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Google has fresh acquired reMail from the AppStore and the distant it modify the iPhones AppStore. Ha, verify that Apple. One of the prizewinning apps for the iPhone could attain its artefact to Android soon. Although this haw modify up existence mashed unitedly with the gmail app to compound its functionality.

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Gabor Cselle, the founder, module tie Google’s Gmail aggroup in Mountain View as a creation trainer and has issuded the mass statement:

“You strength be wondering what module hap with reMail’s product. Google and reMail hit definite to quit reMail’s iPhone application, and we hit distant it from the App Store. reMail is an covering on your phone. If you already hit reMail, it module move to work. We’ll modify wage hold for you until the modify of March, and we’ve enabled every paying reMail features for you: You crapper alter these by clicking “Restore Purchases” exclusive the app. reMail downloads telecommunicate direct from your telecommunicate bourgeois to your phone, and your individualized information, passwords, and telecommunicate are never dispatched to or stored on our servers.”

For those of you who are unknown with this app, here is a recording of it in action.

Click here to analyse the embedded video.

[via Gabor Cselle Blog]

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