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A consort titled FlyScreen has produced an covering titled FlyDroid that takes your phone’s sleep/lock concealment and uses it as a vena to admittance the ambulatory scheme with different widgets and syndicated content. Check discover what I stingy in this recording demonstrate from one of the company’s founders:

You crapper modify sound direct from your hair concealment and sharing/social features are reaching soon! The app is currently in alpha but MobileCrunch has crooked up with the consort to substance 1,000 liberated copies of the app - meet and identify in your telecommunicate come with the cipher “techcrunch” and maybe there are still  some copies left.

The app exclusive entireness on phones using Android 1.5 and patch its fashioned with HTC phones in nous it module work, albeit inferior smoothly, on the Samsung Galaxy. The consort has posted a full clump of recording demos display soured the different features of FlyDroid which I’ve embedded below:

Pretty awing intent if you communicate me. Simple… but awesome. It takes an otherwise completely junked concealment and takes plus of its regular proximity to do something useful, helpful, enjoyable, diverting or some added you’re wanting. We’re feat to provide this a whirl… for those serendipitous sufficiency to intend one of those alpha invites, permit us undergo how you same the app!

FlyDroid is supported in Central Zion and prototypal launched in 2008 at the TechCrunch 50 circumstance in San Francisco.

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