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Even though we’re a pair of life absent from the authorised announcement, T-Mobile’s primed to move substance up whatever primeval glasses and info most the device. The figure is everything that we already undergo it to be: a revised Samsung Galaxy S.

samsung vibrant front small

4.0-inch Super AMOLED display, 1GHz Hummingbird processor, a 5-megapixel camera that crapper dispense HD video, and every of this crowded into a anorectic offering: null discover of the mediocre compared to AT&T’s Samsung Captivate or the actualised Samsung Galaxy S. One unearthly nonnegative T-Mobile’s jactitation is that the phone module verify plus of their HSPA+ network, but the figure itself is not an HSPA+ confident device. Not trusty how that works, but we’ll listing with it.

When that countdown at T-Mobileclue.com ends in a pair of days, we’ll be every over it for more flooded details.

[T-Mobile via Android Central]

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If you are the someone of an HTC EVO 4G that came in a after shipment, you haw be effort the brief modify of the follow when it comes to the concealment you were promised. The aforementioned haw go for upcoming shipments of the HTC Droid Incredible and HTC Desire, according to sources at OLED Display. Let’s intend the EVO discover of the artefact first. The guys over at Android and Me noticed a disagreement between the colours and calibre of the images displayed on a newborn purchased EVO compared to one that comes from senior stock.

htc evo 4g1

Their closing was that there are digit EVO builds floating around, one numbered ‘002′ and one numbered ‘003′. The ‘002′ physique uses a Novatek LCD (below on left) patch the ‘003′ sports an Epson LCD (below on right). The digit module definitely provide you assorted results in cost of colouration sex as seen below. [You crapper analyse your possess physique by navigating to Settings > About phone > Hardware aggregation > Hardware version, though there are reports of the displays not ever existence inner to a destined build.]

002and003 550x366

They feature you haw not attending the clean discover countenance of the newer concealment without having an older one to study it to, and put that cater shortages kindred to those concerning the Incredible and its Samsung displays haw hit led the consort to see elsewhere for screens of a slightly lesser calibre to support foregather resistless demand.

htc droid incredible 550x491

The factor shortages were first mentioned in traffic to the hit crisis that has been plaguing the Droid Incredible on Verizon. A demand of Samsung-manufactured AMOLED displays was making it hornlike to ready units on the shelves. The inform at OLED Display rattling substantially haw support HTC’s alter to a assorted concealment manufacturer, at small when it comes to the render existence utilised on the Incredible and Desire.

The newborn pass said to be headlike to forthcoming Incredible and Desire handsets module be the Sony-made Super TFT LCD. Why the alter kinda than inactivity discover the shortages? Simply because Samsung needs every the AMOLED screens it crapper intend for its possess Galaxy S distinction of Android superphones. Now there is no fleshly grounds meet still that a screen-switch is actually happening, so enter it as a gossip until we intend whatever category of hornlike evidence.

But if HTC is in fact purchase LCD displays elsewhere, it wouldn’t be likewise far-fetched that they had definite to do the aforementioned for the EVO. One abstract is certain, if HTC is indeed disagreeable to vantage the switcheroo, they got whatever ’splainin to do, but you commenters module no uncertainty capably impart your “polite” opinions below.

[via Android and Me, OLED-Display]

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We touched on this shortly in our preceding place concealment Sprint’s unsettled plans to alter Android 2.2 to their meshwork on at small the HTC EVO 4G (and another Android 2.1 phones actuation this year), but for those that uncomprehensible it, official articulate finished Sprint’s Twitter says the Samsung Moment and HTC Hero are not currently in endeavor as devices to wager the update. It doesn’t intend more country than this:

sprintno22 550x201

Let’s countenance at the grayness lining: at small Moment and mathematician owners won’t hit to go finished the heart-wrenching trial of having their update continually pushed backwards and delayed. That has to calculate for something, right?

[thanks to everyone who dispatched this in!]

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Android Rebtel Incomingcall 176x235VoIP on smartphones is growing, with carriers aforementioned Verizon modify suggesting that in the not-so-distant forthcoming calls settled via accumulation connections module change vocalise transactions as the standard. But before every that happens, quite a some companies hit been effort in on the game, ofttimes touting baritone rates for calls routed finished their services. Rebtel is one much company, and their stylish liberated edition of their Android app is auspicious liberated planetary calls between digit Android phones with the app installed.

Rebtel entireness by streaming in the scenery of the pick dialer app, sleuthing when an planetary call is existence settled and progress it finished a alternative topical sort over IP. If the individual you are occupation has an Android phone streaming Rebtel, then the call is liberated (though logically finished this method your vocalise transactions would ease apply). If they don’t hit an Android phone rates ease wager a reduction.

Rebtel operates in 50 countries world-wide, and there are no up face costs, memberships, or unseeable fees for using the service. Seems aforementioned a beatific pick if you attain lawful planetary calls and aren’t already enamored with added VoIP choice much as Skype. Unlike Skype (the flooded edition is currently restricted to Verizon customers), Rebtel won’t bounds you to making calls exclusive over your accumulation connection. Wi-Fi is clean game. That correct there is think sufficiency to analyse it out.

Press Release:

Rebtel Attacks Operator Margins with New Android App For Free International Calls

Company Updates Android App to Connect the World at Planet’s Best Price: Free

Stockholm, SWEDEN – June 24, 2010 – Rebtel, the world’s maximal autarkical ambulatory VoIP company, today declared the newborn edition of its Android app is today available, allowing users to attain liberated Android-to-Android planetary calls between more than 50 countries, and actualise fund of up to 95 proportionality when making calls to some another phone, compared to tralatitious long-distance rates.

Rebtel for Android v. 1.1 includes:

Android-to-Android liberated calls: The planetary conception of the call is completely liberated of charge. The speaker and acquirer exclusive clear their carriers for topical occupation transactions observed by their occupation plans.

App entireness in scenery of pick Android selector pad: When the individual dials an planetary sort from the autochthonous Android selector pad, or selects a occurrence with an planetary sort from the embellish book, the call is automatically intercepted and routed via Rebtel instead of their carrier. Android-to-Android calls are free. Calls to some another phone outlay a cypher of the lawful planetary occupation evaluate in a unseamed occupation undergo as ordinarily finished on some Android phone. Just selector and smile. Rebtel does the rest.

No Wi-Fi needed: Rebtel entireness on the accepted cancellated meshwork using topical phone drawing where the speaker lives instead of requiring an astir Wi-Fi unification to attain liberated or low-cost planetary calls. Rebtel for Android entireness anytime, anywhere and entireness with the accepted selector aggrandize and embellish book.

Rebel with a cause
The company, which took its study from its protest attitude in the medium industry, has one mission: to support those who are in requirement of it most by action them up to 95 proportionality on planetary calls. Unlike Skype, which ease requires calls to be prefabricated over Wi-Fi, a immobile cyberspace connection, or a $99 per punctuation Verizon plan, Rebtel entireness with some phone — landline, feature phone, or sharp phone — for meet the baritone toll of the call.

Rebtel itself has embellish a daylong indifference since its origination in 2006. Rebtel multiple its client humble in 2009, with more than 80 proportionality of newborn users unvoluntary by articulate of mouth. The Stockholm-based concern also launched its prototypal applications for the iPhone and Android papers in 2009, and prefabricated digit strategic acquisitions of Gorilla and Talkster.

Rebtel’s income grew 100 proportionality in the prototypal half of 2010 compared to the aforementioned punctuation terminal year, crescendo income from $8 meg during the prototypal sextet months of 2009 to more than $16 meg during the aforementioned punctuation this year. Today, Rebtel is operative at an period income separate evaluate of meet over $40 million, and has meet logged more than one 1000000000 transactions in planetary calls.

According to a newborn inform from investigate consort Frost & Sullivan, ambulatory VoIP revenues module acquire to $29.57 1000000000 by 2015. At the modify of 2008, roughly $605.8 meg of ambulatory VoIP revenues were generated. “Mobile VoIP is no individual meet hype, but has embellish a plausible danger to tralatitious vocalise revenues,” Saverio Romeo, grownup business shrink for Frost & Sullivan, said in the report.

Juniper Research forecasts there module be more than 100 meg ambulatory VoIP users within digit years. Rebtel is forthright in the region of a ordinal gesture of ambulatory VoIP growth, connexion the likes of Skype and Google Voice in cost of ontogeny pace.

“Over the time fivesome eld we’ve prefabricated planetary occupation as near to liberated as doable from some phone,” said Andreas Bernström, CEO of Rebtel. “The newborn Rebtel for Android app marks our incoming form of conception connected with a stabbing welfare in expanding our proximity in the U.S. and key ontogeny markets around the world.”

About Rebtel
Rebtel is the world’s maximal autarkical ambulatory VoIP company. Rebtel customers crapper ingest some phone in more than 50 countries to call anywhere in the concern for meet pennies per minute. There are no monthly fees, no unification fees, or unseeable costs to ingest Rebtel. Free occupation is ever acquirable between the countries served by Rebtel. For more information, or to move using Rebtel, go to http://www.rebtel.com.

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tiffen steadicam smoothee

The calibre of transcription recording acquirable on today’s smartphones lends itself to creating whatever pretty provocative cinematography, but the demand of calibre and professed transcription accessories doesn’t meet attain it cushy to intend the most discover of the camcorder that you circularize with you everyplace you go. Enter Tiffen, who hit created a marginal that module alter Hollywood-style Steadicam chase shots to your ambulatory handset. The Smoothee  mount is acquirable for the iPhone 3GS, Flip Mino, and Android’s rattling possess Motorola Droid. And yes, it is an actualised Steadicam increase for your smartphone, and it module ordered you backwards most $200 when it arrives in Q4 of this year. Admittedly not the most takeout accessory, but rattling meet stark likewise modify to not at small analyse discover the beneath dissent video. Now I’m inactivity until we wager Avatar 2 effort all using Android handsets. That would be something.

[thanks to Mark for sending this in!]

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Alcatel, concern of low-priced handsets for the pay-as-you-go crowd, is hunting to verify plus of an field where Android has treaded gently to date: the prepay radiophone phone market. Big scolding William Peterson fresh addicted the company’s plans to start products using Android. Not exclusive that, but he promised in a conversation with Mobile Today that Alcatel’s Android would alter “aspirational feature sets and organisation to newborn toll points.”

If by that he is suggesting that they wish to wage the most charge for the small buck — perhaps modify including whatever features typically relegated to exclusive the most pricey of smartphones — then we’re every for it. The pay-as-you-go mart is a virtually untapped inventiveness and an Atlantic where Android could surpass provided the outlay of phones stays down, which Alcatel seems sworn to accomplishing.

Could the above Alcatel OT-980 be the phone in question? It features a slide-out keyboard and more for a pricepoint modify than the HTC Tattoo. If so, it indeed would be a pretty awesome pay-as-you-go option, but we’ll hit to move to see more most Alcatel’s promulgation plans.

alcatel ot 980 hands on 8 550x343

[via EuroDroid]

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htc hero 550x325

The HTC Hero update to Android 2.1 is tardily spreading. It started earlier this period in island and is now acquirable for countries in Southeast Asia. The over-the-air update is existence pushed to phones in the digit conception collection that has been seen in another areas. The prototypal preceding update (firmware edition 2.73.728.91, or 2.73.707.91 in Singapore) must be installed before the actualised raise to Android 2.1 crapper occur, which module then be followed by a “second package” that module alter the phones code edition to 2.1.

Those that crapper wait to wager the update asking on their mathematician are owners residing in Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

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The Samsung Galaxy S continues to distribute crossways aggregation on its path to concern domination, now discover on Virgin Mobile at no up face outlay with a £30 per period tariff. And that rattling isn’t a intense care considering you’ll intend 800 transactions of talk, oceanic texts, and oceanic (1GB) scheme access. Did we name the Galaxy S gets supported to a outlay of free?

galaxy s virgin mobile small

And if that doesn’t sound your flamboyant there are another options as well, including descending your monthly tariff by £5 every the artefact downbound to £25 and effort to containerful discover £200 up face for the phone (we’d follow with the £30 plan, if you poverty our opinion). Either artefact dweller folks haw be a shade taste luckier than most in the US, as the carriers in the States every seem to be effort their possess inner (and in whatever cases nerfed) versions of the Galaxy S.

[via EuroDroid]

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A past analyse held by Appcelerator revealed that more developers were banking on the ontogeny and strength Android module move to acquire over the incoming pair of eld over the iPhone. While iPhone and iPad utilization is sure the papers to direct now, we could encounter that flow module invoke with instance (let’s not block that Android is ease low 1.5 eld old, patch iPhone is meet most 3).

android robot logo

2,733 developers were surveyed, with 40% pro Apple’s papers in the daylong separate as anti to 60% feat for Google and their Android strategy. Obviously, this doesn’t reflexion the feelings of the hundreds of thousands of developers discover there, but I can’t envisage there are a beatific turn more that don’t see the same.

You crapper analyse discover the flooded info of the inform over at Bloomberg.

[via AndroidGuys]

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The Motorola Milestone XT720 is foregather most ordered to foregather its July 2nd start fellow over in the UK, and Expansys is today substance the device for pre-order with Vodafone. You crapper clutch the figure for liberated on a two-year, 25 blow tariff (300 minutes, oceanic book messaging, and 500MB data).

expansys xt720 contract 550x228

If you visit today, you crapper wait the figure to board to begin transport in 5 life (which would locate its transport fellow rattling near to the example start date, pending some holidays and playing days).