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More sightings of the Google Nexus One Phone ready on making its artefact to twitter, no uncertainty twirp has embellish an engrossing maker of this category of news. Apparently, someone did an unboxing of the Nexus One and has the pictures to hold that claim.

google nexus one unboxing 540x286

The Google Nexus One Phone streaming Android 2.1 was peacefully having a drink at Starbucks last instance we heard from it. This instance it shows up with its packaging and more photos. One of those pictures of this Android phone shows the backwards with the shelling counterbalance removed, as you crapper wager on the room below, and it has a HTC-made battery.

Now, is not same nobody suspected of the Nexus One been a HTC phone, but there wasn’t some authorised commendation to go by. Well, thanks to this images, you today know; the famous Google Nexus One Phone is HTC-made. Will it be branded as “The Google Phone”? We do not know, and Google is incommunicative most it, but it is due to come in 2010. And it module come to at small one US traveler and unlocked direct from Google themselves.

As you crapper wager on one of the pictures below, there is the QR 2D barcode (which had previously been awninged up in tape) on the backwards of the Nexus One. Our beatific friends over at SlashGear scanned that barcode, and they institute it resolves to, which unfortunately, is not employed correct now, it only takes you to the Android webpage.

google nexus one unboxing 150x150
google nexus one unboxing leak 2 150x150
google nexus one unboxing leak 3 150x150
google nexus one unboxing leak 4 150x150
google nexus one unboxing leak 5 150x150

[Via SlashGear]

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