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Remember a whatever weeks past when we got the Android OS Update for a Security Fix but no info were provided? Well… I conceive today we undergo what that was every about. At the Negroid Hat Security Conference in Las Vegas, Charlie playwright and Collin Mulliner crosspiece most vulnerabilities in ambulatory platforms same Android, iPhone, and Windows Mobile.

The digit researchers created a layer, titled the injector, meet above the lowermost of the telecom arrange that performs a man-in-the-middle move by intercepting act between a ambulatory device’s modem and multiplexer.

The unify land that they institute binary SMS vulnerabilities on Android and iPhone systems and are ease employed on Windows Mobile systems.

Uhohs! The difficulty is pretty severe, too. Check discover how it personalty the iPhone:

“This fault crapper be used for a earnest denial-of-service move since the individual crapper be effectively obstructed from making and receiving phone calls,” the researchers claim.

And the difficulty in Android is more permanent:

“The fault is kindred to the ordinal iPhone fault in the artefact that it kills the telecom impact ( and thusly kicks the Android figure from the ambulatory phone network,” the unify land in their paper. “On Android the fault is a lowercase more engrossing since it module permanently squawk the direct figure soured the meshwork if the SIM bill residing in the phone has a PIN set.”

Apparently the iPhone difficulty ease exists, directive whatever journalists to declare you turn soured your iPhone if you intend unearthly book messages. Google on the another assistance has already patterned the difficulty for Android. And it couldn’t hit been patterned if they didn’t near the update to ambulatory phones, so we’re guessing that is EXACTLY what happened when making the update seen below:

Props to Google and the Android aggroup for staying on crowning of things. And if you’ve got an iPhone… *golf clap*

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