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The Android bunk lately seems to be “Augmented Reality” and the stylish constituent to the arrange is an Augmented Traffic View app that allows you to analyse springy street reciprocation on anchorage ahead, serving you end whether or not to verify an move line supported on congestion.

The covering is for Android users in Toronto  and it utilizes 250 geo-tagged reciprocation cameras in Ontario. Here is a recording of the covering in action:

The construct is beatific but it seems such likewise Byzantine in practice. And considering that texting patch dynamical is a Brobdingnagian no-no, disagreeable to post the upcoming street views and using this app for its determine seems same an pure amusement patch dynamical that module ironically drive more traffic.

If this generalisation was embedded into more lustrous GPS turn-by-turn apps same Telenav I could wager it employed brilliantly. It could monish you of full reciprocation and declare move routes as it already does, but imbibe up a street analyse before you end to recalculate. As a standalone app it has a aggregation of impact to do.

That existence said, you can’t belt the developers for swing unitedly an app with a unequalled concept. Th is a prototypal and hopefully the developers module continually meliorate and better the intent and experience. And of course, for this to be widely utilised and effective, we would requirement to hit another regions substance so some reciprocation cameras that are geo-tagged with API’s and whatnot.

The developers behindhand the covering had this to feature most the app via the YouTube description:

Sneak Peak at Toronto’s prototypal Augmented Reality Application streaming on HTC Magic on actress (or some Android phone). See the Toronto/Ontario Traffic Cameras in a unequalled and elating manner. Software supports an automatic prophetic chase fashion - wager reciprocation cameras in the content you are heading, substantially in advance, and real-time reciprocation maps.

Supports automatic closeness Alerts (speed traps, flushed reddened cameras from your selection POI maker including PhantomAlert).

Ability to alluviation your possess bespoken POIs for watch in the Augmented Reality mode!
Several another “hidden” features including the knowledge to wager real-estate listings where you in the Augmented Reality fashion (Alpha feature).

Search the Android Marketplace in primeval August for “Augmented Traffic Views” to download to your Android phone, worldwide and it module be FREE!

Right today Augmented Reality apps are a article of sorts, but in the incoming assemblage or digit they module embellish such more applicatory as profession catches up to the ideas. It’s wonderful that Android and another unstoppered maker initiatives earmark developers to imagine up the incoming bounteous abstract and display it for the masses!

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