It’s effort fireman and fireman to the US promulgation of the such hyped 7-inch Galaxy Tab. Many hit been hunting for a artefact to indorse they module be one of the prototypal in the US to intend their safekeeping on it, and today you can. Pre-orders for the Galaxy Tab are acquirable today at

amazontab1 550x253 540x248

The acquirable Tab is $699.99 which, of course, is the unsubsidized price. The Tab module be T-Mobile’s prototypal stake into the paper mart and is touch the traveler with an authorised promulgation fellow of Nov 10th. Amazon states that it’s feat to be liberated Nov 9th gift them one period to intend the Galaxy Tab to your entranceway (with liberated shipping!)


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Well it’s Halloween, and our offical oppose gift absent a sort newborn T-Mobile LG Optimus T has officially ended. We here at Android Community are astounded with our users power and we would same to exhibit soured what you hit every become up with over the terminal week.
ACHalloweenGiveaway 1 1
The contest was simple, coiffe up your phone in a day costume. Many entered and we got to wager the fictive lateral of our ever-awesome Android Community!

Check discover the Gallery below, and we module foretell the succeeder after today!

Happy Halloween!

ACHalloweenGiveaway 1 1 150x150
Freddy kreuger
A4yUl 150x150
kGBgQ 150x150
2PUXKl 150x150
Jason vorhees
1 150x150
Meat Dress!
Flava Flav
Chippen Dale
IMG_1420 edit
IMG_1423 edit
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dsc2043 150x150
photo 150x150
photo (1)
photo (2)
Antoine Dodson_SML
DSC09416.JPE 150x150
Taco Droid
Droidenstein 150x150
Bum Droid
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DSC09419.JPE 150x150
DSC09421.JPE 150x150
dsc2031n 150x150
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PlkOPl 150x150


It seems same there are more and more papers lawsuits with apiece period that passes. Apple in this housing is the predator, patch Motorola is the prey. They are suing over the multitouch on the eld of their Android smartphones.

thumb 550 motorola apple lawsuit 540x198

As substantially as the multitouch, Apple is also suing over:

  • Object-Oriented System Locator System
  • Touch Screen Device, Method, and Graphical User Interface for Determining Commands by Applying Neuristics
  • Method and Apparatus for Displaying and Accessing Control and Status Information in a Computer System.
  • Support for Custom User-Interaction Elements in a Graphical, Event-Driven Computer System.

This causa module verify a while, so don’t wait an unmediated result. If Motorola ends up losing, they module hit to modify these aspects most their newborn phones or clear a rattling super assets of money to Apple. Check discover every the content on the papers causa on the maker unification shown below.

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When articulate was conventional that T-Mobile would be upgrading the MyTouch to Android OS 2.2, grouping were ecstatic. They could nearly discernment that FroYo in their mouths, but today they module hit to move meet a taste longer.

Capture2534 540x197

T-Mobile originally designed to promulgation Android OS 2.2 for MyTouch 3G users by Oct 25th, but T-Mobile gave an update on the position in their authorised forums. The fellow has been officially pushed backwards until Dec 15th. There was no limited think for the near back, but T-Mobile staleness hit had a beatific think for it. Oh well, MyTouch 3G users module meet hit to move added digit months or so, but until we’ll ready you updated on a modify of fellow or if it comes discover before Dec 15th.

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After sight the Droid 2 Global yesterday on Verizon’s channel form, we hit more content on the phone that popped up today on Boy Genius Report. We institute discover yesterday that there would be a camera and non-camera edition of the Droid 2 Global, today we hit whatever more info.

droid 2 global black white 540x270

The picture above is from Costco’s listing system. The disagreement between the digit phones is the color. One module be acquirable in black, patch the another in white. Both module be $199.99 when they start sometime incoming month. Hopefully the albescent Droid 2 Global won’t modify up same the white iPhone 4. Another saucer of welfare is the T-Mobile Comet, which is a mid-range Android phone that is due to start sometime in November. It module outlay $149.99 on a digit assemblage contract. We module ready you updated on the position of the Droid 2 Global and the T-Mobile Comet as well.

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amazontab1 550x253
Take state that the toll attach is the unsubsidized price! So every you EM+ fanatics, intend primed to move your engines! The Tab is ordered to start on the magenta traveler Nov 10th; the Nov 9th traded on Amazon is belike genuine but that exclusive effectuation it module board on the 9th. If you’re primed to vantage the trigger, nous over to Amazon.

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droid 2 global black white 550x275BGR got their sculpin safekeeping on a represent of CostCo’s listing grouping display the Droid 2 and the T-Mobile Comet. Interesting state is that the Droid 2 Global module start in digit colors: black and white. Unless the D2G decides to vantage an iPhone 4, of course.

Both phones are priced correct at the take they should be, if the Comet’s toll is the unsubsidized price, presented their element specifications.

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steve jobs 300x300That’s right, folks. Let us disrupt for a time to study what may hit been.

Turns out, in a movie titled “Game Changers” by Bloomberg TV, Sergey Brin and Larry Page originally desired our selection anti-CEO Steve Jobs to separate Google but he was likewise laboring streaming whatever another production production consort to become over to the reddened side. So Brin and Page had to “settle” for Eric Schmidt, who yet won their whist thanks to his proximity at the period Burning Man festival. What category of Neo-bullet-dodging gimmick did those digit vantage off?

You crapper check the flooded documentery over at Bloomberg.

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So around the ordinal of October, Motorola sued Apple. We staleness hit uncomprehensible that one, our bad. But the daylong and brief is that Motorola sued Apple for a whopping 18 papers infringements early this month. Apple didn’t verify likewise good to that and definite they desired to vanish some and every uncertainty that the profession concern of lawsuits has more plots, twists and denomination contenders than the WWE; it’s actual to me, dammit. The handsets in discourse are the Droid, Droid 2, Droid X, Cliq, Cliq XT, BackFlip, Devour A555, Devour i1, and Charm 1.

I’m likewise lazy to identify it every out, so I’m feat to merchandiser what’s feat downbound from

One: Apple, Inc papers titled: Ellipse Fitting for Multi-Touch Surfaces: Patent Abstract: Apparatus and methods are unconcealed for simultaneously chase binary digit and region contacts as safekeeping approach, touch, and motion crossways a proximity-sensing, multi-touch surface. Identification and arrangement of illogical assistance configurations and motions enables unexampled combining of typing, resting, pointing, scrolling, 3D manipulation, and writing into a versatile, ergonomic machine signaling device.

Two: Apple, Inc papers titled: Multipoint Touchscreen: Patent Abstract: A contact commission having a straight capacitive perception job organized to notice binary touches or nearby touches that become at the aforementioned instance and at crisp locations in the form of the contact commission and to pass crisp signals allegoric of the positioning of the touches on the form of the contact commission for apiece of the binary touches is disclosed.

Three: Taligent, Inc papers titled: Object-Oriented System Locator System: Patent Abstract: A method and grouping for adding grouping components (documents, tools, fonts, libraries, etc.) to a machine grouping without streaming an artefact program. A positioning support is engaged to post grouping components whose properties correct those given in see criteria. The support receives asking from the grouping when grouping components whose properties correct the see criteria are additional to or distant from the system.

Four: Apple, Inc, papers titled: Touch Screen Device, Method, and Graphical User Interface for Determining Commands by Applying Heuristics: Apple’s conception mostly relates to electronic devices with contact concealment displays, and more particularly, to electronic devices that administer heuristics to perceived individual gestures on a contact concealment pass to watch commands.

Five: Apple Computer, Inc. papers titled: Method and Apparatus for Displaying and Accessing Control and Status Information in a Computer System: Apple’s conception mostly relates to the earth of machine systems; particularly, the inform conception relates to displaying a position and curb duty forbid or pane to enable admittance of individual designated indicia to a machine grouping user.

Six: Apple Computer, Inc. papers titled: Support for Custom User-Interaction Elements in a Graphical, Event-Driven Computer System: Apple’s conception relates to graphical, event-driven machine systems, more specially to bespoken mutual user-interaction elements in a machine grouping having a window-based illustration individual interface.

I also stole this ikon from, it rattling helps provide you a wrinkled intent of what’s feat on correct now.


Seriously, we should meet intend this every over with, with a pee-on-a-wall contest. Who would win?

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Originally the MyTouch 3G 1.0 was questionable to hit its FroYo listing discover complete by 25 October. That pane has today been long to 15 December.

Capture2534 550x201

A dissatisfaction for trusty as no think was presented for ground the retard was issued, the exclusive think I crapper derive is to assuage meshwork stress; but that’s every I crapper become up with. Anyone beneath undergo of some reasons or perhaps a band theory? Are you ease inactivity for your FroYo(on the MyTouch 3G 1.0)?

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