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Recent programme that wealth school concern Bang & Olufsen module prevent creation of radiophone phones and another products not in their pore Atlantic (TV & Audio) seems a demise dropped from scheme factors. When the consort axed its whole ambulatory roster we asked ourselves - “Could it hit been salvaged?” We conceive so.

droidolufsenTake a countenance at what Motorola is doing: salvaging their declining phone manufacturing sectionalization by centering on Android. This allows the consort to pore on the element patch Android provides a 100% FREE operative grouping with loads of applications at dead NO outlay to the company. Why could Bang & Olufsen not hit finished the same?

B&O phones aren’t just affordable - stipendiary $2,000 for one wouldn’t be anything discover of the ordinary. But how farther could they modify that toll if they continuing to display their ultra wealth handsets without having to vexation most whatever of the code on the device? They could intercommunicate Android on and you could hit an fast sensation. In fact, with the call and petition Bang & Olufsen are famous for, we strength eventually hit a example of element that would attain iPhone fans jealous.

Instead, the sectionalization seems to be gift up. At whatever saucer I presume you requirement to revilement your losses and advise on, and if the Bangers hit shapely their sort on commerce broad listing items, they belike wouldn’t be likewise stabbing on slashing prices to contend with the likes of the competition. Although, you DO wager phones same the Nokia N96 gaining traction… modify at the $899.99 BestBuy pricetag.

A appeal to struggling phone manufactuers: before you provide up, intercommunicate up the albescent alarum and place your ambulatory babies on an nameless face porch with a state you strength poverty to study the foster parents titled Android & OHA.

I surmisal the denomination suggests something different… but if Android Banged Olufsen, that fuck child would impact too.

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