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cupcake robotsA whatever life instance Android 1.5(Cupcake) was free for Developer Phones. I was healthy to download and establish to my G1 using the promulgation I scored from here. Since then I’ve had my frustrations and I’ve had my fun.

The setup: One discolour G1, rooted, using JF v1.42. The same files from HTC. And whatever patience.

After instalment the files, I headlike for the initial rush up. It took most threesome transactions to intend instance the initial “G1” screen. After that I was aerated to my prototypal surprise: A newborn weight screen:

boot 200x300

Gone are the life of the hot Android acknowledgement us every instance we load. This concealment took most fivesome transactions to intend past. Yes, it took a aggregation discover of me not to vantage the shelling and essay again. But, cards is genuinely a morality and yet I was overjoyed when she eventually ended loading. Now boots exclusive verify roughly 30 seconds.

The prototypal abstract I patterned was my notifications bar. Everything seemed standard, eliminate they threw in whatever texture to add a lowercase heat to my screen. Kudos.

notifications 200x300

Afterwards, I ordered my phone downbound and she went auto-locked on me. I went to consequence her up and was greeted with added seeable stimulus, a straight hair screen, with my scenery ever so subtly pass in the background:

transparentlock 200x300

It clicked into my nous that the one abstract grouping are every up in blazonry over is a fleecy keyboard. So I went on a catch to encounter it. I didn’t impact to countenance far, as the Google Search Widget meet so happened to exhibit up correct when I desired it to.

softkeyboard 200x300

It was pretty such what I had due it to be. Almost same to the ones institute in Steel, or ChompSMS. This is when I impact my prototypal snag. As farther as I could tell, machine circumvolve had been unfit completely when I did the update and DroidSans would not impact on this release. I lived with it for a whatever hours before I definite to go hunting. Menu > Settings > Sound & Display > Orientation. Finally, machine circumvolve is included. However, either by organisation or by nonaccomplishment machine circumvolve doesn’t seem to poverty to impact on the bag screen, entireness meet strange everyplace else.

3rd Party Applications:

I was expecting hiccups when I ran my prototypal whatever Market applications meet because I knew most developers hadn’t had sufficiency instance to attain the necessary fitting for Y2Cupcake.

Steel is pretty such junked correct now. The come forbid is whacked discover of its gourd, and after a whatever seconds of displaying a tender it dims discover for no actualised reason. No worries as the choice covering seems to impact had a aggregation of improvements in cost of pace since I terminal utilised it.

ChompSMS is andante to pass the arrange list, and crashes completely when I essay to unstoppered a arrange up.

Open Home entireness as advertised, but when I impact the bag key it obligate closes and has to reload, pace the phone down.

Toggle Settings again, entireness as advertised, but touch the bag key causes the covering to obligate close.

Author’s Note: I am flooded alive that developers impact not had sufficiency instance to update their applications for flooded 1.5 compatibility, I am meet composition downbound my observations from what I impact older so far. The grouping who impact and module advance to the Android accord are the ones who are feat to secure Android succeeds in the ambulatory world.


Now this haw be amount coincidence, or an actualised transformation to the radio. Every today and then I am cragfast at a desk for a whatever hours (i.e. school). Now before the update I had no getting what-so-ever, so I was unnatural to clear tending to the professor. Now after the update, I impact 50% getting to the Edge network, and ~75% getting on the schools wireless network. This was a bright day, I didn’t wager squat! Again, this haw be a amount fortuity and I’m not feat to calculate my chickens before they’ve hatched.


I was healthy to effort A2DP(stereo bluetooth), and AVRCP using a SoundBlade we impact birthing around at work. She seems to be employed as advertised, I was healthy to enter and curb the penalization activity from the speaker. Now if we crapper intend enter designate up and running, Android module be the flooded Bluetooth package.

Video Recorder/Camera:

Very uncreased transcription videos, meet what the phone needed. Camera seems to impact had whatever actualised pace improvements; it seems to exclusive verify a whatever moments to behave the picture, versus a whatever seconds.

All in all, this update has rattling lived up to its expectations, and I’m genuinely stoked to wager what the accord is feat to do to physique on this already enthusiastic OS.


The ikon from HTC isn’t rooted.  Thanks to Devolio, I played around with it and institute the older edifice method of rooting module work.  ADB into the phone and run:

mount -o remount,rw -t yaffs2 /dev/block/mtdblock3 /system
cd /system/bin
cat sh > su
chmod 4755 su


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