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First of all, in commendation to David’s account of Android Market’s interpret grouping (first interpret of yesterday’s post) we desired to verify him that, “yo every deez dawgz wants dem cupcakes as badz as u!” And we’ve got proof:

Now if you poverty to wager an warning of the REAL cupcake - sans dogs, dawgs or doggydawgzyos - a recording by Nullwire has been floating around that uses the emulator to particular the improvements Cupcake module alter to your G1:

Some of the improvements shown include:

  • Onscreen keyboard (thank you!)
  • Live folders - directly add folders with impulsive noesis same “favorite youtube videos”
  • Window transitions - rattling modify looking
  • Smiley’s in the messaging covering - ’nuff said
  • Loads of newborn languages added

I conceive I intercommunicate for every phandroids when I say… HURRY UP!

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