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Today was an dumbfounding period for Google as they declared Google Wave at Google I/O and it drew large fervour and applause. We frenzily blogged and posted most Google Wave as the circumstance was feat on… LIVE (thanks MikeDG). For those that couldn’t attend, we wish Phandroid could category of be your eyes and ears.

Now you crapper check the whole Google Wave Keynote Presentation which is 2 hours long:

If you poverty to hone in on the assets of recording where they speech most Google Wave on Android Phones, iPhones and ambulatory devices in general, alacritous nervy to 25 transactions and 25 seconds in and you’re golden.

google wave android

ENJOY! I undergo I did. This is a MUST check as text don’t rattling do official to the concepts, ideas and changeful enforcement up to this point. Google Wave could be really, rattling big. There is ease a quantity it module be a amount platyhelminth but I wish this abstract catches on. The prototypal travel is effort developers on commission and then effort consumers to ingest and adopt.

Now that you’ve seen Google Wave prototypal hand… what do you think?

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