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Regular readers of phandroid and AndroidForums members are belike wondering WTF and we’ll verify you - a lowercase accumulation edifice cater yanked the sites soured the scheme for a flooded period and we’re meet today disagreeable to intend backwards in the impression of things. Rather than attain place after place of yesterdays news, we’re transfer you the Android Roundup - MIA Edition:

Android Has Multi-Touch
Remember that article most the G1 having multi-touch capabilities that were supressed on the OS level? Well sight it in composition and cipher are one abstract but sight it in recording is another:

zzzPhone Android Phone
The ordinal ever Android Phone has been launched and it has digit horrendous problems correct soured the bat: (1) The “zzz” makes me conceive of breathing and rank boredom, and (2) the website helps me advert geocities and makes me conceive I shouldn’t ever acquire anything from the website. Nonetheless, they are commerce now… hopefully they endowed more in R&D than scheme development:

PhoneFusion Visual Voicemail Available
Android’s prototypal Visual Voicemail covering is acquirable on the Android Market and its titled Phone Fusion Voicemail Plus. Gizmodo did a hurried indite up of the covering so head over there for the details.
phonefusion vvm

Opera Mini Browser Now on Android
Google’s possess application is no individual the exclusive choice for feeding the scheme from your G1 and forthcoming Android Phones as the Opera MIni Mobile Browser is today acquirable on the Android Market. Here is a recording display it in use:

White T-Mobile G1 Hits Stores!
While the Negroid and Bronze T-Mobile G1s are today in quantity crossways the States, the White T-Mobile G1 has meet started touch retail stores. Everyone seems to same things that are brief in cater and anyone snagging a White G1 is trusty to enlarge the grade of iDiots locution the G1 is someways an iPhone knockoff. Let the games begin! (BGR)
white g1 11

HTC to Sell 1,000,000 T-Mobile G1s By Year End
Peter Chou, CEO of HTC, is today predicting that illion G1HTC module delude over a m units before the pass shopping flavour is over (reported by DigiTimes). Initial drawing sticking hit jumped around but 1 meg units would NOT be worn at all. Like the Android Rap Song says… a-million-here, a-million-there, Android Phones on every continent, concern and carrier.

And that’s every folks… ready an receptor discover for a some bounteous things in the incoming pair weeks! And hopefully (fingers crossed) no “data center” issues. Thanks for your cards with the downtime!

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