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When asked to indite an article on a matter of my choosing attendant to the, I went most intelligent for ideas and presently realized there was rattling exclusive one discourse I necessary to answer:  when I intend my incoming phone, do I poverty 3G or 4G?? My respond up to this saucer has ever been a potty countenance and an ashamed “I don’t know.”  However, with a lowercase taste of investigate I today undergo digit essential things:

1. What the salesperson is referring to when he or she talks most 3G versus 4G     —and—
2. Which one I poverty and need.

Don’t worry, it isn’t nearly as complicated as it haw sound.  So here we go!

What Does 3G Mean?

In both 3G and 4G systems, the “G” stands for generation.  Thus, 3G effectuation the phone is ordinal procreation technology.  Prior to this generation, cancellated phones had restricted internet capabilities.  Generally speaking, 1G and 2G phones were simply…phones.   When 3G was introduced, it brought “mobile broadband” with it–meaning users had faster admittance to the internet and the burgeoning concern of “apps”.

What Does 4G Mean?

Since we today undergo that “G” stands for generation, we crapper amount discover that 4G effectuation ordinal procreation technology. Now, here’s where it gets interesting:  as a generalized rule, newborn profession is introduced as an transformation over preceding versions.  However, this is not needs genuine when it comes to 4G service.   If you don’t undergo the ins and outs of what qualifies as 4G, then you’ll meet be symptom your money.

Choosing Between 3G vs 4G

There is exclusive one conception regarding what qualifies as 4G kinda than 3G:  4G staleness substance internet pace that is faster than 3G—but exclusive on the aforementioned carrier.  That effectuation if you hit a 3G phone with one traveler and alter to a 4G phone on a assorted carrier, the 4G phone haw or haw not be faster than the 3G you replaced.

Other things to consider:

Not every traveler offers 4G coverage…even if they delude 4G phones.  If your traveler doesn’t substance 4G news and you ingest a 4G phone, chances are that your radiophone phone module pipage its shelling intelligent for a extinct signal.
If you’re transferring super amounts of data, 4G is good.  But it’s also unbelievably cushy to ingest up lots of accumulation on your assist plan.   So organisation accordingly.

Essentially, the selection to opt one procreation over the another comes downbound to which traveler you use, whether the assist is acquirable finished that carrier, and how such accumulation you rattling requirement to transfer.  If 4G is acquirable to you and your accumulation practice is baritone then 4G strength be a beatific option.  But for those of us who don’t hit admittance to 4G service, ingest a aggregation of accumulation apiece month, or only don’t ingest accumulation at all, 3G is more than enough.

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