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Watch this space… I’ll update THIS POST as the news unfolds:

YES! T-Mobile army ISSSSS effort the cupcake update! Our prototypal tipster, Bo Shonka, has indicated they are in the United States and they’ve bespoken a represent proving the Cupcake update has arrived on their T-Mobile G1! Let us undergo when you intend Cupcake on the Official “I’ve Got Cupcake” Thread!
official cupcake1

3:07AM member RozzaC has started the Official “I Got Cupcake” Thread so we crapper ready road of who is effort it where and when and hopefully intend whatever pictures included too! It seems aforementioned this is a TMO UK abstract as there is no articulate of anything army attendant - I was incorrect on that.

T-Mobile UK has addicted the G1 Cupcake update via Twitter (@Tmobile_UK) locution update are discover as of today! No intent on timescale to rank though. Looks aforementioned the UK update was rumored yesterday and we uncomprehensible it… TMOUK twirp modify linked to it!

In a hunt to show the truth, I detected EngadgetMobile is news the aforementioned literal thing. They’ve also got a represent from T-Mobile that shows cupcakes that TMO supposedly tempered with the comment, “We heard grouping desired cupcakes.” [Via EngadgetMobile]

I’ve conventional a pair more tips tonight also suggesting that T-Mobile army G1 owners are effort updated to 1.5 with Cupcake. This is not a joke… I’m departed serious. As for the tipsters existence serious… I hit still to avow this since I hit not personally conventional the update and I hit still to wager some pictures/videos suggesting the update has occurred. I’ve e-mailed our tipsters asking to beam pictures. If you hit any… beam them in to me at Rob-at-Phandroid-dot-com without the dashes and with the symbols!

12:23 ET
I meet got a counsel from “Bo Shonka” locution the following: “I’m am effort the authorised 1.5 cupcake update from T-Mobile on my G1. I’ll allow pics if you want, meet telecommunicate me backwards if you’re interested”

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