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We’ve meet conventional articulate that there’s added pillager of games discover there, and their study is jasminstory. The crime? Ripping applications soured the internet and commerce them as their own. The punishment? The Android Community prevention the statement of the defendant. The evilness is directly manifest when you verify a look at the itemize of games this “developer” has available, individual of them created by completely assorted designers in their genuine form.

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NOTE: When I feature “True Form” in regards to these apps, I stingy the artefact their developer witting them to be, oversubscribed from the outlets they witting them to be oversubscribed from. What this felon is doing is cacophonous apps from their sources (or developer forums, as was/is the housing with davincidevelopers), then business them as his own. Not doing impact right stealing, transferring, and profiting.

What crapper you do to fissure downbound on villains much as this? Report them straightforward to Google. Flag their games, don’t BUY their games of course, and inform the rest of the Android grouping you undergo to beware. Also of instruction do not do these things to someone you’re suspicious of without right vetting them, and if you see same you’ve institute an grievous pirate, permit us undergo too! – thanks Nick!

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snap20110118 124804 150x150


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