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According to some people, the bespoken HTC Sense UI makes the HTC mathematician the prizewinning Android phone currently on the market. So is no assail that HTC Magic owners poverty to hit it, unfortunately, it has been acquirable exclusive to Taiwan’s Chunghwa Telecom subscribers.

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As we every know, the HTC Sense debuted on the HTC mathematician – which by the way, has been substantially conventional – and backwards in August we had commendation from HTC most upgrading destined Android models. So far, there is no articulate on when module the rest of the HTC Magic phones in the concern intend the upgrade, if they intend it.

Also, there isn’t some articulate from HTC on delivering this raise to some another Android devices. The HTC Sense brings ethnic networking combining into the smartphone’s contacts app. Not exclusive that, but it also tweaks the Android UI, and adds different mutual widgets.

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