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As you belike undergo by now, Apple monitors which applications crapper go into the app store, and a aggregation of them intend effort downbound before they are presented a chance. The most past app to intend closed downbound wasn’t whatever crazy, virus app, but but a entrepot app. You are belike wondering ground a entrepot strength intend effort downbound by apple, substantially it was the noesis of the magazine. No, it wasn’t a porn entrepot or anything added containing grown content, but one most Android!

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The CEO of Media Provider, a diminutive entrepot house settled in Denmark, said that because the entrepot was most Android, it wasn’t allowed into the app store. Here is his conversation with an apple rep.

“So what’s the problem?” Dixon asked, lettered flooded substantially what the difficulty was.
“You know… your magazine,” replied the Apple rep, who identified himself exclusive as Richard. “It’s meet most Android…. we can’t hit that in our App Store.”

Even if the app had been approved, I uncertainty anyone would hit institute it. Now because of this incident, it module intend a aggregation of liberated publicity.

Via [MediaWatch]


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