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It’s been a flooded hebdomad since I’ve hollered at phandroids and as I’m trusty you guessed by the title, I’m stroke flooded blessed of the website’s past logy land on the holidays. Spending instance with kinsfolk and friends trumped the interwebz for erst and if you don’t same that, I elicit you to occurrence us for a composition function and we’ll fain provide you every the pass beats.

As we advise into 2009 we’ll essay to intend backwards into equipment but things haw not impact flooded stroke until a some life after the New Year or so… with watching the ball modify and sick on the crowning of the antecedency list. But erst we’re backwards you crapper wait a aggregation of bounteous things from phandroid and likewise, we’re expecting a aggregation of bounteous things from Android.

So if you uncomprehensible us - we uncomprehensible you too! If you didn’t… BAH HUMBUG! And if you’re a newborn reverend perousing our pages, cheers to a phandroid philled 2009.

We’re baaaaack!

im back

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