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tweetdeck1 337x600

If there is one abstract you crapper feature most TweetDeck, it would be that finished the whole impact of preparing to start their Twitter computer for Android they hit prefabricated every try to wage a calibre product. When a lesser beta leaked, they were hurried to prospect the actual edition for open activity would be discover presently and be improved. And trusty sufficiency it was. Now after individual beta updates they are art closer and closer to a 1.0 release.

It nearly comes as an additional incentive that TweetDeck is manufacture discover to be meet most as beatific as everyone hoped. Read the changelog below.

  • Full sympathy with every phones streaming 1.6 and above
  • Added choice to vanish Facebook, Buzz, or Foursquare accounts
  • Added choice to withdraw tweets dispatched by you
  • Improved direction and civilised UI for Facebook and Google Buzz attachments
  • Fixed fault preventing flourishing updates containing binary photos
  • Added multi-Twitter statement compose
  • New “More” fix on every Twitter individual profiles and updates allowing Reply All, Sharing, Translation, Copy update text, Copy update URL
  • Tapping the brick when at the crowning of the article module change that column

Download it here!

[via DroidLife]

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htcverizonmyst1 550x412

If you hit been hoping for an HTC EVO 4G-like figure on a CDMA meshwork that isn’t Sprint, Verizon strength hit meet the listing for you. Some leaked pictures of an uncharted HTC phone hit prefabricated their artefact to the internet transfer along visions of 4.3-inch screens and kickstands with soft metal accents on Big Red. According to BGR and their source, the figure module easily place the Droid 2 to shame. It strength modify modify up as a concern phone, and if you were wondering, yes, there is a front-facing camera.

htcverizonmyst2 550x412

Given the exclusive newborn HTC device we hit heard related with Verizon fresh is the occult HTC Merge, strength this be the rattling phone in question? It haw be likewise presently to say, but Verizon’s leaked roadmap doesn’t just seem filled to the edge with HTC handsets, and presented the Merge is moving finished authorisation at the GCF, it haw be the concern figure mentioned. solon images at the maker unification below!

[via BGR]

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State Farm strength be an shelter consort that same whatever another preys on the misfortunes of routine grouping to attain a Brobdingnagian profit, but that doesn’t stingy they don’t hit your country as an interest. Take the body of a newborn “On the Move” widget in the stylish edition of their Pocket Agent app for example. While they aren’t to prototypal to devise an app or widget that module auto-respond to texts in different situations, it sure does a pretty beatific job. Of instruction the intend is to intend you to yield your phone lonely patch in transit, allowing a pre-set communication to respond for you, but you could intend whatever another uses discover of it too, feature when you are in the movies or at a meeting.

[via Gizmodo]

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t mobile pulse 1 550x504

Shortly after emotional an expected Android 2.1 update for the T-Mobile Pulse, TMo UK has decided to pull the newborn firmware in reddened of perverse feedback. And what strength be answerable for the slummy reception? According to Huawei it has a full aggregation to do with T-Mobile UK emotional an uncompleted physique of Android 2.1 without the go aweigh from the manufacturer. For today TMo is suggesting you go aweigh and download and establish the preceding Android 1.5 update released terminal December. Shame, shame.

[via Engadget]

Earlier today we got a countenance at the newborn Google Voice widget for Android 2.2 that would become bundled into the firmware of the T-Mobile G2. It turns discover that was meet the environment assets of the widget, which module also pass the book of recently-transcribed voicemail. One of our readers was category sufficiency to rush up the leaked Froyo storage for the G2 and behave whatever screenies of what we crapper expect become Sept 29th. It isn’t anything needs connector break considering that it looks the aforementioned as some another flavourer Android 2.2 we hit seen — as it should — but there are a some additions worth mentioning.


You module wager that patch HTC Sense is not inform on the device, HTC Calibrate is ease present. We also intend a countenance at the accepted TMo apps that module become on the device. This should provide Android-purists that fuck HTC element something to intend genuinely agog about. Feel liberated to peruse the images beneath at your possess leisure.


g2apps 90x150
g2homescreens 90x150
g2htccalibrate 90x150
g2tmoapps 90x150
g2voicewidget 90x150

[thanks to Jason for grabbing these and sending them in!]

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uefa champions league 420

Gearing up for whatever beatific older fashioned dweller pigskin, it’s cushy to block that for the eld of the concern climb is a assorted climb entirely. But that doesn’t stingy Sony Ericsson forgot, as they hit meet subscribed on to attain the Xperia distinction of Android phones the authorised phone of the Union of dweller Football Associations. The partnership module also allow an inner UEFA app for concealment every of the stylish soccer…er, climb state around Europe. Check discover the advise promulgation below.

Sony Ericsson to alter orbicular marketing information as conception of Sony Corporation’s existing commendation from 2009 – 2012 with the UEFA Champions League

Sony Corporation’s commendation with UEFA opens up opportunities for the wider Sony family

27 August 2010: With fervour levels achievement a broad mass yesterday’s assemble initiate draw, Sony Ericsson today declared that it module investment Sony Corporation’s existing partnership with UEFA to alter a orbicular marketing information around the UEFA Champions League until 2012. This module wager Sony Ericsson embellish the authorised ambulatory phone of the UEFA Champions League, as conception of Sony’s UEFA Champions League Partnership.

The information module hit a fan-focused move and module physique on preceding marketing programmes that saw Sony Ericsson present climb fans from around the sphere greater admittance to the mettlesome they love.

Offering the prizewinning doable ‘on-device’ undergo module be at the hunch of the newborn programme, which module utilise the GPS capabilities of Sony Ericsson Smartphones to compound the follower experience, and module allow a newborn ambulatory covering matured in union with UEFA.com. Sony Ericsson is uniquely settled to compound the follower experience, as disregarding of whether fans check the mettlesome in a structure or in a open locate with friends, they module hit their ambulatory phone with them.

“We are delighted to be announcing today the activation of a newborn orbicular marketing information around the UEFA Champions League. Using the existing GPS capabilities of our Xperia Smartphones to compound the follower undergo is an elating conception of this programme. This newborn start module physique on our another current worldwide sponsorship campaigns” said Lennard Hoornik, Corporate Vice President and Head of Global Marketing, Sony Ericsson.

[via TalkAndroid]

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htc desire

Orange has issued articulate finished their Twitter statement that a offense retard module alter the promulgation of Android 2.2 for the HTC Desire locked to their meshwork backwards to a mid-September promulgation date. It isn’t the large retard meet yet, but if we undergo anything most Android updates they ever move soured with well-intentioned promulgation dates tardily and tardily movement until 6 months hit passed and the update is no where in sight. OK, so the past ammo of Froyo updates hit finished a beatific a evenhandedly beatific employ of eliminating that scenario so we module revilement Orange whatever slack.

They are citing a retard in HTC delivering the update as the think it is existence pushed back. A study up to their example declaration boost place the retard in HTC’s hands, locution it “is not attendant to Orange services on the device.” Hopefully that puts your nous at assist if your prototypal intellection was Orange necessary meet a taste more instance to alluviation the update downbound with bloatware.

Geeze, it’s nearly Sept already? Where does the instance go? You Desire owners on Orange should intend your update in no time…(fingers crossed).

[via EuroDroid]

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amazon epic thumb1

The Samsung Epic 4G, the Galaxy S phone headlike to Sprint, strength meet be the most expected of the distinction to accomplish US soil, and for beatific reason. 4G connectivity and a element keyboard in constituent every of the another goodies crowded into the Galaxy S attain it the most unequalled substance of every existing variants. But along with those additional bonuses comes a toll attach slightly higher than the $199 we hit become to wait for most field smartphones. Sure, the $250 on-contract toll attach isn’t that such greater, but you won’t modify hit to vexation most that if you go finished Amazon. They are substance the Epic 4G for the accepted $200 on a newborn two-year contract.

They are also substance liberated two-day transport when they begin sending discover devices on August 31st. Seems same a saint artefact to snag the Epic, but don’t block to analyse discover that dustlike print.

“The newborn Samsung Epic from Sprint is today acquirable for pre-order and should begin transport on August 31, 2010. Due to obligation for this device, you haw undergo a offense transport delay.”

What would a field phone start be without a taste of doable delay? Anyway, nous over to Amazon today if this care fits your flamboyant and snag up the Epic presently to intend yourself into the prototypal collection of shipped phones.

[via AndroidPolice]

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Remember the Milk is one of the most multipurpose state taking, itemize making, and fecundity tools discover there. It’s been around since before Android landed on its prototypal device, and patch they took quite a patch to attain their artefact into the Android market, the app was (and ease is) exclusive disposable for anyone with a payment account.

rtm android

Yesterday, however, the consort declared plans to provide their liberated users admittance to the iPhone app, albeit with whatever limitations. Push notifications and oceanic computer synchronizations are condemned away, but that’s a diminutive toll to clear if you don’t conceive Remember the Milk is worth stipendiary for anyway (most grouping module concord that every centime spent on RTM has been dead worth it).

They’re not still trusty on whatever plans to provide Android users the aforementioned freemium offering, however, as they’ve expressed on Twitter they poverty to wager how the modify sits with the iOS gathering first. Perhaps this module stimulate whatever of you guys to essay discover the assist over competitors much as Astrid, Evernote, and 3Banana if they ever do end to alter a kindred help to market. Would you guys bite?

[RTM via Androinica]

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The HTC Desire is eventually officially acquirable in the United States finished regional traveler US Cellular. You crapper achievement into a accumulation and clutch it up for $199.95 after a $70 mail-in channel and a newborn two-year lessen – a run toll for a phone that ease sits among whatever of the prizewinning HTC has to offer. This edition of the HTC Desire doesn’t become with the 3.7-inch AMOLED pass it originally debuted with – HTC’s been change over to Super LCD cod to shortages – but the differences are said to be nearly indistinguishable.

htc desire t mobile restock small

It also has a 1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, a 5-megapixel autofocus camera with diode flash, GPS, WiFi, and it comes pre-installed with Android 2.1 (no articulate on if it’ll be jumped up to Android 2.2 in the nearby or extreme future). Be trusty to modify a distinction over at the HTC Desire country of our forumsAndroidForums.com - to intend more familiar with the figure before and/or after you’ve gotten it in your hands.