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Ready to countenance at a nicely framed figure that doesn’t quite still hit a study or promulgation date? Good, because here it is. As you crapper belike already tell, it looks strikingly familiar. It definitely has the aforementioned lines as the EVO, the prototypal 4G-capable figure launched on Sprint a pair of months ago. But, it has that aforementioned soft metal quality that the Nexus One features, which makes it easily one of the most captivating devices not acquirable correct now.

HTC device 540x405

According to a Ninja conversation with BGR, the figure is sure way to Verizon, and as you crapper wager correct there, it has an 8MP camera on the backwards with threefold diode flash. According to the source, not exclusive is this one of the prizewinning hunting devices, it also makes the Droid 2 countenance same a toy. Bold words, certainly. Oh, and if you’re not enticed yet, there’s also articulate that this 4.3-inch figure features a front-facing camera. That’s correct — recording occupation is reaching to Verizon, supposedly. It also has a kickstand. There’s no expressed articulate that the figure module feature Android, but considering it’s way to Verizon and rumored to start by the modify of the year, we’re swing our look that it module background our selection ambulatory Operating System.

[via SlashGear]


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