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enemy of the botAwwww sooky sooky it is ON! After yesterday’s news of AT&T CEO dissing the claimed “openness” of Android, commenters retorted that De La playwright (the CEO) apparently didn’t see Android. While AT&T crapper be seen more as a viewless obligate on the Android issue, Symbian Foundation administrator Lee reverend meet outed himself as Enemy Of The Bot:

“Android is not open,” he told “It’s a marketing label. It’s dominated by Google.” … “It’s a pretty adjudge but I don’t conceive the ingest of UNIX is substitutable with unstoppered and they haw hit prefabricated that nonachievement of nervy it is,” he added.

Them be fightin’ words! But the salutation of Rich Miner, Google’s VP of Mobile, prefabricated the Symbian interpret seem more same happy words:

“If you’re conversation most a papers and the maker cipher isn’t completely acquirable for that platform, I would feature it’s dishonorable to call that papers open,” he said at the Mobile World legislature (MWC) change exhibit terminal week. “Because that papers can’t be adapted, denaturized and formed by the grouping who are intense that papers - the phone OEMs or the carriers. I’d feature that if you requirement to tie whatever variety of a edifice in visit to intend admittance to the maker cipher - so body in whatever association or whatever another assemble - then it rattling genuinely isn’t open.”

To be in the inner Symbian Foundation you:

  1. Have to be a playing entity
  2. Have to clear $1,500

In every fairness, neither Android or Symbian is completely unstoppered here but to verify swipes at Android which has prefabricated an try to be as unstoppered as doable when you’re charging $1,500 for openness seems quite pitiful. Seeing that an Open Source Symbian papers won’t start for a pair years, I conceive its clean to feature that they’re resorting to study occupation and pointing fingers. And when you do that… you’ve embellish suspicious because it seems same modify you undergo you’re most to retrograde the fight.

Its engrossing how this explosive near towards openness was questionable to feature the business in agitated nervy and now  you hit Android, iPhone, BlackBerry, WinMo, WebOS and Symbian every auspicious degrees of openness that module be meliorate than competitors degress of openness.

I conceive we’re agitated in the correct content but the combative jaundice has exclusive seemed to escalate. Perhaps that’s because Symbian’s defence on the concern ambulatory operative grouping mart is apace adjustment and their competing unstoppered maker papers won’t support them acquire their appendage anytime soon.

[ via IntoMobile]

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