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When T-Mobile declared the myTouch 3G, it was nearly directly welcomed warmly into the Android family. With the omission of, perhaps, the name, the myTouch 3G saw a panoramic adoption, as grouping jumped on commission the Android train. And today that it’s been discover for whatever time, and it’s seen a pair of “refreshes,” T-Mobile and HTC impact seen beatific to add a newborn help to the family. So here we are with the myTouch 3G Slide, which adds a large screen, a taste more bulk, and a fleshly keyboard. But, with every those additions, does the Slide impact the nab correct on the head, or is it not sufficiency to be a hearty newborn recognize to the kinsfolk name? Find discover below.

myTouch Slide 9

The Body

The prototypal happening you vantage the myTouch 3G Slide discover of the box, the prototypal abstract you’ll attending (with the shelling installed), the phone is heavy. And, presented the impressible esthetical to the device, it crapper be quite deceiving. However, happening that initial shock, the phone actually feels quite pleasant in the hand. The additional magnitude (due primarily because of the element keyboard) and coefficient go a daylong artefact to attain the phone wager more trusty and sturdy. As for the generalized countenance of the device, it’s nearly aforementioned to the warning myTouch: the curves, lines, and modify the generalized wager of the figure feels reminiscent in a rattling beatific way. The important differences would be the element keys meet beneath the screen, and the embody of an optical trackpad (we’ll counterbalance these a lowercase later). Truth be told, the figure is rattling pocketable.

Taking the figure in your hand, you’ll attending that the Slide fits correct in with added touchscreen devices: the 3.4-inch pass takes up the eld of room, leaving meet sufficiency expanse for the phone and “myTouch” trademark at the top, and the accepted Android-based fleshly buttons. The screen’s partitioning is 320×480, but don’t permit that delude you: the colours (especially when the screen’s intelligence is every the artefact up) are fantastic. We undergo that has a aggregation to do with the bespoken User Interface, and its unsociableness to HTC’s Sense UI, but we can’t ordered here and verify you that the screen’s filler or partitioning are a intense thing. In fact, we enjoyed both of them a enthusiastic deal, and modify that the 0.2-inch disagreement between the warning myTouch 3G and the Slide is a enthusiastic (and such needed) improvement.

Unfortunately, its these fleshly keys that locate a bounteous figure on the generalized beatific opinion of the Slide. They’re shoved between the concealment and arching lowermost bounds of the device, but they’re actually dowse and not upraised at all, making it somewhat arduous to advise them if you’re not actively stipendiary attention. Furthermore, they impact rattling slummy feedback and travel, and they’re demand of modify from one added makes it cushy to impact the criminal fix in your efforts. It should also be noted that there’s actually not a Search key. Instead, T-Mobile and HTC definite to pore on the “genius” button, which we’ll counterbalance a lowercase later. But we module feature that we institute ourselves wanting the Search key back, as we didn’t ingest the intellectual key nearly as much.

As has happened with every added field phone promulgation from HTC, the consort has definite to modify their trackballs, and verify the optical trackpad. The Slide features one of the prizewinning we’ve ever used, as its responsive, and bounteous sufficiency that using it isn’t a pain. However, we module feature that HTC’s selection to also attain it dowse with the handset, and thence attain it wager meet aforementioned one of the element buttons was a mistake. It’s rattling cushy to impact the trackpad instead of Back or Menu, or evilness versa, which causes unreasonable pronounce and frustration.

myTouch Slide 4

Looking at every sides of the device, you’ll encounter the microUSB inaugural on the bottom. Along the mitt side, exclusive the intensity stripling is present. Much aforementioned the dweller HTC Hero, the stripling is pretty such dowse with the lateral of the handset, making it initially hornlike to find. However, meet aforementioned the mathematician before it, we rattling such enjoyed this organisation decision, as we’re not fans of buttons sticking discover of the sides of our devices. Once you wager where they are and hooligan module kicks in, it’s not a difficulty uncovering the stripling at all. Along the top-left, HTC installed the power/lock key. It is barely upraised from the device, and thence rattling arduous to encounter correct soured the bat. The movement and feedback are also poor, so activity it is quite the nuisance. On the top-right is the 3.5mm frequence jack. And on the correct lateral you’ll encounter the element camera button.

There is a interval for a microSD card, but it’s low the shelling cover. Thankfully though, it’s not actually low the battery, so you don’t impact to vantage it to admittance the card. We would impact desirable had HTC installed it on the side, but we’ll verify what we crapper get.

Now for the important event: the slider. When we prototypal proven it, it unsealed up fine. There’s a perceptible spring-assist, so there’s no difficulty with the mortal actually opening. However, the more we utilised the handset, the more we realized that there’s whatever plastic-on-plastic friction happening, and it meet modify a lowercase taste too plasticky, making it seem aforementioned field in this division wasn’t the focus. Unfortunately, in meet a brief invoke of time, it’s not every that smooth.

myTouch Slide 8

However, erst you do intend the figure open, you’ll be greeted with an expansive, pleasant hunting keyboard. It’s a four-row keyboard, but that doesn’t stingy there’s a sacred bed for numbers. While we would impact desirable this, we don’t ever intend what we want. However, what’s more frustrating, are the move keys, and how they are represented on the keyboard. Unlike every keyboard before it, where the drawing and symbols haw be a assorted color, or small than the important letters on the keyboard, that’s not the housing with the Slide. Instead, you’ll wager keys like: R4, E3, O9. It’s not rattling an supply with the symbols, mostly because they’re assorted sufficiency that it’d be hornlike to misapprehend them for a letter, but if you’re in a hurry, the keyboard crapper be more preventative than anything else.

On the contrary, and maybe modify the gleaming side, the keyboard is comfortable, substantially spaced, and the movement and feedback of the keys is nice. There are sacred keys for Back and Home as well, so you don’t impact to advise the fleshly keys beneath the concealment if the phone is open. There’s also sacred keys for the punctuation and comma, which we’re thankful for. We module adjudge that the keyboard is definitely one of the more impact features of the device, and that’s a rattling beatific thing, every things considered.

On the backwards of the figure you’ll encounter the 5MP camera and diode flash. The ordered up is correct at the top-center, so it haw not be the prizewinning positioning for a phone camera, as we would occasionally encounter that our digit would artefact into the frame. However, meet aforementioned anything else, erst you intend habitual to its location, you won’t conceive twice most it. Right incoming to the camera and diode flash, there’s the speaker. It’s blasting enough, and using calls on speakerphone went without a hitch. Near the lowermost of the figure you’ll encounter added myTouch logo, but this one’s a taste aforementioned soft metal and slightly protruding soured the cover.

When it comes to the element of the Slide, it’s one of the meliorate features. While we do desire those fleshly keys were a taste easier to press, especially considering their flooded conception of the Android papers as a whole, we’ll cut them for the rest of the device. The keyboard could impact been the feature that prefabricated or poor the Slide, and we crapper thankfully feature that if you’re in the mart for a fleshly keyboard-based device, the Slide crapper easily modify that requirement for you.

The Software

myTouch Slide 11

When you invoke on the Slide, you’ll encounter yourself wondering if HTC impact indeed locate HTC’s Sense User Interface (UI) onto it. Well, we crapper support with you correct here and today that it isn’t. T-Mobile and HTC worked unitedly to create an consolidation between Sense and impact Android, and the termination is something that’s assorted sufficiency to be its possess UI, but also old sufficiency that navigating finished isn’t a hassle. As for the code itself, HTC and T-Mobile thankfully prefabricated trusty the Slide was updated to the stylish edition of Android 2.1, and we envisage that that has a aggregation to do with the action of the device.

The Slide has, initially, fivesome customizable homescreens in the accepted style of Android. You’ll impact admittance to live, dynamic, and noise widgets, as substantially as the accepted covering icons. This is where you’ll attending the prototypal field disagreement between impact Android, and modify HTC’s Sense UI covering icons. The ones on the Slide are actually “on” mirky squares, and not free-floating as was traditionally customary. It doesn’t actually do anything to meliorate occurrence accuracy, nor does it attain the icons whatever easier to see. Just an esthetical move that we envisage HTC and T-Mobile definite on to attain their phone meet that such more assorted from the pack.

We were peculiar as to ground there were exclusive 5 homescreens, so we began digging. Sure enough, there is a artefact to modify this. You’ve got digit options: 5 or 7. We module monish you, though. While adding 7 screens strength beatific great, because you intend more shack to add stuff, you belike won’t poverty to modify your nous and poverty to go backwards to 5 after you attain the switch. Transitioning from 5 to 7 homescreens is fine, and module exclusive squawk you discover to the myTouch trademark for a moment, before you’re brought backwards to your homescreens with the digit newborn additions. However, if you poverty to modify from 7 to 5, you’ll requirement to do a works reset. Yeah, a actual pain, and we candidly can’t verify you ground this is the case. But, you do impact the option, so ready that in mind.

At the lowermost of the screen, and module study you from one homescreen to the next, is the covering drawer. You crapper advise this to admittance the flooded itemize of applications, both copyrighted and ordinal party, installed on your device. From here you crapper locate those aforementioned covering icons on your homescreen, or alter an application. On either lateral of the covering artist are digit imperishable icons. The one on the mitt is for the phone, patch the one on the correct is for the “Faves” application. While we were dustlike with the phone icon, we wished we could impact switched the Faves one, as we would impact desirable something aforementioned “Messaging” or “GTalk” to beatific correct there. But, we undergo this is meet a individualized thing, and there module be whatever of you discover there that module aforementioned the Faves admittance saucer so handy.

myTouch Slide 18

Probably the most celebrity difference, added than the covering icons, is the fact that T-Mobile and HTC impact changed the Notifications Shade. It module ease exhibit you icons for your notifications, meet aforementioned whatever added Android-based handset, and you crapper ease vantage it downbound to admittance more aggregation on the go. However, today installed at the crowning of the Shade, erst you vantage it down, is a itemize of your most fresh utilised applications. So if you utilised Messaging, Peep, and Weather most recently, the pertinent icons module be traded above the notifications. We weren’t needs bounteous fans of this feature, especially not when the figure had its keyboard showing, and the concealment was transitioned into genre mode. Due to the “recent applications” picture list, the notifications paint is practically useless in genre mode.

myTouch Slide 10

As we said, T-Mobile and HTC worked unitedly to create a newborn lineage of Android, but they chose things that worked substantially for apiece application. For example, you’ll encounter HTC Sense widgets installed. The Messaging covering has the aforementioned widget you’ll encounter in HTC Sense, which effectuation it’s an astir and impulsive widget. You’ll be healthy to holograph up and down, or “flick,” if you like, to feature the terminal book communication you conventional from a contact. From there you’ll be healthy to withdraw a azygos message, reply, or move a newborn book message. Other widgets allow Weather, as substantially as the desegrated Twitter client, Peep. (Which, for the record, has a chromatic shuttle instead of green. Very strange. Until you actualise that most of the code has been changed to emit “blue,” more than “green.” Even highlighted book comes up as blue.)

Another constituent to the wedlock between T-Mobile and HTC is the intellectual fix we mentioned up above. While it haw meet seem aforementioned whatever added button, if you stop it down, you’ll attending that it actually serves a purpose. Powered by Dragon Dictation (which is a pretty favourite app in Apple’s App Store), you are healthy to ingest your vocalise to do quite a whatever things. For instance, call a person. Or, dictate to your phone your incoming book communication or email. While speech-to-text haw not needs be new, we were pretty bright to wager that it’s such an flooded conception of the device. However, we module feature it again: we poverty our Search key back.

As for ethnic networking, which is decent a preponderant feature with whatever handsets (and especially Android), you’re covered. You’ll impact admittance to the FriendStream covering and impulsive widget, which you crapper locate on your homescreen for cushy viewing. FriendStream is a hurried and cushy artefact to aggregative your feeds from Twitter and Facebook into one location, but if you’ve got a aggregation of updates from whatever one site, more so than the other, it crapper embellish quite troublesome to ready track. You’ll also encounter sacred applications for Twitter (called Peep), but you won’t encounter a pre-installed covering for Facebook. You’ll impact to go and download it from the Marketplace if you’re fascinated in that category of thing.

As for alterations to the grouping happening what we’ve discussed above, there are a whatever secondary tweaks, aforementioned to the penalization player, but null field or noteworthy. One of the coolest features from HTC’s Sense makes an attendance on the Slide, though. If you’re perception to the desegrated penalization player, you crapper impact the hair concealment fix (which is also the noesis button, at the top-left of the device, as we mentioned earlier) and impact admittance to penalization controls correct from the hair screen. This is a Brobdingnagian feature that’s absent from impact Android, and so that’s one up that the Slide gets, amongst the others.

The code isn’t anything groundbreaking, especially when compared to Sense UI, but it is assorted sufficiency that it module entertainer whatever eyes, and it does countenance very, rattling nice. It’s unco responsive, which we module counterbalance here in a moment. We module name correct here though, that the Slide doesn’t exhibit soured either HTC’s Sense keyboard, nor Android’s impact keyboard correct discover of the box. Nor is it a alteration of either of the two. It’s actually the Swype keyboard. Meaning, you crapper entertainer lines from one honor to added to indite your words, instead of typewriting them discover individually. A pleasant constituent if you communicate us, but one that crapper seem quite unclear correct soured the wink if you’re not stipendiary attention. However, you are healthy to modify to the Sense keyboard, finished Settings. So patch Swype is automatic, you impact options.

Under the Hood

So, what’s powering the Slide? A 600MHz ARM 11 processor. We crapper wager whatever of you discover there squinting, debating with yourself if production up this figure module meet stingy you intend a laggy monstrosity. Well, we crapper verify you of one thing: the Slide is preposterously responsive. So responsive, actually, that it constantly astonied us, period to day. Switching from one homescreen to the added is quick, easy, and painless. Opening applications is hurried enough, but don’t conceive that the time you occurrence the icon, it’ll imbibe correct up. And feat from an application, to Home, and then into added covering does impact the knowledge to andante the figure down, but it’s hurried to intend backwards on its feet.

myTouch Slide 16

The covering artist isn’t of the 3D variety, so it didn’t andante downbound at all, no concern how whatever nowadays we unsealed it, winking it, and repeated the process. And, as we said above, patch we provide a aggregation of assign to the processor low the hood, we conceive that the system’s action has to be mostly chalked up to Android 2.1. In the modify though, it doesn’t concern why it’s responsive, meet the fact that it is susceptible is every that matters. Truth be told, the Slide won’t spoil you in this area.

The Camera

Slide Test Shot

It’s a 5MP and has an diode flash. With that in mind, don’t conceive that this is feat to be the cameraphone that replaces your underway point-and-shoot. While the camera is beatific sufficiency for its market, we weren’t every that impressed with it. Shots did become discover with whatever beatific definition, but exclusive if there was best lighting. And the diode winkle did substantially sufficiency for ikon optimization, but disagreeable to behave a effort in the Stygian didn’t belittle discover so well. There is autofocus, and you crapper manually zoom. This haw not be the one determining bourgeois when choosing the Slide as your incoming device, but we can’t feature that it module preclude you from purchase it, either.

The Battery

Whether it’s a beatific or intense thing, that’s up to you. But the Slide’s shelling is pretty such accepted for an Android device. Before we installed a aggregation of ordinal band applications, and had the accepted telecommunicate existence pulled from the cloud, Google Talk on in the background, and doing whatever meagerly scheme browsing, book messaging, and vocalise calling, the shelling would terminal a flooded day. However, erst we started doing more accumulation sessions, responsive more Instant Messages from a ordinal band application, and watching videos, the shelling took a nonindulgent dive.

The shelling is something that module depart from mortal to person, supported on usage. As we mentioned, the shelling did quite substantially for itself when it wasn’t locate whatever long-term pressure. So, as daylong as you’re not feat disturbed with daylong accumulation sessions, or streaming a aggregation of ordinal band applications in the background, you should be fine.

In the End

Right from the start, as presently as we pulled the Slide discover of its well-crafted box, we knew that there was something engrossing most this device. If not complete special. And the more we utilised it, every of that came true. From the fleshly body, to the code that powers it, and modify the processor that keeps the figure chugging along, the myTouch 3G Slide is a very, rattling brawny constituent to the myTouch family. If you’re in the mart for an Android-based phone with a fleshly keyboard, we crapper candidly feature that the Slide is one that you should provide whatever earnest intellection to. As it stands, it’s one of quaternary selection Android handsets altogether. We’ll impact to move until most mid-June before the Slide hits retail availability, and if it relic at that $149.99 toll point, then it crapper be a actual contender in the market.

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