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android marketWe meet got an telecommunicate from the Android Market Support Team who mutual whatever info of the updates reaching as we advise into the newborn year. The declaration isn’t connector shattering, but its enthusiastic to wager that Google is intimately adhering to their timeline, seems correct on direct and is mass finished with every the promises they’ve made.

First off, primeval Q1 2009 module wager geo-targeting capabilities for covering developers, allowing them to superior Germany, Austria, Slavonic Republic and the Holland for organisation with hold for added dweller and continent countries presently after.

Secondly, paying apps module embellish in a tiered grouping cod to the intricacies of country-by-country commercialism processes. Here is the visit of Android Market Paid Application Rollout:

  1. United States and UK
  2. Germany, Oesterreich and Netherlands
  3. France, Itlay and Spain

Additional land hold module embellish boost into Q1 2009.

Furthermore, Google module be contacting covering developers to intend boost aggregation for body on the Android Market Website which at the time doesn’t seem unbelievably thorough. We wait that strength change… but if not, we’ll scramble a lowercase something up ourselves.

Just in housing you’re interested, I’ve affixed the flooded noesis of the telecommunicate below:


Thank you for your status in Android Market!

Since we launched a pair months ago, the aggroup has been employed on
several momentous updates to Android Market. I’d same to permit you know
about these upcoming changes and what they module stingy to you and other
members of our developer community.

Many of you hit asked most planetary treatment plans. I’m bright to
inform you that Android Market module embellish acquirable to users to download
apps in added European countries play primeval Q1 2009. Some of the
countries we module initially hold are Germany, Austria, Czech Republic
and the Netherlands. As we add hold for added countries in Europe
and Asia, we module beam discover ensuant notifications to you. In
mid-January, we module update the Android Market house website to enable
country targeting. Please move intellection most which countries you poverty to
target and begin preparing your products accordingly (e.g.,
localization).  Note that your apps module not embellish acquirable in these new
countries unless you specifically superior them in the house website,
after we update it.

Additionally, I would same to hold that Android Market module support
priced applications play primeval Q1 2009, as we’d originally expressed last
fall. Given the country-by-country impact required to ordered up commercialism support
for developers in assorted countries, we module enable priced app support
in Q1 for developers operative in these countries in the mass order:
(1) United States and UK; (2) Germany, Oesterreich and Netherlands; (3)
France, Italy and Spain.  By the modify of Q1 2009, we module foretell support
for developers operative in added countries. Developers operative in
the above traded countries should begin finalizing their priced
applications, including determining the pertinent pricing strategy.

Finally, gratify state that our aggroup haw requirement to occasionally occurrence you
via telecommunicate or the house website to amass needed product
information (such as screenshots and descriptions). This aggregation would
be utilised for the Android Market website, institute at, which gives applications a ordinal steer of
exposure via the scheme in constituent to the connatural on-device access.

We module beam discover added info on every these items in the coming
weeks. Thanks for your support, and we countenance nervy to move working
with you on Android Market.

Eric Chu,
Android Market

Are you as agog as us for every the enthusiastic applications, improvements, updates, handsets and more that module embellish to Android in 2009? Get ready… its exclusive a some life away!

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