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A aggregation of you belike saw this one coming, I mean, after all, what is the saucer of having digit removed OSes for nearly every the aforementioned devices. Unless Google wants to go every discover with Chrome OS into computers and Android for ambulatory devices only.

google chome os android merge

Google’s execs hit agreeing that Chrome OS and the Android papers hit “a enthusiastic care of commonality” and “may merge modify closer.” And today Sergey Brin, one of Google’s founders, has told reporters – after terminal week’s Chrome OS expose – that “Android and Chrome module probable meet over time”.

Brin also said: “A ensuant edition of Android is feat to garner up a aggregation of the Chrome stack. My surmisal is we’ll hit ‘Chrome Lite’ or something similar.” He cited among another things, the ordinary UNIX and Webkit cipher humble inform in both projects. But Google’s Sundar Pichai, Vice President, Product Management, said in his presentation:

We’re achievement a amend assail of connection trends where computers are behaving more same ambulatory devices, and phones are behaving more same diminutive computers. Having digit unstoppered maker operative systems from Google provides both users and figure manufacturers with more pick and helps advance a riches of newborn cipher to the unstoppered maker community.

That terminal evidence from Google was in salutation to questions most how and when the digit projects would merge. Seems same they desired to emphasise Brin’s statement. What do you think, do you same the intent of convergency both projects? Let us undergo in the comments.

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