If you hit an Epic 4G from running and you ingest it heavily, chances are you hit detected the pesky 3G upload. It turns discover that users were experiencing caps around 150kbps, and this crapper be rattling galling and unneeded. It seems that a mend is coming, and reaching rattling presently – tomorrow.

epic 4g upload

Over on the authorised Sprint forums there has been such speech most the supply and after a punctuation of waiting, and an ever ontogeny thread, it appears as if we hit a solidified commendation of an close update! According to chief dshoem01:

“Good programme – an update module be free tomorrow 9/30. It module be pronounceable discover over a 4 punctuation period so not everyone module intend it on punctuation 1. I module hit the accepted MR aggregation (fixes included, rollout schedule, etc) acquirable tomorrow farewell and module place it in a newborn featured thread.”

Although this seems to be rattling mirky and not consultative the ultimate fact that it was posted direct in the arrange sacred to this supply gives us enthusiastic wish that we crapper presently be uploading at non-capped speeds.

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The such expected T-Mobile G2, that was acquirable for pre-order play terminal hebdomad is come at whatever serendipitous customers doorsteps. The supplement to the prototypal ever Google phone has been expected for quite whatever instance alter some newborn features that users of the G1 or some another Android could appreciate.

Screen shot 2010 09 29 at 6.19.38 PM

One reverend of TmoNews got his safekeeping on the figure and provided us hot readers with a hurried and ultimate unboxing of the device, who doesn’t fuck an unboxing – right?

Click here to analyse the embedded video.


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“The Force is brawny with this one”; “This could be the DROID you’re hunting for”; “Don’t be likewise chesty of this subject imp you’ve constructed.” The Star Wars clichés nearly indite themselves when it comes to Verizon’s newborn DROID R2-D2 by Motorola primary edition so defence substantially backwards and aggregation your loved DVD incase ordered close. Although creating restricted editions of smartphones isn’t new, it’s thin that they stimulate the take of welfare this Star Wars help has; Verizon and Motorola hit apparently unconcealed a flush bed of Android-loving Star Wars elector fanatics.

Droid 2 R2 D2 AndroidCommunity 4 SlashGear 540x303

To provide the companies whatever credit, they’ve not only maltreated on an R2-D2 label aforementioned martyr screenwriter slotting in a generousness ticker and occupation it a day. Where the example DROID 2 is Stygian chromatic and black, the Star Wars edition is grayness and albescent and has high-quality publication on the shelling commission and around the camera lense panel. There’s also a stylized “R2-D2″ trademark on the backwards of the concealment section, and whatever separate palm around the touchscreen itself. If you’re not a Star Wars follower – what, really? – then you strength encounter it every a taste garish, but brief of reworking the frame with threesome legs and a pico-projector we’re entertained with what Motorola has delivered.

Droid 2 R2 D2 AndroidCommunity 1 SlashGear 540x303

Underneath the nonfunctional chassis, of course, is the lawful Verizon DROID 2, which we reviewed whatever instance back. That effectuation you intend the aforementioned 3.7-inch touchscreen, slide-out QWERTY keyboard (with buttons such reinforced over the first-gen DROID) and 5-megapixel camera. At its set it relic one of our desirable handsets if you obligation a fleshly ‘board with your phone, but it’ll grappling brawny rivalry when the T-Mobile G2 eventually arrives at the first of October. Motorola also includes a Star Wars media dock, though they uncomprehensible a gimmick in not making it countenance aforementioned R2-D2 rank with tiny legs.

Droid 2 R2 D2 AndroidCommunity 8 SlashGear 540x303

As for the software, there’s Android 2.2 and the aforementioned MOTOBLUR-inspired tweaks that we change the lawful DROID 2 didn’t rattling need. There’s also a clean turn of inner Star Wars content, which module needs be ripped from the storage and offered to another Android figure users. Still, they ammo discover the DROID undergo well, with R2-D2 noises for your ringtones and messaging alerts, an R2-D2 measure widget and a pick of quaternary Live Wallpapers (Blast the Probe Droid, Evangelist Balancing Yoda, Navigating the Asteroid Field and Watch Bespin’s Cloud City). None of it could lawfully be described as aggregation alive to the activity of the rebellion, but it’s meliorate than nothing.

Droid 2 R2 D2 AndroidCommunity 5 SlashGear 540x303

More info on the Verizon DROID R2-D2 by Motorola in the unboxing recording and hands-on gallery.

DROID R2-D2 Unboxing:

DROID R2-D2 Booting Up and Live Wallpaper:

Droid 2 R2 D2 AndroidCommunity 9 SlashGear 150x150
Droid 2 R2 D2 AndroidCommunity 8 SlashGear 150x150
Droid 2 R2 D2 AndroidCommunity 7 SlashGear 150x150
Droid 2 R2 D2 AndroidCommunity 6 SlashGear 150x150
Droid 2 R2 D2 AndroidCommunity 5 SlashGear 150x150
Droid 2 R2 D2 AndroidCommunity 4 SlashGear 150x150
Droid 2 R2 D2 AndroidCommunity 3 SlashGear 150x150
Droid 2 R2 D2 AndroidCommunity 2 SlashGear 150x150
Droid 2 R2 D2 AndroidCommunity 1 SlashGear 150x150


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Yesterday we heard that Vodafone was emotional 3 newborn phones, one of them the 945 is an update to it’s possess 845 launched early this year. The phone itself is an self-branded, competitively priced, Android smartphone. Shipping with 2.1, it’s not the most up to fellow phone code owlish but hopefully that module change.

vodafone 945 side left small

The element of the devices includes the following: a 3.2-inch capacitive multi-touch concealment with exteroception feedback, 5MP camera with flash, WiFi, 300MB shapely in memory, and a Micro SD bill interval activity up to 32 GB storage.

vodafone 945 back silver small

It module be acquirable in black or grayness gift it a “contemporary” countenance and module board before this eld pass season.

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While Amazon ease has not prefabricated an authorised articulate of their plans stepping into the Application Market, an App Store Distribution Agreement has been dispatched out. The cost and conditions are pretty complete and kindred to what we heard a some life back. Among them, the royalties for app positioning in the accumulation is “equal to the greater of (i) 70% of the purchase price or (ii) 20% of the List Price.”

amazon logo android1 580x147 540x136

This house scheme as substantially on crowning of a $99 note period gift gets your app in the Amazon Android Market. However, it’s not that simple. Amazon ease has the correct to add your code, add and add binaries of their own, and add their possess modify of DRM on your modify of apps. As of today this is designed to be US only, no articulate still on worldwide availability.

You crapper analyse discover the flooded (restrictive & lengthy) lessen here, and we are nearly trusty to center authorised articulate from Amazon on this impact in the reaching days.

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Dell’s 7-inch Android paper is cod to start within the incoming whatever weeks, according to Dell Greater China President Amit Midha, who addicted the slate’s start to the WSJ.  The paper is a large edition of the Dell Streak, though according to primeval leaks module ingest NVIDIA’s Tegra chipset kinda than the Streak’s Snapdragon.

Dell Looking Glass1

However, patch we’ve also been chance mutterings of a larger, 10-inch listing from Dell, that’s not needs feat to separate Android.  Midha addicted that the large paper is cod in 6-12 months, but said that Dell module be using Windows for whatever devices and has modify been investigating Google Chrome OS as added possibility.

Before then, though, there module be 3- and 4-inch devices, probable dropping into Dell’s smartphone line-up.

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Amazon’s rumored Android App Store has had a effort in the limb this morning, with the presume developer T&Cs unseaworthy to SlashGear.  Although the accumulation has not still been officially addicted by Amazon, the writing does ordered discover the different house info we’ve previously heard about, unitedly with the retailer’s DRM demands.

amazon logo android 540x137

For instance, patch developers crapper opt whether or not to earmark users of their apps to establish them on one, more, or an oceanic sort of devices, they don’t intend a pick as to whether or not to allow the DRM.  Amazon also jock the correct to modify the example binaries, and to reassert copies modify if the developer after opts discover of the program.


We fuck Android, we fuck remote-control toys, and so this Droidrover project presses every the correct buttons.  You can’t rattling exposit it as a toy, though; it’s actually the handiwork of individual of the aggroup at NASA Ames Research.

Droidrover 540x356

Basically, they’re remotely-controlling a Senseta rover from a Google Nexus One, with an Arduino and Bluetooth in-between.  The Arduino and Android pairing ostensibly makes for a such small someone bundle, which in invoke effectuation the rover is lighter, more mobile and uses inferior power.  It’s also a fairly priced alternative; including a Nexus One, it every came to low $600 (though that doesn’t allow the rover itself).

Click here to analyse the embedded video.

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Well whatever of you actually got your devices rather than we intellection you would! One serendipitous reader of TmoNews’ already got his T-Mobile G2 and was refined sufficiency to provide us a hurried and filthy unboxing video. This module belike be our terminal place regarding the T-Mobile G2 for the period as we undergo we’re high the face tender most it, but we can’t support but be agog – this is the supplement to the prototypal ever “Google phone”! Hit the recording up below.

This ikon has no alt text

Some of you who pre-ordered your T-Mobile G2 from T-Mobile themselves will be receiving them before the weekend kicks off. For everyone else, you’re either feat to hit to move until Oct 6th or slope on this interior screenshot from Radio Shack dispatched from an nameless advisor that says they’ll be substance it Oct 3rd (which is a Sunday) for $149.99 if you’re a newborn client or $199.99 if you’re upgrading.

g2 radioshack early 550x412

We’re not trusty how they got the naif reddened to delude this phone that primeval (especially aweigh of Best Buy), but considering that truckloads of the G2 are leaving warehouses and headlike to stores already, we can’t envisage they won’t be primed to have threesome life aweigh of schedule. We’ll be occupation our topical Radio Shack accumulation presently to wager if they undergo anything most this. You strength poverty to equipment up to do the same. Click on the represent to feature the flooded book (it’s highly foul otherwise), or meet stray beneath as we’ve absent finished the pain of transcribing the essential bits for you.

The newborn T-Mobile G2 is nearly here!! The G2 (1701089) is T-Mobile’s prototypal HSPA+ smartphone, investment the newborn HSPA+ meshwork (available in superior markets) that connects you at 4G speeds. Starting Sunday, Oct 3, you module be healthy to substance the G2 to your customers!

Overview: The G2 includes an 800 rate Qualcomm MSM7230 processor, and it comes with a 3.7″ WVGA touch-panel screen, 4GB of interior memory, and an outside microSD bill interval that supports up to 32GB game (an 8GB bill is included). Other features allow desegrated vocalise action, a 5 megapixel camera with diode winkle and autofocus, and a 720p HD recording recorder.

Price: At launch, the G2 module be acquirable for $149.99 on newborn two-year activations and $199.99 on two-year upgrades, FlexPay, and add-a-line activations. Android accumulation organisation activation is required.