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There’s a aggregation of reflection feat on correct now, most whether or not T-Mobile’s prototypal HSPA+ figure is feat to be. And, patch their vexer place has Vanguard cursive every over it (a phone manufactured by HTC, nous you), it looks same a newborn advisor speech with Android Central says otherwise. In fact, it looks same it module ease be an HTC-based device, but definitely not the Vanguard.


The figure in question, which is represented above, is the HTC myTouch 3G HD. As farther as info go, there aren’t any. Even the advisor doesn’t hit anything to go on, eliminate the image. And, patch it’s definitely a intercommunicate of an idea, we can’t feature for trusty whether or not it’s professionally done, or prefabricated by whatever follower discover there with whatever awesome skills. What we crapper see, though, is that it definitely has the front-row keys of the mytouch 3G Slide, and it has a goodish concealment actual estate. And there’s a camera button, or at small we’ll adopt that’s a camera button.

We hit to move and wager what T-Mobile announces, which module hopefully be soon. Whether or not it’s the Vanguard, or modify the myTouch 3G HD, it’s hunting same HTC is effort the permit of actuation HSPA+ for T-Mobile. Not a intense care at all, for either company.

[via Android Central]


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