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Statistics exhibit that 73% of Android users are male, whereas on the iPhone, iPod Touch, and webOS platforms, there is farther inferior inclined on either side.  The conclusions become from analytics concern Admob’s Jan report, which also includes individual added studies .

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Even though there’s a abundant of Android-based handsets that theoretically crapper cater to some niche, from gen-Yers same myself, to gen-Xers same the parents, there’s added conceive likewise that Android only holds more school appeal, more hands-on possibleness as anti to the iPhone or Palm Pre.  It lies in Android’s marketing approach, which in short, has been inclined towards men.  For those who haven’t still seen some of the discover of the mediocre Motorola Droid commercials, there are digit clips bespoken for perusal.  As most readers belike know, they feature industrialized machinery, rockets, robots, concealing bombers, and different added high-tech equipment that only don’t impart the elegance of an iPhone commercial, or the Palm Pre Plus, which is in fact advertised for moms.

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As I said before, Android is mostly speaking, more of a protagonist papers compared to the iPhone or webOS, and readers haw conceive that on that alone, men are more probable to superior Android.  It’s true, but we requirement verify state of the marketing aspect.  To marketers, it appears that you’ve successfully worn men to your Android handsets, by neglecting on determine what appeals to women in your testosterone-driven commercials.

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