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The disreputable Gorilla Glass is questionable to be whatever of the strongest render for electronic devices, and is rattling hornlike to irritate or break. Most of us are ease psycho that we are feat to irritate our wanted devices, and we ingest every kinds of cases and concealment protectors. If you are one of those grouping that are rattling worried most scratching your figure that has a Gorilla Glass screen, you strength poverty to check this recording below. The recording is in the Asiatic module but there is no requirement to alter on this one, meet ready watching to be amazed.

Galaxy S Screen scratch 540x302

As you module see, if you were to place one of these Galaxy S phones in your incurvature or contract with your accepted routine items, it should not intend some scratches on the screen. It also appears that it crapper appendage a lowercase taste of the routine modify that ordinarily occurs, same dropping discover of your travel or slippy discover of your hand. Of instruction if you essay hornlike to shout it, you crapper attain it happen.

We ever cringe when we wager grouping do this to a device, but are rattling pleased that someone is attractive the risk, to exhibit us what category of shout that the phone module take. When it become to our phones, we are feat to essay and verify the prizewinning tending of them that we can, they outlay to such and we would not poverty to hit to clear that flooded retail toll to change them.

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We are effort fireman to the Samsung Galaxy Tab declaration at the IFA-2010 circumstance and we hit whatever authorised Samsung Galaxy Tab accessories that hit popped up. Is this making us whatever more uneasy most chance every the info and when the promulgation fellow is? Absolutely. You crapper wager here…

samsung galaxy tab leather bag

that there is a leather bag/case, plateau charging send (with HDMI port), keyboard dock, USB telegram adapter, and earphones. With the call of these accessories, it appears that Samsung is feat after the iPad gathering somewhat. Until incoming week, ready your checkbooks and entry game in your pocket, but who knows, it could be a aggregation rather than later, that we are effort whatever 2.2 Froyo morality on this 7 progress device. I undergo we are cooking with excitement.

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samsung galaxy tab leather bag 150x150
samsung galaxy tab 0 150x150
samsung galaxy tab keyboard 0 150x150
samsung galaxy tab usb cable adapter 150x150
samsung galaxy tab ear phone 150x150


First, there was the promotional recording for the Samsung Galaxy S — the figure that started it all, basically. It showcased every of the enthusiastic features of the device, aforementioned its four-inch Super AMOLED display, and how cushy it is to ingest the Swype keyboard. It did a beatific employ of making grouping poverty the phone. Soon after, with the launches of the Galaxy S variants regular for promulgation here in the States, promo videos started display up of apiece limited device. Now it looks aforementioned the Fascinate is incoming in line.

Samsung Fascinate Verizon promo video

The exclusive actual pain with these videos is the fact that, not reckoning the Epic 4G for Sprint, every of the devices are the same, and hit the aforementioned features. For the most part. So, when we’re watching a promo recording much as this, we can’t support but see aforementioned we’ve seen this before. Though, we can’t rattling feature that’s a intense abstract — we poverty the Fascinate. So, go aweigh and analyse discover the recording below, and permit us undergo what you conceive in the comments, as usual.

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The leaked documents regarding the Samsung Fascinate for Verizon, the Samsung Galaxy S var. way to the maximal wireless traveler in the United States, ready on coming. No complaints here — but it is trusty making us poverty the 9th of Sept to become faster. Oh, and an authorised grounds from Verizon. That’d be nice, too. In the stingy time, though, we intend to look at added leaked interior Verizon writing that showcases pre-paid figure upbringing for employees.

Samsung Fascinate Verizon list 540x200

As you crapper wager from the image, the Fascinate is listed, quite simply, that it module be pronto acquirable first 09/09/2010. Considering the mounting, and hornlike to cut evidence, we’re pretty trusty that at this point, we crapper safely move forward that the Super AMOLED figure is touch Verizon shelves on that date.

Oh, here’s something else: the Fascinate is listed, along with its another Android brethren (like the Droid X and Droid 2) as existence devices that module be allowed on a pre-paid plan. Very engrossing news, in of itself, if you communicate us. Would anyone discover there favour to hit their Droid on a pre-paid plan, instead of having to clew over for those digit years?

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Ready to countenance at a nicely framed figure that doesn’t quite still hit a study or promulgation date? Good, because here it is. As you crapper belike already tell, it looks strikingly familiar. It definitely has the aforementioned lines as the EVO, the prototypal 4G-capable figure launched on Sprint a pair of months ago. But, it has that aforementioned soft metal quality that the Nexus One features, which makes it easily one of the most captivating devices not acquirable correct now.

HTC device 540x405

According to a Ninja conversation with BGR, the figure is sure way to Verizon, and as you crapper wager correct there, it has an 8MP camera on the backwards with threefold diode flash. According to the source, not exclusive is this one of the prizewinning hunting devices, it also makes the Droid 2 countenance same a toy. Bold words, certainly. Oh, and if you’re not enticed yet, there’s also articulate that this 4.3-inch figure features a front-facing camera. That’s correct — recording occupation is reaching to Verizon, supposedly. It also has a kickstand. There’s no expressed articulate that the figure module feature Android, but considering it’s way to Verizon and rumored to start by the modify of the year, we’re swing our look that it module background our selection ambulatory Operating System.

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Bad programme for Orange UK customers inactivity for Android 2.2 Froyo on their HTC Desire.  On the aforementioned period that Verizon began pushing discover Froyo for the Droid Incredible, the UK traveler has announced a retard in effort the update storage from HTC.  As such, the Android 2.2 update for the Orange HTC Desire today isn’t due to be free until mid-September 2010.

HTC Desire Unboxing SlashGear 1 540x521

Orange hasn’t presented some limited reasons for the delay, but does implore that it’s nothing to do with the carrier’s possess services on the handset.


Verizon has addicted to us that the Android 2.2 Froyo update for the HTC Droid Incredible has begun feat discover today as an OTA update.  The updated storage module not exclusive raise the Droid Incredible’s set OS but add in the Adobe Flash Player 10.1 unitedly with 3G ambulatory point functionality and add 720p HD transcription recording to the smartphone’s camera.

Droid Incrediblex1

The update is feat discover OTA kinda than as a download, so you haw hit to move a patch before you intend the on-device signal to feature it’s primed for installation.  We’d propose using a WiFi unification to download it, too, kinda than cancellated data.  Unfortunately there’s no artefact to unnaturally stimulate the update, Verizon tells us; cards is a virtue, we guess.  There’s more aggregation on the update here.


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We’re bounteous HTC Desire fans here at Android Community, and so it comes as enthusiastic programme to center that U.S. Cellular hit eventually got around to commerce the smartphone in the US.  Hitherto Europe/Asia only, the Desire is priced at $199.95 after a mail-in channel and presuming a new, two-year agreement; it’s not acquirable on paid plans.

us cellular htc desire 540x398

The actualised help is the so-called Super LCD var. that HTC switched to producing after covering current AMOLED commission shortages.  Otherwise it’s the aforementioned as we’ve seen before, so you intend a 5-megapixel autofocus camera, HTC Sense interface, Android 2.1, 1GHz Snapdragon mainframe and an 8GB microSD bill in the box.


Work to place Android onto the Nokia N900 – more commonly institute streaming the company’s possess open-source OS, Maemo – has already resulted in a some empiric ROMs, but today the NITDroid project reckons they’ve got something nearly steady sufficiency for routine use.  Their stylish promulgation adds in vocalise call functionality, which most grouping would study pretty essential for their cellphone.

nitdroid calling nokia n900 540x328

Incoming and outward calls are supported, as are different forms of accumulation connection, and the full abstract is based on Android 2.2 Froyo which effectuation it’s actually potentially streaming a edition of the OS meliorate than the actualised Android figure some grouping are experience with now.  All of the Google apps are supported, and of instruction there’s the N900’s element keyboard to conceive most too.  Most frustrating, though, is the manifest epilepsy of camera support, since the N900’s optics are pretty shucks good.  Still, you crapper download and hit a endeavor here.

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fascinate guide 550x412

Just when you intellection there was null added to revealing for the Samsung Fascinate, we hit gotten our mits on a some images of the Equipment Guide gift the flooded separate downbound of specs. Yeah, yeah…not a full aggregation to see most a phone that has already been free in one modify or added a containerful of times, and considering the Verizon Galaxy S won’t feature quite the aforementioned alterations as the Epic 4G for Sprint the itemize reads same older news.

fascinate guide2 550x412

Perhaps the most engrossing takeaway saucer is a promulgation fellow of 9/8/2010 listed, a period early than the September 9th fellow we heard most earlier. Either this equipment pass or the leaked content from preceding is outdated, but what disagreement would a period attain anyway? Raise your assistance if you poverty the Fascinate. Who’s excited?