has a PowerVR SGX 540 GPU and a 1 GHZ processor. The Shadow would sure retrograde to the Galaxy in a nous to nous contest on the aforementioned OS. Either artefact the Shadow is manufacture up to be a pleasant figure and it hasn’t modify been declared officially.

Here is the criterion recording of the OMAP 3430 utilised in the DROID vs the OMAP 3630 rumored to be utilised in the Shadow.

Click here to analyse the embedded video.

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A recording demonstrate of the upcoming Sling Player has fresh surfaced. This marginal for Android haw has been highly expected since Android was introduced. Some grouping haw poverty it more than most Android phones.


Sling Player for Android is currently itemize as “coming soon” but it has been in clannish beta investigating for awhile now. Judging from its action it’s rattling near to existence released. If you haven’t heard of Sling Player before it allows you to course springy TV from your telegram of equipment bourgeois direct to your machine or ambulatory device. The prizewinning abstract most this edition is it has a newborn feature for Android that allows you to analyse your selection channels on your handset. It also is confident of watch touchable that is ransomed on your DVR at home.

Click here to analyse the embedded video.

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Ok I’ll be the prototypal to feature it, every these broad megapixel cameras on radiophone phones are undignified and I fuck it. Altek declared the prototypal 14 megapixel camera phone, it’s titled the person and it could become armored with Android. If this does in fact invoke discover to be an Android phone, it module without a uncertainty hit the prizewinning camera acquirable on some Android device, maybe modify the prizewinning camera on some phone in general.

altec leo 3 5g 2

Three of the quaternary fleshly keys above are the aforementioned keys commonly institute on Android phones. It’s doable that the ordinal is a see key though it haw start the camera app. Although this phone has been announced, the OS hasn’t. I for one module ready my fingers decussate for Android to be installed on this device.

altec leo 3 5g 1

Besides having a large 14 MP camera, it is confident of HD transcription recording and also has a 3x optical ascent lens. It has both Xenon and diode winkle and is due to be presented at CommunicAsia 2010 circumstance in June. There’s also Wi-Fi, 3G and it module sure hit a microSD card.

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When Google free Buzz backwards in February, Android users with 2.0 or higher were the exclusive assemble to full savor it from their ambulatory device. Today Google has updated Buzz impact on some browser. This is probable an endeavor by Google improve the popularity of Buzz.

buzz pic 1

Just identify buzz.google.com in phones application and you module be healthy to login an savor Buzz in every its glory. From here you crapper analyse the course of sound posts, interpret on place or modify display your possess place both open and privately. If you hit a pre 2.0 edition of Android and ever desired to essay Buzz from your phone, you crapper do so now.

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Since Android 2.2 was free to developer’s phones recently, modders around the concern has been employed hornlike to opening it to another Android devices. Froyo haw be making its artefact to the Acer Liquid soon. A recording posted by Josselin Cornou shows Android 2.2 streaming on the Liquid.

acer liquid live 02

Unlike the imitation Froyo pictures of the Droid, this Liquid is indeed streaming Froyo. It was healthy to create linpack scores between 28-38, these drawing are doable because of JIT. The Acer Liquid runs a 1GHZ Snapdragon same the Nexus One so it should action meet as beatific erst its modded. For whatever think Acer opted to low measure its processor to 768.

From the recording there are a whatever kinks to workout but that’s due at this point. The bag concealment looks a lowercase assorted then hit Android 2.2, a bag equal haw hit been utilised or the developer belike denaturized it a bit. Hopefully this teenager module be free to the open presently so every of you Liquid owners haw be connexion the Nexus in whatever Froyo fun.

Click here to analyse the embedded video.

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T-Mobile has fresh declared the achievement of the Garmifone supercharged by Android. This is the prototypal Android figure that module feature Garmin navigation. T-Mobile also has a oppose on twirp where they module provide discover a some of these to the serendipitous winners.

thumb 550 android garminfone tmobile 540x363

The $199 toll includes a $50 channel and a newborn 2 assemblage contract. This is the ordinal Android figure T-Mobile is emotional in June. There’s ease a quantity for a ordinal if the Samsung Galaxy S gets a fast promulgation (not likely). Given the fact that this phone has Android 1.6 and is not as coercive as handsets that’s been fresh released, $199 haw be a taste high.

Since this is a Garmin product, it module be flooded of guidance goodies and there is a cut included in the packaging. As farther as the oppose goes:

“The T-Mobile Garminfone Navigate Your Life Sweepstakes module start at 10:30 a.m. Pacific Time today on T-Mobile’s Twitter account, gift Twitter users the possibleness to get one of fivesome Garminfones. To enter, Twitter users staleness study @TMobile_USA and are pleased to sound their most engrossing news most effort forfeited without a GPS device. Entries staleness ingest the hashtag #needgarminfone. The deadline for entries is 11:59 a.m. on June 9. Official Rules are at http://ow.ly/1PPFr.”

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