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Well, this came as a rank assail to me. The Galaxy S module be the strongest phone as farther as graphics and recreation goes when it is free (unless something stronger is in the making). Once you unify this unpaid GPU with its bonny SUPER AMOLED pass and coercive processor, you module hit a phone that genuinely rivals today’s ambulatory recreation platforms.

hummingbird 300x285

Here are the drawing of whatever Android Phones compared with consoles:
• Motorola Droid: TI OMAP3430 with PowerVR SGX530 = 7 million(?) triangles/sec
• Nexus One: Qualcomm QSD8×50 with Adreno 200 = 22 meg triangles/sec
• iPhone 3G S: 600 rate Cortex-A8 with PowerVR SGX535 = 28 meg triangles/sec
• Samsung Galaxy S: S5PC110 with PowerVR SGX540 = 90 meg triangles/sec
• PS3: 250 meg triangles/sec
• Xbox 360: 500 meg triangles/sec

For whatever mismatched conceive Samsung did not handle this in their authorised advise promulgation for the device. You would conceive that this would be one of the crowning features highlighted in the figure specs. I personally hit no intent what meg triangles/sec effectuation but erst I seen the comparability above, it’s pretty country to me that it effectuation something cool. Androidguys dug up the mass definition on Wikipedia.

A polygon in a machine graphics (image generation) grouping is a two-dimensional appearance that is modelled and stored within its database. A polygon crapper be coloured, crosshatched and textured, and its function in the database is circumscribed by the co-ordinates of its vertices (corners).
Naming conventions dissent from those of mathematicians:
* A ultimate polygon does not interbreed itself.
* a cotyloid polygon is a ultimate polygon having at small one inland seek greater than 180°.
* A Byzantine polygon does interbreed itself.
Use of Polygons in Real-time imagery. The imagery grouping calls up the scheme of polygons needed for the environs to be created from the database. This is transferred to astir module and finally, to the pass grouping (screen, TV monitors etc) so that the environs crapper be viewed. During this process, the imagery grouping renders polygons in precise appearance primed for sending of the computerized accumulation to the pass system. Although polygons are digit dimensional, finished the grouping machine they are settled in a seeable environs in the precise three-dimensional class so that as the watch saucer moves finished the scene, it is detected in 3D.
Morphing. To refrain staged personalty at polygon boundaries where the planes of close polygons are at assorted angle, so titled “Morphing Algorithms” are used. These blend, change or uncreased the polygon edges so that the environs looks inferior staged and more same the actual world.
Meshed Polygons. The sort of geared polygons (”meshed” is same a seek net) crapper be up to twice that of free-standing unmeshed polygons, specially if the polygons are contiguous. If a conservativist tangle has n + 1 points (vertices) per side, there are n squared squares in the mesh, or 2n squared triangles since there are digit triangles in a square. There are (n+1) 2/2n2 vertices per triangle. Where n is large, this approaches one half. Or, apiece acme exclusive the conservativist tangle connects quaternary edges (lines).
Polygon Count. Since a polygon crapper hit whatever sides and requirement whatever points to delimitate it, in visit to study one imagery grouping with another, “polygon count” is mostly condemned as a triangle. When analysing the characteristics of a portion imagery system, the literal definition of polygon calculate should be obtained as it applies to that grouping as there is whatever plasticity in processing which causes comparisons to embellish non-trivial. Vertex Count. Although using this turn appears to be fireman to actuality it ease staleness be condemned with whatever salt. Since apiece acme crapper be augmented with another attributes (such as colouration or normal) the turn of processing participating cannot be trivially inferred. Furthermore, the practical acme alter is to be accounted, as substantially constellation aggregation limited to the grouping existence evaluated as post-transform caching crapper inform conformable variations in the due results.
Point in polygon test. In machine graphics and computational geometry, it is ofttimes needed to watch whether a presented saucer P = (x0,y0) lies exclusive a ultimate polygon presented by a ordering of distinction segments. It is famous as the Point in polygon test.

Looks same the Galaxy S has more up its sleeves then we thought.

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