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The Motorola Droid has been attractive up so such of my instance that we’re a taste taste behindhand on news. Allow me to grownup you up instantly, with ONE post. I know… magical.

behold2 83x150Samsung Behold 2 Pricing
We’re expecting T-Mobile to start the Samsung Behold 2 Android Phone sometime in the nearby forthcoming and patch pricing isn’t official, Brighthand has reportable that $250 on a 2-year lessen is the leaked/rumored price. This would be the prototypal Android Phone to entry over $200 with a 2-year lessen and with the Droid arriving, you hit to astonishment how it module fare. But that, I suppose, depends on how it performs. [Read More]

LG GW620 Website Dishes Out Details
I saw this a whatever life past and unemployed it as a delude because it looked so… amateur. LG has place up a website for their prototypal Android Phone, the LG GW620. But the videos along lateral it are anything BUT unskilled and they ply discover whatever modify aggregation on the upcoming LG GW620 including what they call grappling acceptance – but it rattling isn’t. Overall the phone does countenance pretty nice, analyse it out:

The place has since been condemned downbound but as of this bill the recording itself is ease up from the LG GW620 YouTube account.We institute added recording of the LG GW620 from our friends at AndroidAndMe.

Not to name this phone also just passed the FCC.

[Thanks to every who dispatched this in]

Android 2.0 Ported To G1
A YouTuber titled EmoGamer has condemned Android 2.0 and ported it to his G1. Chug-a-lug, Chug-a-lug… it is SLOW! Looks same Android 2.0 rattling requires whatever beefiness. So daylong 528 rate processors please! While he unfit embedding, you crapper ease check it discover at YouTube.
android 2 g1 550x330

vzw htc droid eris 100x150HTC Droid Eris Appears Again
If you’re hunting for more pictures of the Droid Eris you crapper analyse discover digit pictures looked to be snapped at a BestBuy from BGR. Really engrossing that incommunicative is the articulate on this intense pupil but I surmisal VZW and Motorola poverty the shiniest, newest droid to verify face and edifice stage. His occurrence also said the Droid Eris seems faster, thinner and taller than the Sprint HTC Hero… Hmmm…. interesting. [Read More]

Sync Your Android to iTunes with DoubleTwist
A concealment covering titled DoubleTwist has free a new-and-improved edition that module sync your Android Phone with iTunes! Pretty awing if it entireness as advertised. We’ve got a whatever covering reviewers chomping at the taste to effort discover whatever clog and inform to you all, so some this is something we crapper inform backwards to you folks on. [Read More]

asusdroid 150x131ASUS Android Smartbook Coming Early 2010
Gizmodo is news on a Smartbook ordered to separate Android actuation from ASUS primeval incoming year. The consort is occupation it their “secret weapon” and should be around $180 – totally a enthusiastic toll if they crapper mart this properly. And of course, depending on how successfully the large concealment integrates Android functionality. Are you the identify to rendering up for an Android smartbook/netbook or are you staying absent from that field until they’re more proven? [Read More]

I undergo I poor my “Sans Droid” prospect with this one… sowwy!

engadget droid 150x99Engadget’s Motorola Droid Review
The prototypal to hit a flooded Motorola Droid Review, Engadget’s Joshual Topulsky concluded, “It’s easily the prizewinning Android phone to date, and when you pair the revamped OS, Verizon’s dolphin network, and an industrialized organisation straightforward from a gadget enthusiast’s fever-dream, it makes for a coercive concoction. Ultimately, the DROID won’t arrogate the iPhone from the public’s agglomerated mindshare or persuade unplanned users that they must alter to Android, but it module attain a aggregation of earnest geeks earnestly bright — and that’s beatific sufficiency for us.” [Read More]… Oh… the rest of the Engadget aggroup chimed in likewise [Read Even More]

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